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teeth whitening powder made in ChinaIf you have been in the teeth whitening industry for a long time, you sure know that the industry is more than just making whitening toothpaste. Teeth whiteners have evolved to whitening gels, strips, lights, and powders. Teeth whitening powders are increasingly getting popular, and you might want to take advantage of your target market’s curiosity about this teeth whitening product.

Surely, you want to be always on the lead, but before you dive into opening up a teeth whitening powder business, you need to consider essential strategies for your business to thrive in the changing environmental conditions, such as the COVID-19.

5 Important Things to Your Great Teeth Whitening Powder

1. Customization Wins

teeth whitening powder pearl powder wholesaleWhile some might find teeth whitening powders new, they are the earliest form of toothpaste used by the Egyptians, dating back to 5000 BC. It was made of ash, Myrrh, crushed eggshells, and pumice. Centuries have passed, and the teeth whitening powder continues to evolve in terms of whitening ingredients, color, and even flavor.

Today, a teeth whitening powder manufacturer calls it private labeling, where customers customize the whitening powders according to their brand. It’s what distributors do to make their products stand out among all the whitening powders in the market. Here at Cinoll, we provide a vast array of customization options for our clients.

Customized Capacity

Customers always vary in teeth whitening powder preferences. That is why with Cinoll, you control how much powder you want in every container. There are options from 30, 60, or 80 grams for each container. Larger sizes are also available if your customers opt to store more whitening powders in one container. You can always provide your specifications, and Cinoll will find excellent solutions for you.

Customized Flavor

Some may find charcoal to be unusual for a teeth whitener. Besides charcoal, Cinoll’s research and development team puts its efforts to meet various kinds of flavor requirements, flower and fruit scents, among others. You guarantee every customer with whitened teeth and fresher breath by adding flavors to a teeth whitening powder.

Customized Packaging

The packaging has to be visually appealing enough to entice customers and be curious about your products. As with private labeling, you control how you want your product to look from the outside. Your design, we make it happen. You can provide us with all the packaging specifications such as shapes, colors, text, brand name, and logo. If you are still undecided about your packaging, our design team will provide you with demos and samples. Remember that excellent packaging also gives you a higher chance for product recall.

2. Know About Product’s Certifications

cinoll certificationsTeeth whitening powders work the same way as the usual toothpaste; they whiten and cleanse the teeth, thus making close contact with the human body. Other users might accidentally ingest a few whitening powders. To ensure safety, a teeth whitening powder manufacturer must meet specific standards. Manufacturers must have the necessary certifications proving that they qualify to produce teeth whitening products.

As a client, it is your right to evaluate and even request a copy of these certifications. Remember that these certificates are more than just documents; they can affect the growth and performance of your business.

3. Let the Manufacturer do the Production

When you partner with a teeth whitening powder manufacturer, you tick off one of the essential parts of the supply chain management. This is an excellent move. As you outsource a manufacturer, you can focus on other vital aspects of your business, like market research.

A manufacturer knows its ways in the industry, so entrusting teeth whitening production to them will ease the burden of you finding ways to outsource raw materials piece by piece. Also, you want your products to maintain quality and appearance, and having a manufacturer that can consistently do those for your brand is crucial.

4. Low MOQ is not Always Right

white teeth whitneing powder manufacturingYour teeth whitening powder manufacturer will provide you options on the amount of production you want for your teeth whitening products. For startups and smaller brands, one of the things owners will consider is the production cost. Surely, very low MOQ yields less cost, which can be beneficial, but not all the time. There is a high probability that you can trigger your manufacturer to compromise on the quality of the teeth whitening powder they produce. To meet the low MOQ while covering production cost, they will likely use the lowest quality of raw materials so they can still afford the production and make a profit.

On the outside, it might seem that you are getting a good deal, but you are jeopardizing your brand. Considering how tough the competition is in the dental and oral care industry, it pays to ensure quality over everything else.

5. Work with a Good Service Provider

Another thing you might be seeing as a good move would be working directly with a factory to manufacture teeth whitening powders for you. This way, you can get lower prices. However, you need to consider that trading companies better understand customer services than factories do. They usually focus on the customer, making it easier for you to communicate with them. They also work closely with several factories and build excellent relationships.

Learn More by Talking with Cinoll

Cinoll prides itself on being a teeth whitening powder manufacturer that goes above and beyond to meet every client’s needs and other specifications. Starting a business or launching a new product for your brand can be a handful, and competition in the industry is challenging as innovations of teeth whiteners continue to emerge.

Cinoll’s research and development team will help you keep up with the innovations by providing new and effective formulations for your teeth whitening powder. At the same time, we consistently offer premium quality teeth whitening products, even with the drastic environmental changes. We are aware of how tricky and crucial running a business is; besides manufacturing, we also commit to helping you manage the complexities of the process.

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