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A toothbrush is one of the essential tools for keeping one’s teeth clean.

However, innovations in oral care products are everywhere, including toothbrushes.

Today, one can choose between an ordinary toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. In most cases, people would prefer electric toothbrushes because of their benefits.electric toothbrushes wholesale bulk guide

To ensure your electric toothbrushes are of high quality, you must partner with an excellent electric toothbrush manufacturer. This will provide your oral care business with an edge over your competitors.

As there are different kinds of electric toothbrushes in the market today, it pays to know the basics of this innovation.

This includes its types, benefits, components, and after-care tips. Read along to learn more.

Electric bamboo toothbrush: top seller for 2023

Sustainability is one of the major hot topics today. As people are introduced to how global warming has changed the way humans live, more activists are also pushing for a sustainable lifestyle, including biodegradable products.bamboo electric toothbrush trend

The popularity of selling an electric bamboo toothbrush today is also skyrocketing, primarily because of the eco-friendly trend, which aims to help save the environment. Generally, it is a good start.

However, as an electric bamboo toothbrush seller, it pays to know that it’s more than just the image of bamboo on every electric toothbrush.

Besides the bamboo handle these toothbrushes provide, some manufacturers today are innovating their components by using sustainable bristles to replace plastic ones.

It’s one of the significant aspects you, as a seller, can highlight to your target market since not all electric bamboo toothbrushes come with biodegradable bristles.

One must also understand that most consumers today are meticulous enough to inspect whether the electric bamboo toothbrush you’re selling underwent an ethical process.

So as a seller, you need to have an electric toothbrush manufacturer with complete certificates and guarantee ethical procedures in producing oral care products.

Benefits of working with an electric toothbrush factory

Getting quality electric toothbrushes is essential while choosing the proper electric toothbrush manufacturer is another. Private label manufacturers today provide a comprehensive set of customization options for electric toothbrush sellers. There are so many of them in the industry as well. It makes you wonder how to choose among them.

However, there are advantages you’ll business have when you partner with an electric toothbrush factory:electric toothbrush manufacturing factory

  • Customized packaging. An electric toothbrush manufacturer allows you to decide on the design of the packaging. This includes the color, text styles, packaging size, and how you want the brand name and logo printed. Since electric toothbrushes come with different components, some of which are fragile pieces, you can decide on more sturdy packaging. It will all be up to you.
  • Customized head brush and body colors. Since you have your target market with specific preferences, including colors, you can decide which colors your electric toothbrushes would have. In most cases, electric toothbrush factories allow this aspect of manufacturing to be customized.
  • Customized modes. When you’ve been selling electric toothbrushes for a long time, you’d know that they come with different cleaning modes. Manufacturers innovate them as time passes. Various users prefer different intensities when toothbrushing; hence you can adhere to their preferences and customize the cleaning modes of the electric toothbrush. In most cases, the buttons on the toothbrush’s body are all users need to switch on various modes.
  • Customized shape. An excellent electric toothbrush manufacturer can tend to your customization requests, including the shape of the handles. They can be molded privately based on your design. Ensure to maximize this aspect, as it can give your products more identity. As you already know, brand recall is vital for any business.
  • Electric toothbrushes undergo a series of tests. An electric toothbrush manufacturer implements several inspections and tests before the products are delivered to you. The quality inspection usually includes structure and appearance inspection, functional and electric safety inspection, and noise and drop tests. This ensures that your expected products are of high quality. Not all manufacturers impose an extensive assessment. So ensure you partner with the best one.

What’s inside an electric toothbrush

With the various inspections that electric toothbrushes must undergo, you might also wonder what they are made of. Your customers may also ask what’s in an electric toothbrush that you must place in a larger packaging than manual toothbrushes. Here are the things you must remember:

  • Outer case. Some call this the handle which holds all the components of an electric toothbrush together. Also, it’s where the controls, like buttons and the life indicator, are. More importantly, the outer case protects the brush’s inner functions, including batteries and circuit boards. In most cases, they’re waterproof, so they must be in contact with water less than possible.what inside an electric toothbrush (1)
  • An electric toothbrush works because of the batteries, which are generally rechargeable. The battery serves as the source of the power of the toothbrush. The life of your batteries will depend on how frequently users use them when brushing; the cleaning modes will also affect the battery’s life. Sometimes, you can opt for replaceable batteries for your electric toothbrushes.
  • Circuit board. Here lie the switches of an electric toothbrush. Users who choose a specific setting or command on your toothbrush generally trigger a switch on the brush’s circuit board. The controls will then command the motor how to function or move. One can distinguish this board as it’s made of small memory chips.
  • When one turns on the power, one activates the motor of an electric toothbrush. The motor begins to spin while it brings energy from the circuit board, producing a brushing motion to one’s electric brush head. The gear and cam system linked to the motor is responsible for creating side to side and back and forth movements.
  • Pressure sensor. As you already know, there are various innovations in electric toothbrushes now. This includes pressure sensors that detect the amount of pressure the user puts when brushing. The sensor is activated when someone applies too much pressure to their teeth. The user will notice this when an LED light shows up. The light goes out when the pressure is relieved.
  • Removable brush head. People might also consider the type of brush heads when looking for the best electric toothbrush for braces. Hence, most electric toothbrushes today have removable brush heads. This means your customers can have two or more brush heads depending on the need when they’re brushing. Also, the bristles might wear down, so replacing them when necessary is essential.

