Seriously, How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business from Home


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Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are having to become much more creative in how they approach their business.

Additionally, others are spotting potential opportunities in creating a home business to cash in on clients’ newfound needs.

The teeth whitening industry has not escaped this influx.

Many teeth whitening businesses have had to transfer to home therapy businesses due to the enforced closure of many salons, dentists, and beauty parlors as a result of Covid-19. Businesses have increased their online commerce too. In reading Mckinsey’s report, the sector has grown between two and five times faster than before the pandemic.

As such, teeth whitening industry is booming.

The at-home teeth whitening kit has become an incredibly popular choice for clients and businesses alike. Given the lower start-up costs than a salon or cosmetic dental practice, starting teeth whitening business from home is a great choice for those wishing to fill the void that the pandemic has created where teeth whitening services are concerned.

How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business from Home

1. Research – ask friends or look at competitors in teeth whitening business

There are several steps that you need to take when you are considering delving into this lucrative field of business. Firstly, the key starting point is in doing your research. Ask yourself some simple questions, such as:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • Where are they based?
  • Do you need a strong online presence?
  • Where would potential customers most likely come across your advertising and marketing?
  • What prices would your potential customers be willing to pay?

Once you have spent some time researching these questions, you then need to do further research, this time researching existing businesses in your area and see what those competitors are doing. Ask yourself:

  • How can my business be different and stand out from existing companies?
  • What could I offer that is unique?
  • What pricing should I offer so that it is competitive?
  • How can I ensure visibility in my marketing and advertising?

2. Business Plan

After the research stage, the next stage is creating your business plan.

A business plan has certain elements that it must include for it to hold up. It needs to include:

  • Your business set-up
  • Insurance plans and details
  • Marketing strategies and plans
  • Growth forecasts
  • Qualifications needed to administer treatments
  • The set-up costs of your business
  • Costing forecasts

It is important to consider the costs of your business closely. Make sure you know how much you will need to invest from the start and whether you have those funds.

Furthermore, you need to plan how you will recoup any business spending and how much you need to turn over to break even or make a profit. A viable business is one that makes money.

So, aim from the start with making a profit otherwise your teeth whitening business will cease to be viable, no matter how good an idea it is. This is where careful product choice will come into play.

3. Branding

Once your plans are established, you need to think about how you are going to brand your company. This is an important part of being able to make your business profitable in the long term.

Branding is the main way that your home teeth whitening business will create a following. You should create a clear name and logo so that people can recognize your brand easily. Using the same logo and branding across different platforms will help link your business and connect with other people, regardless of whether they are an Instagram, Facebook, or Website browser.

Choose something eye-catching and clear. The clearer and more unique the branding and images, the better your teeth whitening business will come across. Professional-looking images will help your brand stand out. If you place a blurry image as a profile picture on a social media platform, your potential clientele will reduce or fail to take off the ground. Likewise, choosing unrealistic images that do not reflect the reality of your product could also make it seem too good to be true (and, as a person in business, you should take note of the adage: ‘If something looks too good to be true, it probably is’).

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What is more, you also need to avoid creating or re-creating existing branding. The last thing you want to do is to be accused of copying existing branding and marketing. This could result in hefty charges or fines! Stand out from your competitors and you will be noticed (and you also will not come into difficulty for copying other companies’ branding!).

Choose the right teeth whitening supplier 

After having set up your branding and company information, it is important that you choose a teeth whitening supplier that is right for you and your business. Sourcing teeth-whitening supplies can be fraught with issues. Doing your research is important here. Having a local company may not always be the right thing. Good suppliers are not always easy to find.

For the best teeth whitening business success, it is important to seek suppliers that are compliant with certifications and regulations in your country. This includes ISO certification, FDA and CE registration, as well as CPSR certification (which is important for teeth whitening gels). Try to find a supplier that meets these credentials and do not be afraid to seek proof of their certifications. Good suppliers will have no problem in sharing this information with you.

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4. Pick the suitable teeth whitening products 

Finally, the time has come for you to select your teeth whitening products from your chosen suppliers or manufacturers.

There are hundreds of different products to choose from. However, it is important to understand that not all the products will be suitable for a new starter in the business.

One of the best products from an at-home teeth whitening business is teeth whitening kits. This is essential because they offer a great choice for customizing the kits and their packaging can be custom-made too.

The other good thing about home teeth whitening kits is that they are incredibly popular. Setting up your business to distribute teeth whitening kits, you could not have chosen a more lucrative time to go for it. Indeed, your timing is perfect. You can benefit from the popularity of at-home teeth whitening that has blossomed out of the pandemic.

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