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Teeth whitening is one of the biggest and most lucrative trends in recent years.

Indeed, people have sought to whiten their teeth since time immemorial. Having the pearliest of pearly whites gives someone that clean and confident appearance and feel.

With teeth whitening products, including teeth whitening strips, being increasingly affordable, it is possible to make selling them wholesale a lucrative business.

Teeth whitening strips know-how

However, that does not always mean that oral care brands know what they are doing with these products. Indeed, with such an array of teeth whitening products available, many oral care businesses do not always have the knowledge or understanding of the different teeth whitening products that they sell. Teeth whitening strips look simple.

However, it is essential that companies have the most up-to-date knowledge of the products. This is largely so that they can verify their quality when they go on to sell teeth whitening strips wholesale. If a brand is unsure whether something meets the required industry standards, it will be almost impossible to sell it profitably. This is where Cinoll comes in. We are here to help you sell your teeth whitening strips wholesale by helping you understand your products.

What are teeth whitening strips made of?

Teeth whitening strips that you can buy over the counter from the local drugstore are usually made from the synthetic plastic polyethylene. This very same material is familiar in its use in food containers, packaging, and plastic bags. The manufacturers cut the plastic into flexible strips small enough to fit around the teeth and coat them in a gel that contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The whitening agent in each type of strip is the peroxides.

These strips include other components too:

  • Glycerine – thickens the gel so it is sticky for adhesive purposes.
  • Water – this stops the carbomer from dehydrating the teeth.
  • PVP – an adhesive polymer so that the strip sticks in place.
  • Carbomer – this gives adhesive properties to the gel.
  • Acrylates copolymer (a thickening agent).
  • PEG – this is a humectant, which thickens the gel and helps make it sticky.
  • Pyrophosphate to shield against stains.
  • Sodium saccharin to improve the taste.
  • Sodium hydroxide in order to keep the strips pH neutral.

All the chemicals that over-the-counter teeth whitening strips contain are safe when kept in their small doses.

However, in limited amounts, they do not always work or come together well. Oral care companies looking to sell teeth whitening strips wholesale need to ensure that they are familiar with the ingredients and purposes of each ingredient in the products that they sell.

Without doing so, the company will not have the robust knowledge and understanding of how its products are manufactured. This means that any customer queries or questions regarding the ingredients could backfire and tarnish the company’s reputation.

How do whitening strips work?

The teeth whitening strips are clever little things. As you can see by the ingredients and chemicals described above, many of them are associated with ‘sticking power’. This means that when you place a strip over your row of teeth (either the top or the bottom, one at a time), the compounds will mean that it stays in place. They are also so flexible that they should fit snuggly to all the surfaces, nooks, and crannies of the teeth to make sure every area benefits from the tooth whitening chemicals.

By placing the strip onto the teeth, this allows the chemicals on the strips to absorb into the surface of the teeth to lighten them.

how to use teeth whitening strips

The strips are activated when they touch the surface and the moisture on the teeth. Different brands of strip have different amounts of time that they stay in place for. Therefore, it is important that those using the strips (and those selling teeth whitening strips wholesale) must read the instructions very clearly. Many strips should be used twice a day for around two weeks and the kit purchased would generally contain enough strips for that treatment.

The impact of whitening strips on teeth

As mentioned, it is important to take when using whitening strips on your teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that most whitening products (whether dentist recommended or over-the-counter products) are safe and effective to use. There are even some that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

However, the organization also recommends having a consultation with your dentist before doing DIY teeth whitening. This is so that you do not make any existing dental problems worse or so that you do not cover up anything that your dentist may need to examine to find a potential cause.

Additionally, the ADA does state that some teeth whitening products can cause sensitivity or other issues but that this should be temporary during use or shortly afterward.

Another thing to consider is the proper use of the products. Overuse can cause an exacerbation of difficulties or worsening sensitivity which could affect the teeth and gums in the long term. Some dentists say that they have seen cases of teeth whitening strip addiction, but this can make the enamel of the teeth break down in the same way that overuse of hair bleach can make hair brittle. The surfaces of your teeth could similarly become weakened or break down. Indeed, eventually, teeth can take on an almost translucent appearance. It is therefore important that all users follow the teeth whitening strip instructions carefully.


In sum, with care, teeth whitening strips are an effective and safe way for people to improve the color and appearance of their teeth. As such, the impact of whitening strips is hugely positive in these cases.

However, care must be taken to avoid overuse. Some teeth whitening strips are stronger than others and their recommended use can be as little as every few years to avoid soft tissue damage in the mouth.

teeth whitening strips wholesale price

Whatever the strips, the key for a company selling tooth whitening strips wholesale is to know your product and know the market. Being able to answer client questions in detail with expert advice is the best possible way of making a tooth whitening business successful.

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