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Consumers will always look first for the price over quality. It is like your reflexes are saying that everything affordable is of good quality. The same goes for distributors; one of the primary considerations has to be the price of manufacturing the product. However, the product cost is as essential as the quality.

How will you be able to retain customers if what you are selling does not meet their expectations? Know that consumers will not mind spending a little more money so long as the high-quality products.

As for teeth whitening kits, it is always a challenge to find the best teeth whitening kit manufacturing in China.  We give the essential tips on finding the best supplier for your teeth whitening business to narrow down your options.

5 Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Kit Supplier

Below are some key points to determine how you will choose the manufacturer for your teeth whitening products.

1. Check Certifications

It is a given that teeth whitening products can contact the human body and can even be ingested. This is why essential certifications are crucial to assure the safety of every product you sell. After all, you do not want to cause harm to your customers.

As with your teeth whitening kit manufacturer, they should be able to present certifications proving that all products undergo safe manufacturing, including raw materials. A teeth whitening kit comes in different components, and each has certifications. All ingredients of a teeth whitening kit must be approved and certified by the ISO, FDA, CE, and MSDS. Meanwhile, a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) certificate is essential for whitening gels, one of the components of teeth whitening kits.

2. Know Their Scalability

Every distributor differs in several ways regarding how they want their products to be made and the amount they wish to purchase. Manufacturers on their part must have the flexibility to adjust their manufacturing per client. You will surely go to a manufacturer that caters to small volume orders for a startup teeth whitening business. However, as your business grows, you will end up looking for a supplier that can accommodate huge shipments.

If you switch suppliers as you grow your business, it might affect your customers’ behaviors. Some might let go of your brand in the process. You need to be consistent with your manufacturer to maintain product quality. That is why before choosing a teeth whitening kit manufacturer, ensure that they can do both – small and large scale productions.

3. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

As the demand for your teeth whitening kits continues to soar, it is just proper to have a manufacturer that can assure on-time deliveries and comply with lead time requirements. You do not want to keep your customers waiting due to delayed deliveries and manufacturing. The success of your business lies in how efficient your manufacturer is. Most manufacturers base their lead time on the volume of your orders.

Inefficient delivery and lead times are indicators that you have to look for another manufacturer as there must be something wrong, either with the delivery materials or the manufacturing process. Evaluating these factors will save you time and free you from any hassle on product distribution.

4. Know the Teeth Whitening Kit Customization Options

teeth whitening kit customizationBesides quality, your brand must stand out with its distinct features and components. It pays to have a teeth whitening kit manufacturer who knows the value of boosting your company instead of promoting its brand. Cinoll has a vast array of customization options to make your brand your own.

Customizable Whitening Lights

A teeth whitening kit comes with teeth whitening light where you can have customized light beads from 16, 24, or 32. The more the lights, the faster the whitening process. Teeth whitening lights also come with either a USB or magnetic charger and customizable light colors.

Universal Trays

There are two tray types which you can choose – the thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) trays and the Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) trays. You can also customize the colors of each tray.

Customizable Whitening Gel Syringes

The gels can come in different flavors, depending on the client’s preference. Gels can also be in a syringe or a whitening pen.

Shade Guides

These are disposable tooth shade guides which users can easily track the progress of their teeth whitening. They mostly come in papers for better recycling. You can place your logo on the shade guide, choose paper colors, and choose tooth shade guide quantity.

Customizable Paper Manual

Since the kit has several teeth whitening products, your clients might need a manual to use the kit properly. Incorporate your brand with the user manual by putting in your logo, customizing the colors and sizes, and select languages.

5. Ask for Accessible Inventory Information

As consumers continue to know about your product, the demand will surely skyrocket. With this, you need a manufacturer with an updated and stable product inventory. It is also vital that your teeth whitening kit manufacturer is transparent with their inventory so you can be assured that there are enough products readily available when you need them.

Cinoll, Teeth Whitening Kit Professional

Identifying the key factors to consider before opening your teeth whitening business is already a handful, let alone finding the right teeth whitening kit manufacturer. While the points mentioned above are not the complete and comprehensive list, they will show how to approach your strategies when planning to open your teeth whitening brand. Those points will also be a background of how the industry works.

With over a decade of experience in the dental and oral care industry, Cinoll is a qualified teeth whitening kit manufacturer that offers premium quality and safe teeth whiteners. Since we want your brand to grow, we provide you with extensive options for customization, ensuring that your brand is well-represented and marketed to your target market. Cinoll always goes over and beyond and does not only offer customizations but also helps you manage the complexities of the whole process.

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