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teeth whitening kit by Cinoll factoryWhen putting up a business, you usually start small to test the waters and how your target market will react to your products. With starting small, you need to find wholesale suppliers that can produce just enough products for your business.

In the teeth whitening industry, there are several products you can sell, including teeth whitening kits. Teeth whitening kits vendors vary on the minimum number of orders they allow for their clients. That is why before you choose your supplier, you must check the minimum and maximum order requirements. This article will tell you just that and more about selecting excellent teeth whitening kits wholesalers in China.

Is Wholesale Supplier Worse than Manufacturer?

Wholesalers and manufacturers are essential parts of the supply chain. They may look similar to some, but these two vary in several ways. A wholesaler is an element in the supply chain that buys goods in bulk from a manufacturer and directly sells them to a retailer. Wholesalers typically serve as the middle ground between manufacturers and retailers. Instead of operating a store, these companies or people supply small businesses with inventories that you sell to customers.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, are the ones that produce the goods. It is where the design, quantity, and quality of products originate. They are the ones who use raw materials, the human workforce, and other vital manufacturing aspects to produce goods. Today, other than human resources, manufacturing goods can also be processed together with machines and robots.

What Defines a Good Wholesaler

White teeth whitening kits with packaging boxAs a teeth whitening kits vendor, one must know what it takes to be an excellent wholesaler. It can be tricky to choose that one wholesaler to trust for your business, with so many of them in the industry today.

An excellent wholesaler must be able to navigate through the distribution processes. Since a wholesaler is the one who sells products from manufacturers, they must have keen eyes on trusted manufacturers. They must be able to connect your business to manufacturers that provide premium quality products for your business.

Considering the scale of startup businesses, your chosen wholesaler must provide affordable products for you and not compromise the quality. Furthermore, all companies today are going international; some even import products from other countries. If this is your kind of business, your wholesaler has to be the one who can deliver goods regardless of time zones and geography.

Finally, quality and affordability will never be good if you choose a wholesaler who will bring headaches to your business. With several things to attend to in your business, it is essential to have a wholesaler who does the job effectively and efficiently.

Have a Productive First Contact With a Wholesale Supplier

When you start a business, you aim to get products at an affordable deal. This includes how much you can order from your supplier. As a startup business, it is essential to figure out the minimum order requirements allowed by your supplier.

Other than that, see how flexible the customization options are. You would always want to have a fresh take on your teeth whitening kits as a new business. With Cinoll, you can customize several aspects of your products. See the list below:

white label teeth whitening kit supplierCustomized Whitening Lights

Teeth whitening kits are composed of several dental products. This includes whitening lights where clients can have customized light bead options from 16, 24, or 32. The number of light beads will determine how fast the whitening process will be.

Customizable Trays

There are two options for the whitening trays: the thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) trays or the Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) trays. Besides choosing the tray type, you can also customize the colors of the trays.

Customizable Whitening Gel Syringes

Your teeth whitening kits also include whitening gel in syringes or whitening pens. The gels can be customized in various flavors, depending on the clients’ preferences.

Shade Guides

The shade guides are used to monitor the progress of one’s teeth whitening journey. This serves as an instrument to evaluate how fast and effective the whitening process is. They usually come in papers for proper recycling. The shade can include your brand name and logo, colors, and shade guide quantity.

Customizable Paper Manual

The manual will guide users on how to use each whitening product inside the teeth whitening kit. You can also include your brand name and logo on the user manual, customize sizes, colors, and languages.

Private label teeth whitening kitCustomizable Packaging

The look of your packaging will be the first thing customers will see, so it has to have the ability to catch their attention. Clients can customize every teeth whitening kit packaging based on their preferences.

A teeth whitening kits vendor also has to promote the safety of every product that they produce and sell. As someone who owns a business in the dental and oral care industry, you know that almost all products can contact the human body, so they have to be safe. You need to check with your supplier if they adhere to safety standards on all their products.


The manufacturing and distribution industries do evolve, and so are the companies under them. Cinoll is not a wholesaler but a manufacturer which has more advantages. With you making direct transactions with Cinoll, you get to have a front-row seat of how your products are manufactured according to your preferences. While it can be beneficial to have someone in the middle to do the transactions for you, Cinoll is capable of helping you manage the complexities of the manufacturing and distribution processes.

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