How to Choose the Right Manufacturer of Teeth Whitening Products


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Finding the proper manufacturer is easier said than done. They have to be capable enough to provide you with teeth whitening products that deserve to be marketed for their quality. Opening a business involves a significant amount of money. Of course, you expect a return on investment (ROI). However, you cannot achieve that without quality products.

Besides quality, there are other factors that you need to consider when choosing a teeth whitening manufacturer. Additionally, you have to keep in mind whether they can produce products for you as the demand increases.

Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Products Manufacturer

You need to look into six key factors as you decide who to partner with in making your teeth whitening products.


You may have known that the competition in the industry is tight. Hence every product you introduce to the market should stand out. And customization is key to making fresh and new products. Of course, since private labels are common in the dental and oral care industry, look for manufacturers that can accommodate various customization options. The options must be comprehensive and include packaging, flavor, design, and even ingredient concentrations.teeth whitening strips wholesale (1)

Check Certifications

Check for certificates from FDA, ISO, CE, etc. While you will not expect your customers to ask for it, there will be some who would. More importantly, these certifications will prove that the manufacturer adheres to specific standards and ensures that the products are safe and high-quality. You also know that teeth whitening products can contact the human body. Ensure that your manufacturers can prove all their raw materials are safe and their processes follow the ethical standards.


Some manufacturers cater to specific amounts of orders. Some even higher MOQ (minimum order quantity) cannot cater to new businesses that prefer to start with smaller orders. On the other hand, as your business grows, the demand will also increase. Also, the drastic changes in the business environment can affect the demand.teeth whitening pens

With all these scenarios, pick a flexible manufacturer to accommodate the various changes in orders. You do not want to change manufacturers every now and then to cater to different order demands. The last thing you want to experience is having confused customers because you keep switching from one manufacturer to another. Look for a teeth whitening products manufacturer who can adjust to changing demands.

Lead time and delivery

A production lead time will depend on several factors, including the volume of orders and the availability of raw materials. Consequently, lead times also affect delivery statistics. With this, you need to explore how committed a manufacturer is to their lead time and delivery requirements. Through it, you can set proper expectations and avoid false hopes. More importantly, it is not an excellent practice to bombard your customers with excuses because of production and delivery delays.


Keeping tabs on stock is a process one needs to practice when having a business. Additionally, if you hired a manufacturer to make teeth whitening products for you, then it must also be necessary that you have access to their inventory. The manufacturer’s transparency will reflect on their commitment and capability to produce products as needed. As your business grows, you cannot afford to have gaps in your inventory. It will be your company’s loss. In some cases, manufacturers stock-up in-demand raw materials and products so they can always be ready when the demand increases, especially during the peak season.


Whether you are a startup or an established business, it pays to rely on experienced manufacturers. Not only are they capable of providing premium quality products. They also know how the industry works. As a result, they can better accommodate your manufacturing needs. Also, they have dealt with different clients allowing them to provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions for your business.teeth care products

Final Thoughts

Working for more than ten years with different global brands has made Cinoll one of the best in the teeth whitening products manufacturing industry. We value your investments which also fuels us to ensure our workforce only makes the best for every teeth whitening business. Additionally, because of our experience, we can also help manage the complexities brought about by the manufacturing process. Indeed the process can be overwhelming for some. We ease your burden of product manufacturing. Instead, you can focus on introducing teeth whitening products to the market.

Cinoll guarantees to guide every client from conceptualization until your orders go out from our factory. Like how much we consider your specification requests, our in-house design team can provide you with packaging and product design options. For teeth whitening products with various ingredients and flavors, you can also customize them, and Cinoll will gladly mix them to get the expected results.

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