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The importance of oral health has taken the world by storm as people all across the globe now pay more attention to their dentition more than ever before. This has created more business opportunities for sellers of dental products who are smiling to the bank with good profits. One of the most sought after oral health products today is a bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes have become popular because they are safe, healthy and do not expose users to reactions.bamboo toothbrushes suppliers

If you are looking to sell this product, you will definitely need the best bamboo toothbrush suppliers.

But with so many fake agents parading themselves as suppliers, what are the criteria to use when choosing suppliers? Let’s give you a quick rundown of key selection criteria not to overlook.

Active Factory

When choosing suppliers for your bamboo toothbrushes, avoid negotiating with entities that don’t have a factory of their own. Today, there are many third party agents who act as middlemen between manufacturers and sellers. If you use them, you may get the product but you will pay more than you should for your supplies and this will eat into your profit margin.

So to be on the safe side we recommend that you only deal with suppliers that market the products they sell. If you do so, you can verify the quality of the bamboo toothbrush you are buying among other things.

Sample Supplies

Does the supplier send you samples for you to test and verify the quality of their product? The best bamboo toothbrush supplier will be all too willing to provide you with a sample of their product for testing. Any supplier who is unwilling to do this cannot be trusted so don’t do business with them.

Certified Quality

Before you start ordering bamboo toothbrush consignment from any supplier, ask for their certification as this is one key method to verify the quality of their products. Certified bamboo brushes are of the highest quality and are efficiently produced so you need to make sure that every batch you order from them will be produced using international standard best practices.

Here is why it is important to request product certification.bamboo toothbrushes in cup

Quality: Products regulated by the FDA for example are very good and will not pose risks to your customers.

Local standards: If the product does not meet the local standards in your country, your consignment may be seized at the port of entry and destroyed. This will cause you great financial misfortune which you cannot overturn.

This is why it is important to always check for certifications like FDA and ISO 9001 to be sure you are buying bamboo toothbrushes of the highest quality.

Minimum Order Quantity

Another criteria you should use to make your supplier selection is your minimum order quantity. Also called MOQ, this is the lowest unit threshold you can order. For instance, if a supplier has an MOQ of 3,000 units per order, you can’t place an order for 2,900 units. Also if the MOQ is too low, The quality of brushes you get may not be up to standard.

So when you are choosing a supplier make sure their MOQ is not too low and not above your budget. If these conditions are met and you can verify the quality of their products then you can go ahead to order from them.Toothpaste quality control lab

Production Capacity

Another criteria to use is the production capacity of the supplier. Bear in mind that they most likely already have businesses and clients in your country and in many other countries of the world. With this large client base, they may not be able to meet your order in time and regularly if they have limited capacity.

So if you want to secure your supply line, you should only buy from a reliable supplier with a large production capacity.

For instance, a supplier that can produce 10,000 bamboo toothbrushes daily will most likely be able to fulfill your order unlike a supplier that only produces 3,000 units daily. This is why we recommend suppliers with a larger production capacity.


The price per unit is another criteria not to overlook. Even though we consider quality to be the most important criteria, we also know that if the price per unit is high, your buyers may not be able to afford it or you may run at a loss. So do your market research and be sure that the supplier you are talking to is selling each unit at a price that you and your customers can afford.

The best bamboo toothbrush supplier in China

Cinoll is a Chinese manufacturer and we produce some of the best bamboo toothbrushes in the world. Our production factory in China is ever-expanding and we produce thousands of bamboo brushes daily. Our prices are competitive and the quality of our products are second to none.

We are the best bamboo toothbrush supplier in China and our clients all over the world can testify to that. We can produce your order according to your specifications and even brand them with your company logo. This and many other benefits await you if you do business with us. Contact us today and let’s provide you with samples to kickstart the process.

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