OEM Toothpaste Solution: How to Expand Your Business Successfully


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customized toothpaste packaging in blueNow that you decide to add a whitening toothpaste for your teeth whitening line, you now look for a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer. Expanding your product portfolio requires consideration of several factors. Your business also has to be flexible with uncontrollable situations such as the pandemic that everyone faces today.

While you might already have an idea about teeth whitening toothpaste, Cinoll will take you through the essential factors to ensure the success of your expansion plan.

What kind of toothpaste do you want to offer?

All toothpaste are not the same, contrary to what others might think. Toothpaste comes in different types, each having its unique uses and ingredients.

  • Children’s toothpaste

This kind of toothpaste has fewer fluoride or abrasive agents. A child’s teeth do not require the same intensity of cleaning as those of adults. As you may know, children can be picky in taste, consistency, and texture. That is why most children’s toothpaste contains candy-like flavors. Some are even fluoride-free.

  • Fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride aims to protect teeth against cavities, decay, and harmful food and beverages. Almost all toothpaste contains fluoride, but some contain larger amounts for those with decreased or weakened enamel.

  • Sensitivity toothpaste

Some individuals experience tooth sensitivity when taking in hot or cold food and drinks. Sensitivity toothpaste has unique compounds which block the nerves in your teeth from sensing cold and hot.

  • Activated charcoal toothpaste

It’s made from sustainable bamboo specifically formulated to be safe for enamel. This whitening toothpaste is great for those eco-friendly users.

  • Whitening toothpaste

This kind of toothpaste is for those experiencing aging or yellowing of teeth as a result of consuming several types of food like coffee, or tea. Whitening toothpaste contains abrasives and cleansers, which help lessen the appearance of teeth stains.

  • Herbal toothpaste

This kind of toothpaste is popular for people who are either sensitive to specific ingredients found in regular toothpaste or who simply opt for a more natural cleansing option. Cinoll’s aloe vera toothpaste is a natural whitening toothpaste for healthy gums and strong teeth. It is fluoride-free. So if your customers are sensitive to fluoride, you can introduce this to them.

  • Smokers toothpaste

This toothpaste is specifically formulated for people who smoke tobacco. People found that their teeth become stained after smoking for months. The tar causes teeth to become stained with yellowish and brown patches. Toothpaste for smokers contains cleansing components to make teeth look whiter.

You know how important it is to know your products. The same goes for toothpaste; you have to be familiar with what’s in it to market it to your customers effectively. Apart from product familiarization, you must understand the business procedures to ensure business growth and maximum profitability.

Do you know about private labeling?

oem toothpaste made by toothpaste factoryToothpaste is not widely known to be available for private labeling. However, with the experience and network that Cinoll has, oral care products, including toothpaste, are not only available but also some of the best and the highest quality in the industry.

Cinoll is a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer that allows its clients to control pricing, production, sizing, packaging, and distribution without investing in a manufacturing facility.

You must know that with private labeling, you not only get to put your brand and logo on the packaging of every tube and box of toothpaste. Cinoll will give you the luxury to choose ingredients and proportions for your toothpaste. The manufacturer will then blend the ingredients to ensure the final product meets the formula specifications.

Since every distributor has different clients, Cinoll also allows you to choose the size of your toothpaste. You can have your toothpaste in sachets for one-time use, small tubes for convenient travel, and large tubes for families.

Of course, your toothpaste will not be complete without packaging. With Cinoll’s vast array of customization options, you can choose between a tube and box design for the packaging.

With several options for private label whitening toothpaste, you can establish your company and brand in the industry.

Have you thought about inventory and manufacturing?

As you start building a name for your brand in the dental cosmetic industry, you will have a wider reach of customers that will increase your revenue. Of course, you do not have to stop here; instead, you must sustain that growth or even surpass it. And one of the ways to do it is to ensure your stocks are always available.

Your company must also be flexible in adapting to drastic changes in the business environment. There can be months in a year where you can observe an influx of people in spas and dental clinics for teeth whitening appointments.

Here at Cinoll, we can help you sustain a stable product inventory as we ensure to stock up on popular dental whitening products in advance and book extra warehousing facilities. We also commit to providing innovative teeth whitening formulas and updating customized packaging continuously.

Find your brand a qualified manufacturer

Choose a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer who can vastly accommodate client’s specifications and requests for dental cosmetic products. Your manufacturer must provide its clients comfort despite the arduous task of developing a new product portfolio. With Cinoll, we take care of almost everything for you – from conceptualization to manufacturing, packaging, and inventory. As a teeth whitening distributor, you will still have to take part in the procedure, but Cinoll will help you manage the complexities of the process.

And since all oral care products can come into contact with the human body and might be ingested, the safety highly depends on the reliability of the products’ raw materials. Cinoll manufactures all its teeth whitening products in China, with rigorous supervision and testing guidelines to ensure product safety and efficacy. All our products are registered with the US FDA and ISO. This is to assure clients that every product from our factory adheres to the highest standards.

And while your business continues to grow, we also make sure to stock up on in-demand teeth whitening products and continue to provide inventory support and warehousing facilities at a nominal cost.

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