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Although many parents know that brushing your teeth is the most effective and direct way to keep your mouth clean.

But being a parent is inexperienced. Every time you make up your mind and hold down the baby to brush your teeth, it will end up either with coaxing and talking about the conditions, or ending with a baby running and crying.

Now we have U-shaped kids electric toothbrushes for brands to catch the need of parents!

What’s its advantages

The U-shaped toothbrush is a very popular children’s toothbrush. Compared with traditional toothbrushes, its advantages are:

01. Customized for children aged 2-14

02. Cover the teeth in all directions, without manual positioning and cleaning, clean each tooth 360 degrees

03. Short cleaning time, high baby acceptance

04. Fun voice interactive brushing teeth, grab the child’s attention

For example, our Cute Dog Mouthpiece Kid Toothbrush:

Cute Dog Mouthpiece Kid Toothbrush

This toothbrush is specially designed for toddlers and children aged 2-14. When brushing your teeth, you only need to place the brush head in your mouth and gently bite it, and follow the fun teaching voice to shake the handle left and right to complete the brushing.

Dentists have taught us since we were young that it takes 3 minutes to brush our teeth before the toothbrush can clean all corners of the teeth.

But for children, let alone 3 minutes, it’s hard to stick to 1 minute.

Because brushing with a traditional toothbrush is not only small, time-consuming, but also boring.

The advantage of the U-shaped toothbrush is that more than 1,000 bristles can fit the entire oral cavity, and the teeth wrap around 99%.

How we make kids electric toothbrush

In order to make this toothbrush, our design team specially retrieved the Asian Human Oral Engineering Database to simulate the shape of children’s teeth and use precise three-dimensional parameters for bionic design. The six-dimensional fits the oral cavity in all directions without missing every small deciduous tooth.

But in fact, in addition to the shape, the actual material is what we care about most. After all, it is for children to enter, and the material is even more important.

Take a closer look at the material, and it was really costly: the US FDA-certified brush head has more than 1,000 small soft bristles, and the tooth wrapping rate is as high as 99%.

Order branded U-shaped kids toothbrush from Cinoll

By now, we’ve developed 10+ private label kids toothbrush for you to start your business quick and easy. Feel free to send us your logo, and start bulk production under the name of your company, with low MOQ as well as quick delivery.

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