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People’s fascination for whiter teeth and perfect smiles are nothing new. Whether someone wants to look good in cameras or boost their confidence with whiter teeth, it is evident that their primary option is to look for excellent teeth whitening kits.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of teeth whitening kit brands in the market today. With so many sellers, you might be wondering how to be at par with or excel over competitors. It requires thorough market research in terms of the nature of the target market and possible marketing campaigns. Besides those, teeth whitening kits manufacturers can spell the difference from how you start your business moving hard.teeth whitening lights custom in Cinoll

There is no such thing as a specific formula to success. The same goes for teeth whitening kit business. However, the following points will guide you in your journey of excelling in the teeth whitening industry.

Get to know your target market.

For a business to thrive, knowing who your customers are is necessary. This will help you target those willing to spend money on your teeth whitening kits. Being specific is an affordable and effective way to create a customer base and generate business profits. You can be wasting your resources if you target too broadly or discover only a few customers for your products.

You can effectively promote teeth whitening kits to the exact customer group upon understanding the target market. Also, you will discover:

  • Their locations
  • The media platforms they use
  • Their buying habits
  • How to map out your marketing and promotions to motivate them to search and buy your products.

There are several ways to streamline your target market. Your company can do market research, segmentation, and finally identify and define your target customers. While this may vary depending on the company, following those three fundamental steps can be handy.

Partner with the Right Manufacturer

It is easier said than done with all the teeth whitening kits manufacturers in the industry today. However, your choice must be a manufacturer that has been through almost every innovation in the industry. A manufacturer that has dealt and provided teeth whitening products for global customers.

Cinoll is a teeth whitening manufacturer that has been in the business for more than ten years. Manufacturing depends on the raw materials, product quality, and workforce. Cinoll has an in-house design team and experts to guide you in managing the relevant areas of teeth whitening kit distribution.

Product customization is also vital as you aim to stand out as a teeth whitening kit seller. In the same way, Cinoll also aims for your brand to grow, providing their clients extensive options for customizations which includes:

  • Whitening Lights

The kit has a teeth whitening light where clients can have the customized light beads of 16, 24, or 32. More lights are helpful for the whitening process.

  • Universal Trays

Choose between EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) trays and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) trays. 

  • Whitening Gel Syringes

You can see the gels are in different flavors. They can also be in a whitening pen or a syringe.

  • Shade Guides

These will help your customers track their teeth whitening progress. You can choose to put your logo on the shade guides and choose paper colors.

  • User Manual

Your kit comes with a customized paper manual to place your logo, select colors, sizes, and languages.

Ensure that the teeth whitening kits are safe

Investing in the teeth whitening industry involves all the products’ effectiveness and safety. As all these can contact the body, you must ensure that your manufacturer adheres to specific standards and undergo ethical processes to produce teeth whitening kits. Failing to ensure product safety can harm your customers and jeopardize your business in the long run.cinoll certifications

Time and time again, Cinoll has proven its quality work to global clients by adhering to safety and quality standards implemented by the FDA and ISO. All of its products are registered under ISO and the US FDA.

Focus on the benefits

The packaging of your teeth whitening kit will matter. However, you must not stop there. Looking pretty and attractive on the outside is good, but your teeth whitening products must deliver results to your customers. Established businesses can always rely on reviews and testimonials to spread the word. Meanwhile, for startups, owners must be proactive in discussing the benefits to their target markets.

This point goes back to knowing exactly who your target market is. Upon learning them, you will know how to design your teeth whitening kits – the number of beads you need to include, the color, the whitening tray you have to use, etc. With a specific target market and teeth whitening kit design, your business can also provide concrete benefits for customers. These will lead to better business processes and performance in the teeth whitening industry.

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