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There are two main active ingredients for teeth whitening: carbamide peroxide(CP) or hydrogen peroxide(HP). Some teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, others contain carbamide peroxide.

Last time, we discussed the effects and benefits of hydrogen peroxide in the article Need to Know: What is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening? Since carbamide peroxide is another very common gel ingredient, this time we talk something about this ingredient.

If you have your own dental gel products, this article will take you more in-depth understanding of hydrogen peroxide, so that you can better promote your customers, and customize more effective dental products in the future.

What is carbamide peroxide(CP)

teeth whitening gel pen with Carbamide Peroxide GelFirst, let’s take a look at the chemical properties of carbamide peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is an adduct of hydrogen peroxide and urea. This is also known as carbamide peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and performamide. The molecular formula of carbamide peroxide is CH6N2O3. This is a white solid crystal with a molar mass of 94.07 g mol−1. When the solid dissolves in water, hydrogen peroxide is released.

Carbamide peroxide is an oxidizing agent. Urea peroxide is formed by dissolving urea in hydrogen peroxide and then crystallizing it. As an oxidant, it is widely used. Urea peroxide is also used as a tooth whitening agent. Thanks to hydrogen peroxide, it can also be used as a bleach and disinfectant. Therefore, this is an important compound in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Since this releases hydrogen peroxide when dissolved, carbamide peroxide is also used as a substitute for hydrogen peroxide in the laboratory.

Application of carbamide peroxide in teeth whitening

how to apply carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gelIn the daily chemical industry, carbamide peroxide can be used as a neutralizer for human and animal hair bleaching, straightening, perming, and dyeing. Especially when it is added to teeth whitening toothpaste, it can play a role that ordinary toothpaste cannot.

Function: Reduce dental plaque and bacteria, reduce periodontal disease and tooth decay. At the same time, it can harden tooth enamel and have a strong inhibitory effect on dental caries.

Relationship between HP and CP

1. What’s the difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide alone is an effective active whitening ingredient. Carbamide peroxide is also an effective whitening ingredient — it contains 1:3 hydrogen peroxide.

For example, if the concentration of carbamide peroxide is 30%, it is equivalent to a 10% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. ​

2. Will hydrogen peroxide be more effective than carbamide peroxide?

of course not! It is worth mentioning that the effects of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are basically the same.

A study published by the American Dental Association showed that carbamide peroxide will start to work slowly, but after a long time, the effects of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are consistent.

3. Will hydrogen peroxide work faster than carbamide peroxide?

It may or may not be. Hydrogen peroxide releases cations faster than carbamide peroxide, so it can achieve the strongest effect within 30-60 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, releases 50% of its efficacy in the first 2 hours, but it also maintains 50% of its efficacy in the next 6 hours.

This means that the whitening component of hydrogen peroxide needs to be worn for a relatively short time. However, it is not only the fast onset of hydrogen peroxide that determines the way of wearing it, but also your special needs and how much color gradation changes you need.

Both HP and CP have the same excellent teeth whitening effect

customized Carbamide Peroxide Gel in syringeWhether you use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, your teeth whitening gel can achieve the desired results.

In the Cinoll laboratory, the whitening gels of both ingredients are of high quality. We have developed a complete series of hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide whitening gel products to suit your brand or clinic, and give your customers the best whitening effect.

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