A Guide to Choose A Qualified Teeth Oral Care Products Manufacturer


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When starting your own brand of oral care products, one of the first tasks is to pick the right manufacturers.

A key component of your business is the superior line of products that you are going to offer. In order to ensure the top quality of these products, you have to choose your manufacturer very well. You should make sure that they have the expertise and the reliability to provide all the products you need.

Manufacturer VS. Supplier: Understanding the Difference

Dealer-vs-DistributorBefore we get into the criteria for choosing your oral care product manufacturers, let us first clarify the differences between a manufacturer and a supplier. A lot of people easily confuse one for the other, which is understandable. Both of them play quite similar roles in the wholesale and retail industry.

By definition, a manufacturer is any entity that creates products from raw materials. They then sell these products for a profit.

A supplier, on the other hand, procures items from a source and sells them to a retailer. A supplier may be a wholesaler, a distributor, or the manufacturer themselves.


Steps in Picking a Manufacturer for Oral Care Products

Choosing the right manufacturer for your oral care products sounds simple. However, there are many details that you have to take into consideration.

To ensure that you find the right choice, here are the basic steps to follow.

Do your research

There are dozens of oral care product manufacturers out there. Narrow down your choices by doing some research. Read reviews and client feedback to find the most recommended ones. Also, check their credentials to see whether they are legit.

Ask the right questions

It is crucial to ask the important questions right from the start. This will save you a lot of time and prevent miscommunication. In particular, you should ask about lead time, shipping costs, MOQ, cost per unit and setup fees.

You should also ask if they can accommodate custom orders or if they can grant exclusivity.

Check if they can manufacture your design

Once the basics are clear, you should then verify if they can produce the items you need. Show them your design and ask if they have the equipment and logistics to handle the production.

teeth whitening lights design

Check sample outputs

It is very important for you to see samples of the manufacturer’s output before placing any orders. Any reputable manufacturer will offer control samples so potential clients can see the quality of their output. Many will even give these samples for free.

Negotiate the terms

Manufacturers will have requirements for things like MOQ or payment. However, anything is negotiable in the world of business. With an amicable discussion, they may agree to bring down the price. Many of them are willing to adjust as this will help create a healthy business relationship.

Place your final order

As soon as the samples have met your standards and you have agreed on the terms, you can now place a final order. In other words, when everything is ironed out, production can finally begin.

Helpful Mindsets When Looking for Manufacturers

When looking for manufacturers, you should keep an open mind. Think outside the box and maintain a positive attitude. Also, do away with some traditional attitudes and mindsets. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Price isn’t everything

In business, retailers tend to be attracted to the cheapest options. However, low prices usually mean low quality. So keep in mind that price is not the only factor to consider.

Build a good business relationship

Treat the manufacturer as a business partner and not just a supplier. Negotiations are not just about getting the products at the lowest price. They are about finding a middle ground to benefit both parties.

Made-in-China has earned great fame

Assembly WorkshopsChina-made products have traditionally received bad reviews. This is due to low quality owing to high-speed mass production. But lately, in response to the global recognition as a manufacturing capital, local manufacturers have upped their game. Now more than ever, international businesses turn to Chinese suppliers for high-quality products.



Final Considerations before Placing an Order

Placing an order seals the deal with a manufacturer. There’s no turning back from this point. So before you make a decision, here are the most important matters that you should take into consideration.

Experience with Similar Products

It is practically mandatory to ask for a manufacturer’s experience with products similar to your own. If they say that they have supplied for brands that you know, you can have a measure of the quality of their output.

MOQ and Cost of Shipping

You should clear the matters of MOQ and shipping costs right away. You don’t want to get all worked up only to find out eventually that the manufacturer’s MOQ is much higher than you are prepared to invest in.

Certifications of Quality

Sustainability is one of the biggest quality standards these days. Consumers opt for sustainable products so you have to make sure that the manufacturer has the relevant certifications like CE, ISO and FDA.


There is a lot more to picking an oral care product manufacturer than people think. The process itself is not that complicated. However, there are several steps to take and issues to consider.

It is very important to do your research and find out about the manufacturer’s capabilities and requirements before making your choice.

Once you do, try to establish a good working relationship with the manufacturer as this would be excellent for your long-term business goals.

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