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Soft bristles bamboo toothbrushesSustainability is one of the hottest discussions right now. More people are switching to eco-friendly products, including those used for hygiene. Bamboo toothbrushes are increasingly popular today with their biodegradability. Apart from the fact that the bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable, we list several reasons why investing in bamboo toothbrushes is worth your money.

Here at Cinoll, we will provide all you need to know about bamboo toothbrushes and more.

What is a bamboo toothbrush and why consumers love it?

Bamboo toothbrushes are the same as the usual plastic toothbrush that you see on the market. They have handles for users to hold and bristles to remove dirt and stains from their teeth. The only difference is that the handle is made of bamboo and not plastic. Bamboo toothbrushes include several advantages that your clients will surely like, apart from their primary use to clean your teeth.


Bamboo is ideal for toothbrushes and is safe to use in the mouth. It is a natural material and does not contain any toxic chemicals usually used to process synthetic materials.


Bamboo plants are fast-growing, need only a little care, and do not require fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation. Even when everyone opts to use bamboo toothbrushes and the demand rapidly increases, there will always be an adequate supply of bamboo plants.


Since bamboo is biodegradable, it has a smaller ecological impact on the environment than plastic. When you decide to throw away your bamboo toothbrush, instead of just leaving it in the garbage bin, you can compost the handles of your toothbrush.

How does the bamboo toothbrush work?

Black customized bamboo toothbrushesThe use of bamboo toothbrushes was invented in China in 1498 when they used coarse hairs from a hog’s neck and made handles out of bone or bamboo. Today, we all have various kinds of bamboo toothbrushes in the market that you can choose from.

Toothbrushing with a bamboo toothbrush works the same as those sold in stores. There are just some differences in taking care of bamboo toothbrushes. Before first use, rinse the handles and the bristles thoroughly. This especially applies to bamboo handles since there might be bamboo dust on the toothbrush after manufacturing. Bamboo is a natural material which needs to be kept in a dry area.

Cinoll, being a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer, executes thorough processes in producing quality products. This includes harvesting the bamboo, cutting the bamboo into a specific shape and length, and attaching the bristles to the handle using sheer pressure.

What can be customized on a bamboo toothbrush?

Bamboo toothbrushes will continue to make a buzz in the market, especially with several campaigns on choosing to live sustainably. This is an excellent chance for an oral product seller to take advantage of the demand for bamboo toothbrushes.

At Cinoll, we can provide you with various customizations fit for your target market. We can work with your specifications and produce the kind of bamboo toothbrushes you want for your clients.

Soft or Hard Bristles

Cinoll and other bamboo toothbrush manufacturers use a nylon material for toothbrush bristles. Though nylon is not biodegradable, these bristles do not contain any fossil oil. Cinoll prides itself as a certified bamboo toothbrush manufacturer with complete ISO certifications. You can be assured that bamboo toothbrushes are safe.

You have the option for either soft or hard bristles for bamboo toothbrushes. Also, we can provide you with a variety of colors for the bristles to match your client’s preference. Shades of brown are the most common as it goes well with the natural bamboo color of the handle.

Bamboo Handles

Since bamboo toothbrushes are all about sustainability, we guarantee that toothbrushes came from 100% bamboo material. We have templates for its shapes and sizes, but you can have yours customized. We will create your toothbrushes to the measurements you prefer. You can also check our generic sizes and lengths for adults and children.

It will not be complete without any logo on your toothbrushes. We can carve, emboss or print your brand logo into the wooden handle.


It’s always vital to make your packing interesting. Here at Cinoll, our bamboo toothbrushes come with a fully biodegradable box. We ensure that your customers will experience eco-friendly products to the fullest as the packaging is made of 100% paper. To make it look your own, we can print any graphic or text to the packing as well.

You also have the freedom to choose how many toothbrushes come in each box. You can either choose the individually-boxed toothbrushes, a package of four, or any number that clients might request.

Why choose Cinoll to be your manufacturer?

private label packaged bamboo toothbrushesWhether you need a large number of orders or a small number of toothbrushes for your product test, we always get you covered and offer you the best options according to your budget. We are an international bamboo toothbrush manufacturer that uses certified biobased bristles, all-natural bamboo handles, and biodegradable packing. With certifications from the CE and DFA, we guarantee to supply our clients with the best and safest bamboo toothbrushes.

Cinoll has its factory, and we oversee the overall process from conceptualization, production up to the packaging. You can be assured that all your specifications are implemented to serve your customers best. With our certifications from the CE, FDA, ISO, and other institutions, we help you realize your oral care business efficiently with our quick lead time of fifteen days.

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