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You might have heard of mouthwash products containing fluoride to strengthen and whiten teeth. However, not many realize that with the innovations in the dental and oral care industry, most mouthwash today contains PAP+. PAP refers to phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic acid. It is a non-invasive whitening technology that brings minimal damage to the enamel.Custom teeth whitening mouthwash

The concept of PAP+ did not randomly come from tubes in the laboratory. Several research and discoveries eventually led to this formula being a whitening agent in various products. As a result, the dental and oral care industry adopted the formula to include teeth whitening products. It is a unique and new formula that oxidizes tooth stains without releasing free radicals.

This teeth whitening innovation may seem unique to most customers in the industry. As a result, you can opt to include this in your dental care portfolio. But first, you need to look for PAP+ teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturers to provide these items for your brand.

What does it take to be excellent PAP+ Teeth Whitening Mouthwash Manufacturers?


Competition is tough in any industry, including the dental and oral care sector. In this case, your mouthwash needs to stand out among competitors. The products must be unique in formula and the overall look to be recognized by your target market. Here lies the power of customization. As you shop for PAP+ teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturers, ensure that they have extensive options to custom your products. See the list below for aspects of a mouthwash that you can customize.

  • Flavor

As you may know, most mouthwash comes in mint flavor. However, if you explore more on how you can innovate the flavors of your mouthwash, you need a manufacturer who’s an expert in formulating such flavors.Private label PAP teeth whitneing mouthwash

  • Colors

Besides flavor, you might also want to experiment with bottle colors for your mouthwash. A distinct color will give your brand better product recall once customers use your products. It can also provide your company identity.

  • Shapes

To ensure the proper dosage of the mouthwash, it can be ideal for manufacturers to create dropper bottles. You can look for PAP+ teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturers who can mold unique shapes for dropper bottles.

  • Packaging

The exterior look of your mouthwash needs to linger in your target market’s memory. The packaging must be attractive and enticing. Sure, sellers can promote their products by ensuring their quality. However, nothing beats excellent packaging to give a good impression to customers. Ensure you can design the color and logo printing for the packaging of your mouthwash. It will also help if you seek help from your chosen manufacturers for pre-made packaging designs.


Some may question the effectiveness of the PAP+ formula in teeth whitening. More than the formula’s effectiveness, your chosen manufacturer must ensure safe products for end-users. This means manufacturers must comply with protocols and safety standards during the manufacturing process. Most of them are registered with the ISO and US FDA. These certifications will tell you that specific rules and regulations govern them. More importantly, there will be customers who might ask for safety certificates during the manufacturing process. So it pays to have these certificates ready.mouthwash private label in China


Being a startup company can be a handful. You might need to get a lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) as you start your business. On the flip side, not all manufacturers can offer lower MOQs. While it can be ideal for new companies to settle for much fewer orders, you also need to consider the quality of your products. Opting for lower MOQ might force your manufacturer to settle for low-quality raw materials to meet the production costs and complete the manufacturing process. This is why it is necessary to communicate with manufacturers how low they can go in terms of MOQ before committing to them.


Nothing beats experience, as they say. It is true in most aspects. Experienced manufacturers know the ins and outs of the industry. Hence they can provide proper guidance to their clients, especially startups. Besides that, they have handled various clients over the years, so they know how to provide solutions for your business to maximize your products’ strengths. Furthermore, you can assure that they know how to deal with several business scenarios and the complexities of the manufacturing process.

Partner with Cinoll for your teeth whitening mouthwash needs

Cinoll provides various dental and oral care products, the teeth whitening mouthwash included. Its research and development team closely looks at innovations in a formula for better teeth whitening, hence the PAP+. Besides being on top of teeth whitening technology, we have been in the industry for more than ten decades. As a result, Cinoll knows how this competitive industry works. In return, we provide the best teeth whitening mouthwash solutions for our global clients.

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