Benefits of electric toothbrush

Comparing a manual toothbrush with an electric toothbrush, you might see significant differences. They’re essential factors why most prefer electric toothbrushes. Here are some benefits of electric toothbrush products that you and your customers should know.private label electric toothbrushes

  • It keeps gums, teeth, and tongue healthier and cleaner. The various cleaning modes of an electric toothbrush make it efficient in cleaning even the inner parts of one’s mouth. Since it comes with rotating bristles and equal pressure, you’d know that it can reach further than manual toothbrushes.
  • It can make tooth brushing longer and more thorough. An electric toothbrush is designed to provide equal brushing time for every quadrant. This ensures a longer and better brushing, resulting in a clean and great feeling. Suppose your target market is kids, then this is one of the benefits of electric toothbrush that you must highlight to parents and guardians. They might be looking for the best electric toothbrush for braces, as children with braces usually need to remove the food buildup between their meals. Users can count on electric toothbrushes to cover all the heart-to-reach areas which might be missed when using a manual toothbrush.
  • Electric toothbrushes are ideal for fighting gum diseases and gingivitis. There’s always a truth when someone says with an electric toothbrush; you’re brushing smarter instead of brushing longer. Since it reaches areas in one’s mouth that are hardly covered by other toothbrushes, it removes unwanted particles which can cause gum diseases and gingivitis.
  • It helps eliminate bad breath. Food and plaque lodged in the crannies and nooks between one’s teeth and the gums will result in bad breath. Since an electric toothbrush removes food between the teeth, one can guarantee fresher breath.

How to clean an electric toothbrush

In most cases, an electric toothbrush manufacturer can provide your packing with a manual that will include tips on how to clean electric toothbrush products. If your manufacturer does not, ensure you take note of the following factors to guarantee, your customers get to take care of their toothbrushes.how to clean electric toothbrush

  • Use hot water before and after using the electric toothbrush. One need not have boiling water for this. You can run the tap water until it’s steamy. After that, place the brush to rinse and kill any bad bacteria. This also helps in eliminating bits and food particles.
  • One can use a UV electric toothbrush sanitizer. Some might want to elevate their electric toothbrush care up a notch. Your customers can use UV sanitizer. While the CDC and the ADA do not deem it necessary, users still can do it to ensure a much cleaner electric toothbrush. Also, they can be costly. However, one can do so if one has money to spare for the sanitizer.
  • Soak brush heads in hydrogen peroxide or an antibacterial mouthwash. An electric toothbrush can do this a maximum of once a week. Overdoing such might break down the toothbrush quicker than usual. You also must remind customers to soak the brush heads for at least five minutes, rinse them with hot water and have them in an upright position to dry.
  • Ensure to change the brush heads every three months. Depending on how you customize your electric toothbrush, you can also provide extra brush heads for every set you provide to your target market. This is essential as users must replace the brush head every three months. It’s one of the easiest ways to maintain the cleanliness of an electric toothbrush.
  • Have the electric toothbrush air-dry. A few tips include allowing the toothbrush to stand upright to drip off the residual water. Also, ensure that users leave the electric toothbrush open without the cap. Also, avoid putting the toothbrush into the case.

Besides considering how to clean electric toothbrush products, it is also ideal for customers to keep their toothbrushes functional. Electric toothbrushes are a bit more costly than manual toothbrushes, so taking care of them is essential.

  • Use a travel case when bringing it away from home. You can ask for customized travel cases for your electric toothbrushes with private label services. As you know, toothbrushes with sensitive parts can easily break down after firm bumps and falls. Ensure that the case you provide has a hard exterior to protect the handle, brush, and bristles from getting damaged.
  • It’s beneficial to use a toothpaste dispenser. When one gets toothpaste from the tube, they generally increase the contact between the bristles and the tube. This might affect the longevity of the brush heads. To reduce such contact, your customers can use a dispenser to put toothpaste on the brush.

Invest in a good manufacturer for your electric toothbrushes

Looking at the things an electric toothbrush seller must consider must be overwhelming, especially for new businesses. However, you can ease some burden in managing all these with the right electric toothbrush manufacturer. Cinoll is one of the leading electric toothbrush manufacturers which provides extensive private-label services for your oral care product needs.teeth whitening electric toothbrush dentists

Our electric toothbrushes are innovative enough to keep up with the changing technologies. We can customize various cleaning modes and different types of electric toothbrushes, like bamboo electric toothbrushes, and ensure your band name and logo are accurately designed and placed based on your specifications.

More importantly, we are a company catering to small and large-scale oral healthcare distributors worldwide; hence whatever oral care solutions you need, we guarantee to accommodate them. Despite the increasing production demand, our team guarantees to adhere to standards from the ISO and FDA to ensure we only provide the best electric toothbrushes for our clients.

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