Private Label Teeth Whitening Products: Next Best Sellers in 2021


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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and regulations have affected businesses worldwide, making it hard to achieve most of the initial set goals and objectives. The change in living standards-essential necessities such as whitening products has become an enormous business opportunity within the multi-billion-dollar industry.

In-house teeth whitening products have seen a boom in sales since the start of 2021, even with the strict regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19 all over the country. The industry has opened up more business opportunities in 2021, making it easier to start your businesses.

Cinoll is a great place to begin to see some of the business ideas you can start in the teeth whitening products industry.

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  1. What are the Global teeth whitening trends in 2021?
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  3. Why Private Label is Your Next Opportunity?
  4. Teeth Whitening Products Are On the Trends!

1. Demand Increase on Cosmetic Dentistry

Personal appearance has seen a spike in recent years, and 2021 is not as different. More people embrace the need to change their appearance into a more appealing form for various reasons.

One of the changes that are considered by about everyone is the condition of teeth. Making any form of enhancements to teeth has proven to be one of the primary ways to upgrade someone’s appearance twofold.

This trend has led to more consumers opting to use promising teeth whitening products, feeding into the manufacturers’ demand. This has led to more profitability in cosmetic dentistry and sparked the development of advanced teeth whitening products since people go to lengths to get what they need to better themselves.

2. Increase in total value from 2016 to 2021

The key market figures show promising markets on the projected outcome of the global teeth whitening market. By 2016 the projected whitening toothpaste market would have reached up to $3,275.75 million globally in products form only.

By 2021 the value would have increased to $3,780.01 million with up to $630 million incremental growth. The American market will lead the market with an estimated 54.89%, resulting from its early penetration compared to other countries in the same market.

Cosmetic dentistry will increase twofold in years to come as more consumer whitening products increase in demand. Any teeth whitening lights supplier is part of the diverse world that leads up to the increase in market value of the products.

Global teethwhitening trends in 2021

Private Label Teeth Whitening Products: What Are They?

Private label products are emerging by the thousands from single developers who need to have brand recognition in the industry.

Private label products are relatively straightforward since they mainly involve manufacturing the product from a third party but selling the product using the retailer’s brand name.

Retailers get to develop the intricate details about their products from their graphic identity, designs, and overall quality of the product but use a manufacturer to make the physical products for them for selling in the markets.

Private label products are more thought of and professional than just buying products from companies with already established brand names and taking them to retail.

It takes more time and involves professional teams from different backgrounds such as marketing, product development, and finance.

Why Consider Private Label

1. Strengthening Brand Awareness

If you have a vision of taking your teeth whitening brand to the next level as a retailer, private labeling is the best strategy. According to research, up to 66% of shoppers prefer buying products from private labels since it assumes that they have better products than generic retailers. Having a strong brand awareness within the industry is a great way to keep sales for the year to come as you retain as many customers as possible through increased loyalty.

Investing in digital marketing solutions is vital in maintaining proper brand awareness by moving with the consumers’ trends and reaching them in all ways possible. With personalized branding and packaging and useful products, private labels remain relevant in the market for decades.

teeth whitening kit

2. Low operating costs and risks

Costs are a huge factor when it comes to the development of private label whitening products. Manufacturing and operating costs such as material, overhead, labor, third-party compliance, freight, and shipping, packaging, among others, are way cheaper when they are done in less costly manufacturing processes are locations and wholesale raw materials.

There are fewer risks when working with overseas manufacturing professionals who have been developing similar products for years compared to setting up manufacturing plants for your product at your costs.

The same manufacturers are some of the best teeth whitening lights supplier as well. The cost difference is immense; hence you can have more saving to make your products even much better.

3. Social Media Influence and Product Development

If you are developing a product as an influencer, you are sure to use your platform to your advantage and get as many sales as you can on your teeth whitening product. It is a trend done by many social media influencers who have managed to set a strong foundation for their products through their platforms.

Trending 2021 Teeth Whitening Products

There are three types of teeth whitening products you can consider starting with. These are:

1. Whitening Pens

Whitening pens are considered one of the best products due to their efficiency in quick touch-ups on teeth. They are mainly used to remove any stains that are hard to eliminate by using essential teeth cleaning solutions. The whitening pens are small and portable, so you can carry them anywhere and use them before major events or even dates.

teeth whitening pen

2. Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are becoming quite popular for buyers due to the affordability, technique used, and faster results. Most consumers desire products that are ineffective but provide solutions too, and the whitening strip products have made this possible.

whitening strips

3. At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many people are now at home and need teeth whitening solutions that cater to the times they will be indoors. This is where the At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits come into play. The kits include a wide range of products necessary to keep your teeth in pristine conditions. There are all essential items in the package, such as whitening trays, LED lights which is a form of teeth whitening lights, gel syringes, and a simple instructional manual to get you started. The use of teeth whitening lights is also a promising product in the future with more developments ongoing.

teeth whitening kit


Providing teeth whitening products under private labeling is one of the best ideas you can use in your new business today. Remember to do extensive research on the trends, market evaluation and know what your consumers need to set yourself apart in the market and be successful through the coming years.

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