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Interdental brushes are an important tool for maintaining oral health and hygiene. They are designed to clean between teeth in areas where regular toothbrushes can’t reach. Choosing the right interdental brush size is crucial to ensure effectiveness and comfort. This article will provide an in-depth look at the various interdental brush sizes available, according to the sizing standards set by Cinoll. Oral care brands looking to promote Cinoll products can use this guide to better understand sizing options.interdental brush spaces

Proper interdental cleaning is important for several reasons. Food debris and plaque can easily build up between teeth, putting a person at higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease. According to research, up to 40% of tooth surfaces cannot be reached by regular toothbrushing alone. Interdental brushes are proven to remove up to 80% more plaque between teeth than flossing. With Cinoll’s standardized sizing system, brands can better educate consumers on finding the right fit for their dental needs.

Interdental Brush Bristle Sizes

Cinoll interdental brushes are sized by diameter using their own standardized sizing guidelines. The five main sizes are:

Cinoll interdental brush bristle sizesSSSS – 0.6mm

  • The smallest Cinoll interdental brush size at 0.6mm diameter
  • Best suited for very tight interdental spaces
  • Ideal for dental bridges, implants, braces, and crowns
  • Thin wire and soft bristles provide gentle cleaning

The SSSS 0.6mm interdental brushes offer precision cleaning for consumers with dental work or very narrow tooth gaps. The soft bristle tips stimulate gums and remove plaque without irritation. Brands marketing these extra small Cinoll brushes should target consumers with special dental considerations. Proper use instructions are key to prevent misuse and damage to dental work.

SSS – 0.7mm

  • 0.7mm diameter Cinoll brushes
  • Designed for tight interdental spaces
  • Useful for front teeth gaps or children’s teeth
  • Provide comfort while effectively removing plaque

The 0.7mm SSS Cinoll interdental brushes are slightly larger than the SSSS size. They work well for consumers with small tooth gaps, particularly in the front teeth region. Parents may prefer this size for cleaning children’s teeth. The thin wire and soft bristles allow gentle plaque removal. Oral care brands should market these Cinoll brushes to consumers with crowded or small teeth. A focus on gentle cleaning and ease of use is important.

SS – 0.8mm

  • Standard 0.8mm Cinoll interdental brushes
  • Fit moderate gaps between back teeth
  • Most popular and commonly used Cinoll size
  • Available in soft, medium, or hard bristles

The 0.8mm SS size is considered the standard Cinoll brush and works well for most adults. It fits comfortably between back teeth with moderate spacing. This versatility makes it the most popular choice. SS Cinoll interdental brushes come in soft, medium, and hard bristles. Soft is gentler on gums, while hard offers deeper cleaning. Brands have a lot of flexibility when marketing this standard Cinoll size. Focusing on the bristle texture differences and performance can help consumers select the right SS brush.

S – 1.0mm-1.2mm

  • Larger 1.0-1.2mm Cinoll brushes
  • Made for wider tooth gaps
  • Deeper access to clean back teeth
  • Bristles available in soft or medium texture

The S size Cinoll brushes at 1.0-1.2mm are well-suited for wider gaps between back teeth. The larger diameter allows deeper access needed to clean molars effectively. These Cinoll interdental brushes come with soft or medium bristle textures. Brands should position this size for consumers with open tooth spaces. Proper demonstration of cleaning technique is important to avoid gum damage.

M – 1.2mm-1.5mm

  • Extra large 1.2-1.5mm diameter Cinoll brushes
  • For very wide gaps between teeth
  • Provides maximum cleaning between molars
  • Stiffer bristles for optimal plaque removal

At the top end, 1.2-1.5mm M size Cinoll interdental brushes handle very wide tooth gaps. The large diameter and stiff bristles permit deep cleaning between back molars. Brands can market these brushes to consumers with open dentition needing more rigorous plaque removal. Proper technique education is critical to prevent gum damage when using this Cinoll size.


Cinoll’s interdental brush sizing allows consumers to select the right product for their oral care needs. SSSS, SSS, and SS Cinoll brushes are ideal for tight front tooth gaps or dental work. The standard SS Cinoll size offers versatile cleaning for most adults. Larger S and M Cinoll sizes are designed for wider back tooth spaces. Brands promoting Cinoll interdental brushes should educate on proper brush sizing and usage technique for optimal results and gum health. Catering products and messaging to specific consumer dental needs and concerns can boost engagement. As research shows, interdental brushes are an effective supplement to regular brushing and fundamental for complete oral hygiene.

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