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private label contract manufacturing toothpasteToothpaste is an essential aspect when it comes to hygiene. It is almost present in every household. It can be an excellent move to open or expand your teeth whitening company by introducing a toothpaste product.

However, since it is a very common product, competition is very tight, not to mention the changing environmental conditions because of COVID-19. Can you pull off that business expansion in mind?

Surely, you can. Here are a few strategies you can learn as you plan your toothpaste business.

5 Important Things to Your Great Toothpaste

1. Customization Wins

bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste kitUniqueness is vital with all the hundreds of toothpaste products in the market today. Cinoll lets you personalize almost all the aspects of your toothpaste. The best thing about private-label branding is that you control pricing, production sizing, packaging, and distribution. Since we have our factory, we can manufacture your toothpaste without you investing in a manufacturing facility.

While you are working your mind around what to customize on your toothpaste, here are all you need to know about toothpaste customization:


You may think that toothpaste products come in simple ingredients; however, almost every toothpaste has at least ten different components. You will see below toothpaste ingredients that you can customize. You can even choose your amount of ingredients, then Cinoll will mix all of the ingredients thoroughly to achieve the best toothpaste for you.

  • Binders
  • Abrasives
  • Sudsers
  • Humectants
  • Flavors
  • Sweeteners
  • Fluorides


Cinoll will provide capacity options to address your customer’s needs and preferences. You can opt for sachets which are ideal for one-time use. If your target market is those who travel frequently, then you can choose the small tubes. For large families, larger tubes can be an ideal and economical choice.


There are two ways to package your toothpaste – either in a box or tube design. Cinoll will give you the luxury of having your preferred tube shape and the cap for a tube design. No matter how unconventional your shapes may be, we will mold them precisely the way you imagined them. To top it off, the tube will bear your brand’s name, logo, and color.

When it comes to box designs, we can work with any design you have in mind – from simple to more elaborate package designs. Remember that the design of your toothpaste box will be the first thing that customers will notice, so the packaging has to be physically appealing. Our in-house design team will work closely with your design ideas and even provide you with design options if you are still unsure of how to do it.

2. Know About Product’s Certifications

As common as toothpaste is in a people’s daily life, some may forget whether they are using safe and healthy toothpaste. Some will not even care to check the label for ingredients. This is why a trusted teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer that adheres to safety standards is very crucial.

Health and safety certifications are essential for dental and oral products since they have a higher chance of contact with the body. Some, especially kids, can even ingest toothpaste. You do not want to jeopardize your teeth whitening toothpaste business because you failed to check the manufacturer’s compliance certificates.

3. Let the Manufacturer do the Production

Top 5 Toothpaste Manufacturers in PhilippinesYour teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer surely knows what they must do to provide you with premium quality products. As you partner with a trusted manufacturer, you get to outsource an integral part of the supply chain management, thus allowing you to focus on market research and make sure that you keep your existing customers and expand your scope to a broader market.

With Cinoll, it is not only about manufacturing as we will help you throughout the process, freeing your load from the complexities of the whitening toothpaste business.

4. Low MOQ is not Always Right

Perhaps you are thinking of opting for the lowest MOQ will be your best option, especially if you are still finding your way around the toothpaste business. However, it is not the case most of the time. Opting for low MOQ may force your suppliers to compromise the quality of the toothpaste products.

As they continue to make efforts to meet the low MOQ agreement while covering production costs, they may end up using subpar raw materials so they can still afford to complete the manufacturing and still make a profit. It surely is not a good move when all you wish for your toothpaste business are safe, premium quality products.

5. Work with a Good Service Provider

As you find ways to lower the cost for your toothpaste business, you may opt to work directly with a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer. While it can give you some benefits, but not as much as a trading company can. Since trading companies focus on their customers, they also widen their networks to serve every client better. They often work closely with multiple factories and build good relationships over time.

Since they already know how the industry works, you are guided by the manufacturing aspect of your business and how to guarantee that every toothpaste packaging will be a hit to your target market.

Learn More by Talking with Cinoll

It’s a tough competition out there when it comes to toothpaste products. However, you will be in good hands if you partner with an excellent teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Cinoll has handled almost all possible scenarios that we know how to counter and deal with unfortunate events. Apart from that, we give you all the options you can get for your toothpaste business and more. We know how valuable your ideas are, but our team also wants to provide you with more ideas so your business can thrive in the changing business environment.

With us, being your partner manufacturer, we oversee every process from conceptualization down to packaging apart from quality. This guarantees that what we promised from the beginning is what you are getting for every toothpaste product after manufacturing.

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