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Have you always wanted to be a boss? The teeth whitening industry offers some very profitable opportunities. There is a projection that the global tooth whitening market value will grow to $ 3.78 billion by 2021.

Additionally, most people believe that a charming smile is a precious social asset that will make them more attractive, and there is thus no sign of the demand going down. There are a few things you should consider for your business to succeed. Here is a detailed piece to guide you through.

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Things to Consider When Starting Your Oral Care Brand

It’s fulfilling to start your own business, but you can also face many challenges if you fail to plan well. Before you start your own oral care business, think about the following things.


Note that no business can succeed without money, and you, therefore, need to gather enough resources to start and run your teeth whitening company. Think about the equipment needed, whether you need office software or hardware, and the amount required to pay the teeth whitening products manufacturer.

You can get capital from your savings or through borrowing. Whichever method you choose, ensure that you have enough money to take your business through the startup phase.


It’s also essential that you secure enough space to accommodate all your products and equipment. Position your warehouse or manufacturing site in a location with electricity, transportation network, water, and workforce. If you want to retail your products, pick the right place for your store.

Choose a well-populated and easily accessible area.


You will need to get state-required licensing and permits to start your teeth whitening company. If you plan to ship your products outside your local region, register for your target region’s licenses.

Based on your state, you might also need to submit a lot of paperwork before getting licensed.

Market Acceptability

Conduct thorough research on the market to understand the demand for your products. Determine the potential buyer’s approximate size, target audience buying habits, and market growth potential. With this information, you can deliver something that meets your customers’ needs.

Conceptualization of the Idea

Since you already know the basic requirements to start your oral care brand, you now need to think of ways to transform your idea into a product. Here is how you do it.

Make a Business Plan

Write a summary of what your business plans to achieve. Begin by doing a market and competitors’ analysis and highlight what unique quality your brand will offer. Determine if you wish to run a retail enterprise or you intend to manufacture and distribute your oral products wholesale.

List the licensing you already have and those you want to secure in the future. Include your sales forecast, financial plans, provide an overview of the organizational structure and the team you plan to work with.

Come up With a Formula

You might need to work with a qualified lab expert to develop formulations for your product. An expert will help you determine the right ingredients to use in your products and the safe quantity. It’s essential while creating teeth whitening gel since a very high peroxide level can erode the teeth.

Also, decide on the unique scents and flavor of your oral product.

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Proceed to the Production Stage

You can now come up with the actual design of your product you want to sell. Here are the steps involved.

Create Brand Image

Determine how you want the public to visualize your brand. It involves coming up with a unique logo to describe your business dealings. Choose a signature color since it can boost brand awareness by 80%. For instance, Green correlates with Eco-friendliness, while white exudes cleanliness.

Choose the right font, the type of content, and the images on the packaging. Maintain consistent branding across all platforms so that customers can easily identify your brand.

Design Product Size Color and Shape

Make your teeth whitening product as unique as possible so that it stands out from competitors’. Simple creativity on the packaging design can help drive sales. Choose a packaging that is easy to carry, open and reseal. Tamper-proof packaging also adds a sense of security to your product.

Also, choose a suitable packaging material that won’t get distorted before it gets to the destination. Pick a unique shape that will grab the attention of your buyers and at the same time provide handling and storage flexibility.

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Start Producing

You can now decide to manufacture the product yourself or source from a qualified teeth whitening product manufacturer. If you choose to do it yourself, ensure that you get the suitable raw materials and produce them under safe conditions.

Ensure that you comply with all industrial base regulations as well. Once you have your product, launch it and market it across multiple channels to increase reach.


Although the oral care industry is very profitable, running a teeth whitening business isn’t easy. You will need to hold multiple marketing campaigns and hire the right people. You will also need to keep analyzing product performance at different phases and make adjustments where possible.

At Cinoll, we continually research and evaluate changes in the oral industry to keep our clients updated. Hopefully, the above guide will help you create a successful brand. Should you wish to avoid the hassles associate with product development, we can provide you the best dental care products that will give you a competitive edge.

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