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Hismile, an international teeth whitening company, has recently come up with a revolutionary teeth whitening formula. It does not use peroxide and it delivers excellent results without the side effects of pain or sensitivity. This new product line includes a complete teeth whitening kit, as well as toothpaste and mouthwash. The secret is an original formulation of Hismile that they call PAP+.

Being one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of teeth whitening products to dozens of global brands, Cinoll Manufacturing will certainly not let their clients fall behind the latest in oral care technology. For this reason, Cinoll specialists have kept our path in innovating our teeth whitening formula.

And as a professional teeth whitening products manufacturer, we would like to share something of PAP in order to help brands to update their formula to follow the trends created by Hismile.💪

Why Hismile’s PAP+ Formula Is So Popular

Soon after Hismile introduced their PAP+ teeth whitening products to the market, there has been a rapid surge in its popularity. This is not really that surprising when you consider its high rate of effectiveness and comfort of use.

No Pain or Sensitivity

According to Nik Mirkovic, Hismile director and co-founder, they chose to stay away from peroxide because, while it is certainly effective in getting rid of stains, it also breaks down everything else that is in its path. Peroxide does this through the use of free radicals. So while it does whiten teeth, it can also cause long-term damage that might even be irreversible. Peroxide also causes temporary pain and sensitivity, which is not a pleasant thing to experience at all.

On the other hand, Mirkovic explains, PAP is also an oxidant like peroxide but its action is directed more on the stains on the teeth themselves instead of just a general area. PAP molecules break down in a process known as epoxidation. This process does not have any effect on the tooth enamel or the gums. There is no pain or sensitivity at all, hence more people prefer it compared to other varieties of teeth whitening products.

Natural Looking Results

According to reviews from the hundreds of people who have tried this product, Hismile’s new technology produces a very natural looking whiteness to the teeth. The results will not be a glaringly white smile that is so obviously artificial. On the contrary, it will be about two or three shades lighter after the prescribed duration of use, as compared to the original shade before treatment. The product also comes with a shade card that will clearly show you the progress that you are making.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Using the PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is not complicated at all. In this day and age where people highly value convenience, this is certainly a big advantage. There is not much hassle involved in the process of using this product, and it also delivers almost instant results. Even after a single use, you will already be able to notice results. Of course, you can continue using it until you achieve the results that you are going for.

PAP+ Teeth Whitening Science

Just like any highly successful formula, there is a scientific explanation behind the workings of the PAP+ whitening product. It is not just some random chemical that teeth whitening products manufacturers have decided to experiment with. PAP actually has a reputable history as a whitening agent in different products.

What is PAP?

PAP stands for Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid. It is an organic peroxy acid, the main function of which is to activate the bleaching effect in various cleaning and personal care products. Recently, it has been discovered that PAP is a very effective alternative active ingredient for teeth whitening products. The reason is because it can whiten the stained particles on the teeth without having any adverse effect on the other areas of the teeth.

Common Uses of PAP

Before it was used in teeth whitening products, PAP had already been a common ingredient in many other household products. In fact, it’s very likely that you have already used it without even knowing about it. For instance, a lot of laundry detergents actually contain PAP to aid in the removal of stains. It is also used in other cleaning products.

Of course, PAP has recently been quite prominent in recent news because of its use as a bleaching activator in teeth whitening products. This is a very recent development in the industry of teeth whitening. However, because of the excellent feedback and because of PAP’s lack of side effects on the teeth, a growing number of manufacturers have been using PAP as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide.

Difference between Hismile’s PAP+ Formula from the Original Formula

While they do not specifically discuss the exact formulation of the new product, Hismile officials have made no secret of the fact that their new formula is much better than the original. They attribute this largely to the process of formulation and the addition of new ingredients to their teeth whitening formula.

The company’s research team has worked tirelessly to improve the formula and boost the effects of their main ingredients. They have also added the new PAP+ formula, which actually consists of three crucial ingredients. These are phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), nanohydroxyapatite and potassium citrate.

With the combination of these ingredients, users can now have whiter teeth in less time than when they used the old formulation. As a matter of fact, they can now achieve in just 10 minutes what it took about 6 days of consecutive use with the old formula. The new ingredients also help to remineralize the teeth and fight the effects of sensitivity.

It’s Time to Update Your Formula

If you want the whitening effect like Hismile’s, you need to think about some secondary ingredients that active with PAP.

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