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Have you had the misfortune of selling poor quality toothpaste to your customers that almost ruined your business? Or maybe you are looking for the best teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers but you can’t tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. These days, there are even agents who parade themselves as toothpaste manufacturers whereas they are not.

Doing business with such charlatans will only lead to a much higher running cost and lower profit which is something you want to avoid. Today, the oral care market is highly competitive and to break even, you need to market the best toothpaste at the least price. But to do so, you need to work with the best teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers in the industry.hand hold toothpaste and toothbrush

With so many manufacturers active online today, we understand that picking one may be hard to do. To help you out, we have compiled a shortlist of the things to look out for. Please read our list to know more.


One of the things we always advise B2B readers to do is to check for their factory address. This is a good place to start your review because many of the entities you see online who parade themselves as teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers are not manufacturers but middle men or agents. A business that does not operate a factory cannot be called a manufacturer. So check their website for their factory address. If you can’t find one and they can’t provide you with a verifiable address then don’t do business with them because they are not what they claim.


The teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers you should be out to work with are those whose products have been certified by reputable international agencies. If they have certification from these agencies, you can be sure that they will provide you with nothing less than the best quality toothpaste money can buy. This is very important for two toothpaste and bamboo toothbrush

Firstly, your mind will be at rest since you know that your consignment will not be impounded at the port for poor quality. Secondly, your customers will not reject your products for poor quality. Reputable manufacturers make a lot of sacrifices to get certified and they put in even more work to maintain their certification that is why they operate at high standards. So when searching for a manufacturer, keep your eyes out for certifications like

  • FDA
  • CE
  • MSDS
  • ISO

If your toothpaste has these certifications, you definitely have nothing to worry about.

Production Capacity

Their production capacity may not be a problem if your business is small scale but if you run a massive retail arm, you want to ensure that the teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers you pitch your tent with can deliver the quantity you require as at when due. Their production capacity is crucial to the long term success of your business; if they are not able to deliver products on time, you run the risk of losing part of your market share to your competitors.

Minimum Order Quantity

Another way to select a manufacturer is to check their minimum order quantity. Also called MOQ, this is the lowest quantity that they are willing to produce and ship to you. If you are currently operating in a smaller scale or you want to test the market with a small budget, you can’t afford to order a large quantity but a volume that aligns with their MOQ.cinoll's toothpaste factory

So during the enquiry stage, ask this vital question and be sure their MOQ falls in line with your budget.

Shipping Duration

Once you place an order for the toothpaste, how long will it take for your shipment to get to you? If they operate a quick shipping policy then you can trust that your products will get to you on time. We recommend teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers who operate same day shipping. The sooner your order is prepared and delivered to the shipping company, the sooner it will get to you.

Communication Pipeline

How good is their communication pipeline? Do they reply to messages on time? Do they keep clients in the loop so they can track their orders? Do they provide real time assistance to help their clients succeed? These are vital information you should look out for by reviewing what other B2B businesses that work with them are saying. If there are negative reviews all through, there is a possibility that they will not come through for you.

The best manufacturers have multiple communication channels like emails, phones and even via social media. And what’s more? They respond to messages on time. This is the manufacturer you want to partner with.

The Best teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer in China

Cinoll is one of the best teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturers in China. Our products are certified by different international standards agencies and we have a production plan for you regardless of your business’s size. We can produce quality branded toothpaste for you that will set your brand apart from your competitors. Contact us today and let us send you a sample of our toothpaste.

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