How to Find a Perfect Teeth Whitening Powder Vendor?


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teeth whitening powder pearl whiteAs the oral care product niche continues to experience an explosion in demand, the number of retailers smiling to the bank as they watch their business growth continues to increase, but at the same time, there are still so many retailers struggling to break even because they are having a hard time finding reliable teeth cleaning powder vendors.

It is hard to find a stable vendor these days especially with the number of trading companies parading themselves as manufacturers whereas they aren’t. In this article, we will provide you with tips that you can adopt to grow your business. If you want to scale your business, you need to be smart with the way you review and grade suppliers.

Tell the Difference between Factories and Traders

cinoll tooth paste factoryWhen shopping for teeth cleaning powder vendors in China or in any other country for that matter, you need to be very careful because not every business entity that calls itself a manufacturer is truly one. Many are merely trading companies creating a false impression that they produce the products that they sell but they don’t. There are clever ways to tell the difference between a third party trading company and a manufacturer that owns a factory. Here are some helpful tips to tell them apart.

Business Name

One common feature with trading companies is that they use generic names that a global audience can relate to. Merely looking at their names, you would hardly know which country they operate from. However, manufacturers in China use mostly Chinese names in conjunction with the city or province in which they operate.

Product Niche

Another way to tell is to look at the product niche they market. A manufacturer will mostly market a single product or related products. For example, teeth cleaning powder vendors who are manufacturers will market cleaning powders, mouthwash, LED teeth cleaning strips and the likes. But traders mostly market different unrelated products to scale up their profit margins.


Another way to tell is to look at their certifications. Manufacturers have certifications backing the quality of items they market while trading companies do not.

Qualifications for Teeth Whitening Powder Vendors

In the previous paragraph, we pointed out that certifications are one of the ways to identify a reliable manufacturer and this is so true. When doing your market research for vendors, you want to make sure that they have industry-standard certifications for several reasons.

Firstly, a company with certification will utilize industry-standard procedures to manufacture their products. Secondly, you can rest assured that the quality of the products you will receive should you partner with them are top quality.

And more importantly, teeth cleaning powder vendors with certification will not want to deliver poor quality products for fear of losing their certification. These and more are some of the reasons why you should take your time to vet the vendor before you contract them to produce your teeth cleaning powder products.

Some of the certifications to check for include

  • CE
  • FDA
  • MSDS

There are many more global certifications but these are some of the most popular ones many vendors have.

Why Cinoll Can be Your Teeth Whitening Powder Vendor?

blue teeth whitening powder suppliesIf you find a trusted manufacturer with a track record for excellence, your hopes of running a successful dental care retail business will be realized. Today, there are several manufacturers in China who produce quality teeth cleaning powder and one of them is Cinoll.

Cinoll is a contract manufacturer of many oral care products and teeth cleaning powders are just one of their products. Today, many brands from around the world contract Cinoll to produce their branded powder solutions and they never disappoint. Currently, Cinoll has a monthly production capacity of 1 million pieces of whitening powder with the potential to increase capacity even more.

If you enter into long term cooperation with Cinoll, your business stands to benefit immensely. The quality of their powder is second to none so your customers will keep coming to buy from you. Secondly, since the products will be produced in your branded name, you are free to dictate the price you sell it for making you the business with the full right to the product and profit.

More importantly, you can take advantage of Cinoll’s customization services. By branding your products with your business name and logo, your products will have a unique identity of their own which is a smart way to beat the competition and to sell the uniqueness of your products.

Some of Cinoll’s teeth cleaning powder customization services include

  • Customized capacity of 30-60 -80 grams to suit your demands
  • Customized logo and casing for each unit of powder
  • Develop the cleaning Formula in different variations for users with sensitive and friendly dentition
  • Produce a low minimum order quantity of 500 and above as your budget can afford


how to use a teeth whitening powderChecking the certification of teeth cleaning powder vendors you work with is important if you want to enjoy a stable supply of high quality cleaning. If you work with Cinoll, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with customized services included as part of the package. So contact Cinoll today and let them work you through their seamless process so you can also begin to enjoy a stable supply of quality cleaning powder products.

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