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Cinoll tongue scraper suppliesTongue scraping is a quick way of removing extra particles from the tongue and, importantly, the ones that cause a person to have bad breath. Scraping the tongue is achieved by using a small tool that is slightly rounded which is usually made from metal or plastic.

If you are starting a small business and need a small volume of tongue scrapers, speaking to a wholesaler is an excellent idea. So, how should you find a good wholesaler of tongue scrapers in China?

Is a Wholesale Tongue Scraper Supplier Worse Than a Manufacturer?

When it comes to being a tongue scraper vendor, you want the best products to be able to market and sell them to your customers. But it is important to know how to get hold of those good products in the first place. Should you go directly to a manufacturer? Or should you try a wholesaler?

Wholesalers work as a middleman, buying products from manufacturers and selling them in different quantities directly to businesses. The wholesaler does not have any say in the product’s design or manufacturer, they simply work as a go-between between the tongue scraper vendor (in our case) and the tongue scraper manufacturer. Additionally, they do not have a store or shop front to sell the products directly to the public.

On the contrary, a tongue scraper manufacturer is responsible for sourcing the product’s raw materials and making the product. Manufacturers are flexible in their approach and offer customization options for their products and allow tweaks to their design. This is what sets them apart from a wholesaler supplier.

What Defines a Good Wholesaler?

tongue scraper different shape moldingA good wholesaler essentially needs to meet the needs of the tongue scraper vendor. If it fails to meet the business’s needs, then the business will not be able to operate successfully and turnover that much-coveted profit. But what are these business needs that wholesalers should aspire to meet?

As a small business, you may work with many wholesale suppliers or just one. Finding the right partner for your business is often fraught with difficulty. For each wholesaler that you are considering using for your business, you must ensure that the wholesaler ticks all the following boxes:

  • The wholesaler connects you with the products and manufacturers that your business needs
  • The wholesaler has prices that are affordable for your business
  • The wholesaler serves your business’s geographic region
  • The wholesaler is easy to work with
  • The wholesaler is trustworthy and reliable

A wholesaler who meets these criteria is on the right path to forming a successful business relationship for your business.

However, there is also something else that needs your consideration. Before you find the right wholesaler, you also need to know what products you are looking to sell. What kind of tongue scrapers are you looking for? Once you have decided on this all-important detail, you can begin to search for a wholesaler that can supply your new business idea.

Have a Productive First Contact With a Wholesale Supplier

Metal Tongue Scraper Kit WholesaleGreat news, you have found your wholesale supplier and are well on your way to becoming a first-class tongue scraper vendor. However, the first contact you make with a wholesale supplier can spell success or disaster before you even begin. Let us look at what you should consider before you make that first contact.

The first contact with a possible wholesale supplier needs to be positive for the partnership to flourish and for your business to end up successful. As such, there are certain things that you should have to hand as you make that first contact. First up, do your research! Have a read of the wholesale supplier’s website and get yourself familiar with their minimum order quantities. It is pointless telephoning a supplier if the order quantity you want is not going to meet this threshold. The supplier may not give you the time of day!

Secondly, have a read up on the website to learn about any possible customization options for your product. Are you able to specify materials, colors or shapes? If so, have a think about what you want from each of these customizable options before you make contact. That way, you can hit the ground running with your requirements when speaking to the supplier.

Lastly, check the wholesale supplier’s website for any certifications they have that are related to the tongue scraper. Does it meet your requirements? If it does, you are ready to place your order with the wholesaler.

What About Cinoll?

Cinoll is a manufacturer. But it is not just any ordinary manufacturer. Cinoll works as a wholesale supplier working directly from the manufacturing plant! That’s right – with Cinoll, you get the best of both worlds in working with us. You get the knowledgeable design and manufacturing side but also the minimum order quantities that you would more likely expect from a wholesale supplier. With Cinoll, you are cutting out the middleman and working directly. Take advantage of our unique position as you start your tongue scraper vendor business!

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