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Cinoll private label toothpasteHave you ever wondered how toothpaste is actually made? Do you know the steps teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers go through to develop an effective paste that will protect your oral health and prevent decay spread?

In this article, we are going to reveal the technology and process. If you are looking to partner with a private label teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer, do not hesitate to reach out to us because we are a tested and trusted brand with a track record of helping businesses produce their own branded toothpaste.

With current statistics showing that the global toothpaste consumption will only increase as the population increases, we know that in the US, for example, about 71 million Americans use toothpaste about 4 times or more daily. With these mind-boggling trends witnessed in many other countries, pitching your tent with a manufacturer you can trust is never too early. With that out of the way, let me take you through the process.

The Manufacturing Process of toothpaste

The process teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers undertake to produce the products they sell to their customers is not really the same since every manufacturer has a unique formula. However, there is a degree of consistent steps all manufacturers take to come up with their own toothpaste version. Find below a general toothpaste manufacturing process.

The ingredients found in most of the toothpaste products in the market are as follows

Fluoride: Most toothpaste contains one or more forms of fluoride. Fluoride is categorized into stannous, sodium, and monofluorophosphate. These ingredients are approved by the FDA and suitable for cavity prevention.

Glycerin: This ingredient keeps the paste moist, so it does not dry up inside the tube.

Abrasives: Abrasives are effective against plaque and are added to the mix by teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers to remove surface stains, tartar buildup, and other forms of enamel stains.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This ingredient is responsible for creating the foam once you start brushing your teeth with the toothpaste.

The Toothpaste Manufacturing Process

Step 1- Weighing and Mixing

The first step in the process is to weigh the ingredients per package or tube so as to ensure that each ingredient is added in the right proportion. This process is given ultimate attention so as not to dilute the quality of the paste or potentially cause harm to the final user. Once all the ingredients have been added together, a dose of glycerin and water mixture is added to mix properly.

Step 2- Temperature monitoring

A special mixing vat or equipment is used for the mixing with the humidity and temperature monitored closely. Ideally, the industry standard is to use a vat that can mix 10,000/ 4-ounce tunes per batch

Step 3- preparing the tube

After the ingredients have been mixed properly to form a paste, tubes are then passed through a piece of equipment called a blower connected to a vacuum. This step ensures that the tubes are clean and rid of particles and other forms of dirt. After that, the tubes are capped, and the other end is opened to give room to the filling machine.

Step 4 – Filling the tube

With the tubes ready to be filled, an optical device rotates them to ensure that they are perfectly aligned. Then, the tubes are filled with the paste using a descending pump. As this happens, the other end is crimped together to prevent leaks. Furthermore, a code is engraved on each tube to show the time and date of production as well as the expiry date of the product.

Step 5 – Packaging and Shipping

Another important step that the teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer must undertake is to package the tubes into cardboard or paper boxes. This process can be done at the factory by hand or using a packing device. Then to conclude the process, the boxes are either transported to a warehouse or straight to the seaport or airport for onward shipping.

Care about the Quality of the Toothpaste

Toothpaste quality control labIf you are planning to launch your own toothpaste brand, it is very important to make sure that the quality of your product is not compromised in any way. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it should be since oftentimes, the products are manufactured far away from your location. Also, once you have taken delivery of your products at great cost, it is hard to send a container load of defective products back to the Chinese manufacturer.

This is why you should be very mindful of who you contract to produce your toothpaste. Knowing all about the manufacturing process is very important using various means. From your location, you can demand to see the production process by

  • Demanding video coverage of the factory as your product is being produced
  • Ask for samples of the final product before you sign off on the mass production
  • Use third party agents to verify the quality of products on your behalf

Fortunately for you, Cinoll is one of the best private label teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers in China that offers clients unlimited transparency regarding the products they produce for them. We offer qualification data to give you a fair idea of the quality of toothpaste you will be getting on your next consignment.

Private Label Your Branded Toothpaste is Easy

Toothpaste filling the tubesWhile you may not have the funds and expertise to produce your own branded toothpaste from scratch, you can leverage the network and production capacity of a private label toothpaste manufacturer to produce your own for you. Only recently, Forbes reported that the sale of private label brands has been soaring, especially during the pandemic. To this end, many manufacturers are turning to these manufacturers to produce their own branded products.

.This method guarantees them full control over quality standards and supply. They also enjoy regular supply at low prices. At the end of the day, they enjoy an increased profit margin when they sell their own products instead of selling products of other major brands.

Cinoll is the Right Toothpaste Manufacturer

If you are looking for a private label teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer, Cinoll is just the brand you need. We have a track record of producing the best possible toothpaste for our clients using industry standardized best practices.

All our toothpaste are FDA approved, and we never dilute the quality of toothpaste we produce for private labels they work with us. So for premium products, you can trust, contact us today, and let us get started.

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