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transparent teeth whitening gel syringeIf you are in the teeth whitening business, you may have heard of PAP+ formula. But, what exactly is it? And why should brands use it in their teeth whitening products? Let us take a closer look at this miraculous stuff.

PAP+ formula in a teeth whitening gel is a new and improved version of the original PAP formula(first created by Hismile). PAP stands for Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid – which is a bit of a mouthful (pun not intended!).

At Cinoll, we work hard in perfecting our formula and this one has a whole host of additional benefits for the user in comparison to our original PAP formula. You see, the plus sign means that we have added other ingredients and components into our formula to make it even better. With this new formula, the user can achieve optimal whitening results after only one ten-minute treatment. This compares with our previous formula’s use over six consecutive days to achieve the same results. Impressive, huh?

Cinoll is a teeth whitening gel manufacturer that you can trust. You can rely on Cinoll to dedicate time to researching the best possible improvements for our products. Our PAP+ formula is a testament to this.

How PAP+ Formula Works in Your Teeth Whitening Gel

professional teeth whitening gelCinoll prides itself on being a top-quality teeth whitening gel manufacturer. As such, our PAP+ products are our pride and joy! We want nothing more than for you and your business to have the best in terms of quality and affordability when it comes to providing you with PAP+ teeth whitening products.

As mentioned above, our original formulation of PAP teeth whitening gel is named after the key player ingredient, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid. It has taken us years to perfect this formula to increase its benefits and success in whitening teeth for our clients. PAP+ is our updated version, which results in whiter teeth in a much quicker time than simple PAP.

Many teeth whitening gels contain peroxide. We will let you into a secret: PAP+ teeth whitening gel does not contain peroxide. Sure, peroxide works well in getting rid of stains. However, it also sometimes causes irreversible tooth damage as it does so. Peroxide contains free radicals and, as such, it breaks down anything that it comes into contact with. This means increased sensitivity for the user and pain too. This should be temporary but, as we are sure you can imagine, any pain and sensitivity when using a teeth whitening gel is not wanted and certainly is not pleasant!

PAP and PAP+ are still an oxidant like peroxide but this formula’s power works solely on stains rather than on the whole tooth. This process does not affect the tooth enamel or the gums. Many people are now opting for PAP+ products rather than peroxide gels – and it’s not hard to see why.

Working tirelessly, our research team improved our PAP formula to give an added boost to our main ingredients. Two new ingredients were added: nanohydroxyapatite and potassium citrate. We have had nothing but positive reviews of our PAP teeth whitening products. What this offers clients is a formula that is more natural-looking when it comes to whiteness. If you are wanting products that offer a beaming, glaringly artificial white smile, then these products are not for you.

As a teeth whitening gel manufacturer, we want to offer products that can offer teeth whitening that is two to three shades whiter than the original tooth shade. We even offer a shade card so that a user can compare their teeth whitening progress.

Given our extensive research and perfection of our formula, we continue to do the best for our clients, so we do not stop with our products. We create custom teeth whitening gel with our PAP+ formula for our clients. You can even select the specifications such as the flavor.

How to Customize Your PAP+ Teeth Whitening Gel

Cinoll, as a teeth whitening gel manufacturer, provides the products for our clients all over the world. However, the branding – that’s up to you! You can customize your Cinoll PAP+ teeth whitening gel in many ways to your preference. We are certain you want your products to sell, and to do that they need to stand out from their competitors. Our high-quality products are therefore not the only thing we do. We provide services and support to help you in defining your brand and promoting it well. Here are some of our options for customization.

  • Private logo printing
  • Custom packaging boxes
  • Custom display boxes and bags
  • Custom stickers
  • Custom embossing
  • Custom products colors

white label teeth whitening gelWe also offer these customizable options in our sample sizes. Why not send us your logo so that we can create a brand mock-up of your packaging with samples of your PAP+ teeth whitening gel products? Our samples are free!

Teeth whitening gel has many options for customization too. We can customize the formula to your liking, customize the logo and packaging and customize the flavoring. It would be our preference to customize your teeth whitening gel at the same time as you customize other products in our range. That way your packaging and design ideas can align and be consistent throughout your brand.

We have a wide range of packaging designs to choose from. We have standard and default packaging in a white box that is quick to order and customize if you need a quick turnaround, or we have more complex packaging designs if you have a little more time to design your branding and consider your packaging needs.

Brand Your PAP+ Whitening Gel Today!

We do not believe that we are blowing our own trumpet by saying that we believe we are the best teeth whitening gel manufacturer around. With our teeth whitening gel, you can simply try it with your clients and see for yourself.

The brands with which we work all rate our products extremely highly and recommend our personalized services to others. To see how Cinoll can help you and your brand launch into the market with top-quality PAP+ teeth whitening gel, get in touch with us here.

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