How to Find Your Teeth Whitening Kits Vendors? Learn This


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teeth whitening gel private labelIf you run a teeth whitening product business, you will agree that finding reliable teeth whitening kits vendors is one of the major steps to take if you want to succeed. But, unfortunately, it is kind of hard to find a stable teeth whitening kit vendor these days, especially in this day and age when the world is experiencing one supply chain problem or the other.

If you want to find a very good vendor for your business, you have to adopt smart methods like verifying good ones. In this article, we will show you how to find stable and reliable vendors of teeth whitening kits.

Tell the Difference between Factories and Traders

teeth whitening products from factoryOne major problem many retailers of teeth whitening kits encounter is distinguishing between a factory and teeth whitening kit traders. Unfortunately, many traders who parade themselves as factories are not producers but merely suppliers. Differentiating between the two is important if you want to enjoy a steady supply of teeth whitening kits and if you want to maximize profit by buying for low prices. Here are some ways to tell the difference between kit factories and traders.

Product Specification

One way to tell if a business entity is a trading company and not a factory is to look at the number of items they deal in. Trading companies market different types of products. For instance, a trader may market teeth whitening kits alongside kitchen utensils and beddings. However, teeth whitening kits vendors will not do that. Instead, they focus on marketing their kits only because that is what they produce.

Business Name

Another way to tell a trading middleman from a real manufacturer is to look at their business name. For example, a trading company in China will most likely use a global name that appeals to a global audience. In contrast, manufacturers do not use generic names but a local one or a mixture of generic and local names. Some will even include the name of the town or city where they operate from.


The address is another way to tell. If the company operates from a downtown building located in a business district, then you know that it is a trading company, not a manufacturer like they claim. Factories mostly operate from industrial locations. Even if they have a separate office, they still include their factory assets in their website and PR channels.

Other ways to know include

  • Language of communication as many Chinese manufacturers have text in their website mainly written in Chinese
  • Manufacturers who are teeth whitening kits vendors have qualification certification while traders do not

Qualifications for Teeth Whitening Kits Vendors

When searching for teeth whitening kits vendors, it is important to check for their certification. If you can’t find one, ask for it when sending them a message. Certifications are important for several reasons.

Firstly, a company with certification is enough evidence to know that you are dealing with a reliable manufacturer who actually runs a factory, not a third-party middle man. Secondly, the certification is what you will use to gauge the product quality to expect. Common examples of certifications to expect include

  • FDA
  • CE
  • MSDS

There are several certifications, but the above are popular and global standardized certifications. Another reason why you should check for certification is that the last thing you want is to order a consignment of teeth whitening kits that are substandard and fall below the quality requirements of the country you are shipping them to.

So make sure you ask for the certification and only buy from kit vendors who produce kits under the best global standards.

Why Cinoll Can be Your Teeth Whitening Kits Vendor?

teeth whitening kit case and teeth whitening gel and guideIn order to help you find the best teething whitening kits vendors, you don’t have to waste time on endless online searches. Of all the manufacturers in China, Cinoll is one of the best there is. Currently, Cinoll executes contracts for many teeth whitening brands that rely on Cinoll to produce their products.

Cinoll is a private label manufacturer with several years of proven experience manufacturing branded kits for other brands. In addition, this Chinese manufacturer knows and uses world-class, cutting-edge technology and the best oral care formula when producing oral products.

If you want a steady supplier of your own branded kits and don’t want to encounter supply issues, Cinoll is one manufacturer to bank on. This contract manufacturer helps you secure your supply pipeline, produce quality products that your customers will appreciate, and offer you pricing privileges since you will have the full right to decide how much you sell the kits for.

Above all, Cinoll offers product customization as part of its list of services. By customizing your products, you can set your brand apart from the crowd, which is great news and an opportunity for growth and product differentiation. Some of Cinoll’s customization services include

  • Customized whitening kits with your brand name
  • Logo prints on the kits
  • Branded paper instructions
  • Branded retainer cases for the kits
  • Shaded guides

By customizing your kits with your Logo, language and image, your brand will become more visible and valuable.


If you have been looking for reliable teeth whitening kits vendors in China, now you know where to find one. Cinoll is a trusted private label manufacturer you can trust to give you a steady supply of branded and high-quality teeth whitening kits. So contact us today and let us provide you with some of our samples to get started.

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