Innovation of Teeth Whitening Lights with 100 Light Beads from Cinoll


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Today, as a contract manufacturer of teeth whitening and oral care products, we proudly announce that we have invented a new generation of teeth whitening lights with 100 LED beads. For quite a long period, LED teeth whitening lights are featuring 32 beads or 16 beads to speed up the teeth whitening with gels. What’s the magic of 100 beads in teeth whitening? Let’s take look.

Of the successful innovation, Cinoll CEO Frank Yang said, “Researching over 3 months of the relationship between LED beads and teeth whitening effect, we have to admit that an even and smooth lighting is crucial to the activation of teeth whitening gels. Therefore if you would like to maximize the power of teeth whitening, the key point is how to maximize the light in a safe way. And we think increasing the number of lights while keeping all of the beads compact is the key.”

To gain this innovation, Cinoll planned and executed the following tactics:

  1. Remold the lighting strip by highly precise LED beads that are much smaller than usual ones in the market.
  2. Reprogram the wavelength of whitening lights to 460-520, 280, 360-370, or 380-390nm.

Innovation of Teeth Whitening Lights with 100 Light Beads from Cinoll

About us, Cinoll Manufacture: A passionate manufacturer with owned factory tries to bring new design and technology to the teeth whitening lights supplies. At Cinoll, SMT, injection molding, assembly, and packaging are linked closely in ODM & OEM manufacturing. For each step, we set strict standards to ensure not only quantity, but quality. Our competent research and development team is always here to help you bring ideas to life.

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