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Teeth whitening gel is one of the most in-demand products these days in the oral care industry. In the last few years, the buying public has taken a high interest in teeth whitening in general. Thus, products like teeth whitening toothpaste, powder and gel have seen a sharp rise in sales as well.

If you are an oral care product reseller or if you have your own teeth whitening brand, it is crucial that you source the best teeth whitening gel wholesale to pass on to your clients. But before you start looking for manufacturers, you first need to learn a thing or two about teeth whitening gel – how it works, what it is made of, its different kinds, and so on.

Also, you have to be familiar with the process of finding and selecting the right teeth whitening gel manufacturer. It can be a bit more complicated than it seems at first, as there are many factors that you should take into consideration.

In this article, we will provide all the information that you need so that you can find the best product to sell, as well as the most suitable manufacturer to work with.

Let’s dive right in!

Two Types of Teeth Whitening Gel Carriers

Teeth whitening gel comes in different formulations and flavors but all of them work in essentially the same way. That is, you apply them to the teeth and they cause a reaction that produces a whiter and brighter appearance on the surface of your teeth.

One of the big differences among the teeth whitening gel products today lies not in the gel itself but in the carrier, or the device used to apply them onto the teeth. There are two main kinds of teeth whitening gel carriers that are available today.

These are the syringe and the pen.

1. Syringe Type

The syringe is probably the most popular type of gel carrier in use today, mainly because it is the easiest tool for applying whitening gel onto trays.

Trays are oral devices that contain the whitening gel and are placed in the mouth and over the teeth for a period of time. Before putting the tray in the mouth, a syringe carrier is used to place the gel into the tray.

Convenience is another reason why syringe applicators are very common. They make it easy for an individual to squeeze out the gel. They can also be stored easily and used practically anywhere, which is great for those that use home whitening kits. Syringe gel carriers also have measurement marks along the body, which ensures the accuracy of the dosage being used.

Syringes are made of plastic so they are very affordable and very easy to manufacture as well. They do not contain any complicated parts or metal components.

PAP teeth whitening gel in box

2. Pen Type

Teeth whitening pens are more modern innovations but they are quickly becoming quite popular as well. You use them to “draw” the gel directly on the surface of the teeth, which you would then spread evenly with a brush. Finally, you will apply the whitening light that will activate the gel and whiten your teeth.

As you can imagine, teeth whitening pens are more high-end and thus a little bit more expensive. They appeal highly to the younger individuals that prefer the more state-of-the-art gadgets. Pens are also very convenient and can be carried around easily. This is why they have become known as on-the-go teeth whitening gel.

Both types of teeth whitening gel carriers come with their own advantages. They are equally effective and the choice would ultimately depend on the preference of the individual. Thus as an oral brand reseller, it would be advisable to have both options available for your clients to choose from.

Single boutique teeth whitening gel pen

The Most Popular Teeth Whitening Gel Outer Packaging

There are a lot of resellers that do not think much about the packaging of their products, thinking that the contents should be the focus of their efforts. While it is definitely important to ensure the quality of your product, it is also crucial that you have the right packaging as this will affect how potential buyers would look at your products.

If you are looking to source teeth whitening gel wholesale, you should know that there are two main types of outer packaging that you can choose from. These are the high end packaging and the more economical packaging made of plastic, aluminum or paper.

1. High End Packaging

Also known as boutique gift boxes, it is easy to surmise from the name alone that these are the more expensive type of packaging. These are perfect for giving away as gifts to your loved ones. Boutique gift boxes are made of a sturdy and luxurious material that will certainly boost the value of the product. Most manufacturers use a magnetic cover for these gift boxes because of their elegance and stylishness.

If you wish to order teeth whitening gel wholesale, you can even ask the teeth whitening factory or manufacturer to create a custom outer printing to perhaps include your logo and your brand.

Teeth whitening gel pen packaging box

You can also have them print custom inserts into the packaging, which is useful if you want to print extra information about your product or your company.

2. Economical Packaging

There are several types of materials that manufacturers use for more economical packaging of teeth whitening gels.

The most common by far are paper or cardboard boxes that usually contain a single gel product. There are a lot of advantages to using paper boxes, hence their popularity.

On the go teeth whitening gel

For one thing, they are a sustainable material compared to plastic, which means it is better for the environment. Also, the paper box serves a dual purpose. Aside from being the actual packaging of the product, it also has sufficient surface area to contain all the text content that needs to be on the label.

The next most popular low-cost packaging option is the aluminum bags. In terms of cost, they are almost the same as paper boxes but they have a significant advantage when it comes to lead time. Since this is a very popular type of packaging used for thousands of products, ready-made aluminum bags are always available and there is no need to wait for custom production.


Have a better understanding of how to customize your teeth whitening gel?

It’s no hard job to get your teeth whitening gel looks wonderful and used practical. Make sure you know better knowledge of teeth whitening business before run into the business.

That’s all for this topic, feel free to ask us any questions if you’re looking for advice on teeth whitening products!

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