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Are you a seller of dental products or do you plan to start selling oral health products like teeth whitening pens? We are here to tell you that this product niche is one of the fastest growing dental product niches today. This is because people are beginning to take their dental health seriously more than ever before. Teeth whitening pens are very effective products and remain a top choice for people around the world.

The good news is that this product is in high demand but the challenge has to do with the competition. So how do you become a top seller of teeth whitening pens? Read this article until the end to find out how to become a top seller.

Market Research

The first step every successful entrepreneur must take is to research the market they intend to serve. If you get this right, you will have no problem scaling your business and reaping huge financial returns. If you are already selling teeth whitening pens you should have done your market research so you may skip this step but if you are new to it, this step is the most important step not to overlook.

When conducting your market research, you need to study the following

  • The demand
  • Where to get your supply
  • The current selling price of teeth whitening pens in your location
  • What your competitors are offering

Conducting comprehensive market research involves a lot more than these points noted above but these are some of the important metrics to research. If you get this right, every other step will be taken care of.

Draw up a budget

Every business needs funds but how much do you need? This will depend on the volume of teeth whitening pens you want to order and how much each pen is sold? If you are a new seller, you should consider starting small. Order a little batch to test the market and if you sell all the stock, you may then go ahead to order for larger stock.

Your budget will be influenced by

  • Cost of supplies (teeth whitening pens)
  • Shipping costs
  • Branding costs
  • Miscellaneous costs

How much you spend on supplies will not be down to you completely though. This will depend on the supplier you are buying from. Most teeth whitening pen suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). The MOQ is the minimum number of units the supplier is willing to ship to you. If for instance, the supplier has a minimum quantity of 100 units, you can’t order 95 units, only 100. This will also influence your budget to a greater degree.

Source for a supplier

This is an all important step to becoming a top seller of teeth whitening pens. Just like with every other business, we are sure that your main goal will be to make a profit. One of the smartest ways to do so is to get your sourcing right. Quality products bought at the cheapest price equals maximum profit.

customized teeth whitening gel pen packagingThe best suppliers of teeth whitening pens always stock quality products and they are the ones you should be looking to buy from. So if you want to stand out from other sellers, you want to offer your customers quality whitening pens at attractive prices.

To get ahead of the competition, consider buying directly from whitening pen manufacturers like Cinoll of China. If you can secure your supply source, you will never run out of stock and your brand will become a notable brand in this product niche


The value of branding cannot be understated especially as it has to do with marketing whitening pens. Remember that this niche, even though fast growing, is an ultra competitive niche with sellers competing for a significant portion of the market. Sourcing the right products is not all there is to it. You also need to brand your business and there are diverse ways to do it.

Cinoll private label teeth whitening pensIf you sell online, you can brand your e-commerce store. More importantly, you can have the manufacturer brand your products with your logo and colors to set your products apart from competitors. If you wish to do advertising then do so but be strategic about it and don’t waste your investment.

The best teeth whitening pen manufacturer in China

Cinoll is one of the best teeth whitening pen manufacturers in China. If you have been looking for a reliable supplier whose products you can trust, look no further than Cinoll. By dealing with Cinoll directly, you bypass middlemen and save costs on your order. Furthermore, Cinoll offers customized services like branding to make your products stand out.

This manufacturer gives you full control over your supply chain, you earn more money per unit and you also have maximum control over product quality. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and request a sample of our teeth whitening pens today.

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