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Teeth whitening products are highly demanded today than they have ever been in many years.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Today, people are taking their oral health seriously and they now have access to information and quality products. This has created a high demand for these products in the UK and manufacturers and brands are exploiting this demand.

Many retailers, brands and B2B smile businesses are taking advantage of the demand to order from these vendors and manufacturers and they are smiling to the bank daily as they sell off their stock and go back for new stock.Qualified Teeth Whitening Vendors in UK

If you are an oral care retailer in the UK or you produce your own oral care products, there are brands you can’t afford to overlook.

These brands offer businesses quality oral care products that consumers are looking for below, we review the top five teeth whitening Vendors in UK you should know about. Patronizing their services and products is one sure way to secure your product line and your investment future. Let us have a look.

Cinoll, UK Company

If we are talking about one of the best private label manufacturers that produce quality products for other brands to sell, we can’t afford not to mention Cinoll. Cinoll is a company with high respiration in the industry. Based in China and have brand company in UK, they have expanded their network to every part of the globe. There is no continent today where you won’t find made-in-Cinoll products.quality check in teeth whitening contract manufacturing factory

This factory specializes in making Teeth whitening mouthwash, whitening toothpaste, strips, pens and several other oral care products. Their factories have world-class equipment which allows them to produce products in record numbers unless time. Cinoll is registered with the FDA, ISO and CE so if you hire them to make your profits, be sure that the quality will be up to the UK standard.

Their custom teeth whitening kits are designed in accordance with the specification of the client and they ship on time too. With Cinoll, you have full control over the flavor, formula, design and package.

Teeth Whitening Superstore

Another top vendor in the UK is Teeth Whitening Superstore. They are one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of oral care products. You can order oral care products in large batches and they will deliver them to your location as when due. This company markets whitening gels, pens, stripes and teeth whitening toothpaste. Furthermore, their products do not contain peroxide so consumers are safe from the adverse effects of such inorganic ingredients.

Teeth Whitening Superstore has distribution links across the UK and is a go-to brand for teeth whitening supplies.


Lumiwhite is another brand we had to include in our list. This company is at the forefront of meeting the growing demand of the UK consumer. Lumiwhite does not supply its products to just any outlet but only registered ones such as dental clinics. Their kits are some of the best in the UK which is why dentists in the country prefer them and a few others.sustainable teeth whitening products factory manufacturing

Their kits come in two varieties; Lite and Luxe and they serve the same stain cleaning purposes. You can order your own branded products by hiring their services. They will also include your company brand for better product differentiation in the market.


WhiteSmile is a teeth whitening contractor based in the UK that has been in operation for more than 20 years now. This company has been creating high quality kits since 2004 and their business model caters to the needs of small and medium sized oral care brands. If your brand is small and you don’t have the market size or budget to produce on a large scale, you can hire WhiteSmile to produce for you.

Their Low MOQ and affordable pricing makes them a viable manufacturer for businesses with small budgets. One of their top products is the WBS portable teeth whitening kits which are one of the best LED whitening systems today. Any product they produce for you comes with certification for quality and if your customers know this, they will need little convincing to buy what you are selling.teeth whitening kit with lights and gel


Lovewhite is a top Vendor in the UK you should also consider for your supply chain. With their capacity, you will never run out of products for your store. Lovewhite teeth whitening kits are known to be very effective and they last for a long time. For instance, the PowerBrite boost technology found in their LED whitening kits is highly rated and they make the teeth white after a few days of use.

These are the top five teeth whitening Vendors in the UK. Before you make a decision on which one to work with, we implore you to contact them first to do your findings first. If you want products of high quality but with affordable prices, Cinoll is the vendor to consider because of their low MOQ and cost-effective options.

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