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premium dental grade teeth whitening gelGrowing your business is something that every business owner needs to think of – a teeth whitening brand is no different. Whether big or small, expanding a product range requires lots of care and due diligence. Offering a one-off product or niche service may not serve a business well. If one product flops, that’s your business up the spout!

As a teeth whitening gel manufacturer, we can help you to expand your business so that you avoid that all-eggs-in-one-basket scenario.

Types of Teeth Whitening Gel You May Look for

When it comes to teeth whitening gels, there are essentially three types of bases to the formulae before you consider the different gel user methods, such as pens and syringes. Firstly, let us look at the gel formulae and their different bleaching agents. The bleaching agents are usually Hydrogen Peroxide (HP), Carbamide Peroxide (CP), and Phthalimido Peroxyl Caproic Acid (PAP).

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)

Hydrogen Peroxide is a common agent in teeth whitening gels. Originally used as an oral antiseptic, it used to be used for improving gum and gingival health. This is because it loosens dental plaque and breaks down calculus too. This can improve the overall gingival health in those who are at risk of periodontal disease.

Carbamide Peroxide (CP)

Next up is Carbamide Peroxide gel. This active ingredient is the most frequently used in home teeth whitening kits. The formula breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide when added to an aqueous solution. Often, teeth whitening gel formula contains 10% carbamide peroxide, which is the equivalent of around 3% hydrogen peroxide. However, it is possible to find products that have up to 22% carbamide peroxide that are suitable for home use. We produce carbamide peroxide gels in our factory and, as a welcoming teeth whitening gel manufacturer, we welcome visits to our site.

Phthalimido Peroxyl Caproic Acid (PAP

Finally, we have the PAP formula. This is a new formula that is non-invasive and causes minimal damage to the tooth enamel. It dissolves stains on the enamel surface thanks to its high oxidation potential. It also passes through the dentine layer to neutralize deeper stains.

LED lights accelerate the speed in which PAP works, helping it penetrate the three tooth layers. This helps it reduce discoloration deep within the teeth and restores the tooth’s appearance on three levels. This is superior to any peroxide teeth whitening gels.

As you can see, there are lots of options for teeth whitening gels that we can manufacture. But this is not all. The delivery method of the teeth whitening gel is also important. At Cinoll, we offer teeth whitening gel pens and teeth whitening gel syringes so that we can best meet the needs of our clients and their customer base. We also offer teeth whitening gel pods. Having said that, no matter what gel products you choose, you need to understand the business processes behind them to ensure maximum profitability.

Have you Heard of Private Labeling?

When it comes to producing your own teeth whitening gel, it is important to consider your brand and packaging as well as the gel formula itself. This is where private labeling comes into play.

With private-label branding, you are in control as a business owner. You can control the sizing, packaging, pricing, and distribution of your teeth whitening gel products. This is all without having to invest in your own teeth whitening gel production facility. You can establish yourself on the cosmetic dental market and get your brand out there without all the expense that setting up your own facility would entail. You really get the best of both worlds.

Cinoll’s private label options are a popular choice for our teeth whitening gel brand clients. We can customize your gel formulation, your product types, shapes, sizes, and amounts to almost whatever you require. If it is not listed in our catalog or on our website, get in touch and we will see what we can do. We also make custom packaging for all shapes, designs and types. Just drop us a line to enquire!

What about Inventory and Warehousing?

No matter where you decide to offer your teeth whitening gel products, whether a shop, clinic or cosmetic dentist, you will need to think of your stock and storage solutions. Products such as teeth whitening gels can be seasonal meaning your stock and inventory can fluctuate at busier and quieter times of the year such as Christmas or in the summer vacation period.

You will need to be prepared for a winter influx of custom and have facilities available to store all your stock before you sell it to your customers.

Let Cinoll Support Your Business

advanced teeth whitening gel pens private labelHere at Cinoll, we want to help you achieve your business goals and reach your brand’s potential.

As such, we pride ourselves on being a teeth whitening gel manufacturer with your interests at heart. To make a business profitable, you need to have confidence in your manufacturer. With expert help, you should be able to manage the complexities that teeth whitening gel products bring. Additionally, you need to ensure that the products that you will market, and sell will meet the industry’s requirements.

At Cinoll, our products are FDA registered and ISO-certified. This means that you can be sure that you are receiving premium quality products to sell to your customers. Furthermore, you can use Cinoll’s service to help you manage your ancillary business activities such as helping with your inventory and warehousing for a nominal cost. This means that you can focus on the most important task of all: helping your customers in achieving teeth as white as they desire.

As a responsible teeth whitening gel manufacturer, we can ensure that you are able to expand your teeth whitening gel business safely, without risking a product that will flop on the market.

Get in touch if you would like to hear more about our teeth whitening gel products and how Cinoll can help your company to realize your teeth whitening gel dreams!

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