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The teeth whitening industry is growing in leaps and bounds and over the last few years, this growth has been huge, but why so? Simply because so many people now understand the value of clean, white teeth so they want to make their teeth selfie-friendly. Of all the teeth whitening products in demand today, teeth whitening strips are probably the most popular of the lot. So if you want to become a top seller of teeth whitening strips, you are reading just the right post to help you achieve your goals.

So what exactly do you need to do to scale this product successfully? Simply do the following-how to win teeth whitening business 2022

Choose a business model that aligns with your vision?

The first thing you should do is to choose a business model that aligns with your vision. The business model you choose should also be something you can sustain long term. Do you want to sell only teeth whitening strips or do you want to sell other oral care products like mouthwashes and tongue cleaners as well? Do you want to operate a physical store or will you sell your product online?  Identifying your business model is an all important step you ought to take.

If you will sell physically, then you need to rent a shop; if it is going to be online, you need to design a website suitable for the kind of products you are looking to sell.

Draw up a marketing strategy

The next step to becoming a top seller of teeth whitening strips is to draw up a marketing strategy that will work for you. If you are already in business, you may ignore all the other points in this article but definitely not this one if you are not making enough sales. Many sellers just assume that because a product is good, then customers will buy anyway. This is far from the truth.

Oral care product niche is highly competitive with so many sellers battling for the same customers. To stand out, you need to take your product to those who need it using the power of marketing. Marketing online is your best bet because you can attract a large section of potential customers even on a lean budget. Before you do that, make sure your website is already up and running and you have the teeth whitening strips in stock. This point takes us to the next step.

Source for products

What is the point of marketing a product that you don’t have? If you want to stay in business, two things are involved. Not only must you have the teeth whitening strips in stock, but you must also be able to replenish your stock as at when due. The only way to ensure this is to source for reliable suppliers.teeth whitening strips supplier in China

We always recommend buying directly from manufacturers like Cinoll for several reasons. You get to test the quality of strips they make to be sure that they are good enough for your customers. Secondly, since you will be buying directly from the manufacturer, not through middlemen, you can secure your supply chain and pay less for the products. This move will not only guarantee quality supply at all times, but you will also be able to sell your teeth whitening strips at cheaper rates to your customers. At the end of the day, what you get is a win-win situation for you and your customers.


Even though we addressed marketing in a previous paragraph, we had to discuss branding separately because it is very important. Branding your products and website will give you a unique identity that will set you apart from other teeth whitening strip sellers out there. A unique identity and a fantastic product are just the right combinations you need to become a top seller of teeth whitening strips.

The best teeth whitening strips manufacturer in China

Of all the teeth whitening strips manufacturers in China, Cinoll is one brand that stands out. This private label manufacturer is known for delivering high quality strips to sellers. Rather than market generic products or brands that other sellers are selling, why not market your own? You don’t need to have the production capacity to make yours but leverage on Cinoll. Their factory has the production capacity to produce thousands of strips every 24 hours.teeth-whitening-strips-whole-set

You can contact them to customize the flavoring and the boxes with your brand. And what’s more. The higher your order volume, the more discount your business stands to enjoy. Their teeth whitening strips are of the highest quality and making them your sole supplier is a clever way to secure your supply line. So while other sellers are searching for products, you already have yours secured.

So what are you waiting for, contact Cinoll today and request a sample and they will get back to you?

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