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influencers using teeth whitening productsEveryone wants to look great. People want to look ready for selfies and Instagram posts at any time.

Looking great or feeling camera ready comes from a strong sense of self-confidence. A great place to start building that confidence and feeling attractive is having pearly white teeth. A great smile makes everyone look beautiful and people know this fact very well, that is why the teeth-whitening business is thriving.

People desire whiter and brighter smiles. When you build trust with your customers, they become loyal and they bring in more people. People talk amongst each other and will recommend what works for them. A good teeth whitening manufacturer stands out from the rest – recognizable for their branding, but even more so for the teeth whitening products they offer.

So, how to make your teeth whitening products stand apart from the competitors? Let’s dive right in!

Are you starting a teeth whitening products business?

The teeth whitening business has a lot of avenues to explore.

There’s the option to become a reseller or distributor for well-known and trusted cosmetic dentistry brands, or to find a different niche. People today desire affordability, so maybe partnering with a well-known dental hygiene brand could also be a viable option.

Investing in such partnerships may cost you more initially when leveraged against product margins, however, the customer loyalty will eventually pay off if your investment decision was carefully considered.

teeth whitening lights loved by top influencersThe teeth whitening products that people are using the most are teeth whitening pens, mouth trays, teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpastes.

It may be wiser for you to find an expert teeth whitening product manufacturer and then customize the products with your brand name and your branding, than to build your own from the ground up. This is especially handy when the contents of these high quality products are quite similar – the only differences would really be the brands that people prefer, and it’s easier to add your logo and branding to plain or unbranded products and packaging.

Private label teeth whitening products: the best of both worlds

For a teeth whitening manufacturer, private labeling offers the benefit of complete customization. Not only does your logo and branding mark the product packaging, but you also have the decision of what would be best for your brand in terms of what would go into the making of the product.

new teeth whitening productThis allows you to offer unique products without having to make a large-scale investment. Expert manufacturers for private label teeth whitening products with the advantage of customization allow you to stand out compared to other brands. It also allows your business to lower your operating costs as private label products tend to be self-sellers, with minimal to no advertising campaigns needed. Selling price markup on manufacturing price is significantly higher, so it leaves room for price discounts, which means that high volume production will cost less to the manufacturer.

Other advantages include higher profit margins from cutting down on added costs, for example only paying product costs, no brand name premiums or marketing campaign expenses. The advantage of increased market stability as people will choose who they trust, and that trust comes from higher quality, rather than who is cheap and not as effective. A boost in brand loyalty also results from building that trust and having a good reputation for better quality.

Customize teeth whitening products to Suit Customers!

Please look for the customization options from regarding different teeth whitening products, and list the customization options with some descriptions.

With us at Cinoll, you know that we offer high quality products and a good reputation from over 1000 trusted brands from around the world.

Our mission is to bring high-quality teeth whitening products to brands that are small or large quickly and efficiently. We aim for within 7 days for your customized teeth whitening kit with your branding and logo, or within 14 days for your customized packaging box.

Here are some of the customizable products we offer:

Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening kits (kits that are mobile) are at the top of our manufactured product offerings to clients. Most clients customize the whitening light, along with the syringe or the teeth whitening gel pen. They also prefer to customize the boxes. The kit includes items that are sold individually as well.

assembled teeth whitening kit packaging

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Private Label LED Teeth Whitening Lights

In today’s market, there are lights containing changeable batteries, ones that are magnetically charged, and others that are wired. The lights that work with changeable batteries as well as the ones that are magnetically charged allow for printing on the switch button, and for the weird lights, your logo can be printed under the trays. Most people, including many social media influencers, use whitening lights.

LED teeth whitening lights chargers

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Private Label Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe/ Capsule/Pen/Tube

Syringe, capsule, pen or tube (created by Hismile) containing gels are challenging for private labeling because of the shape and contents, but we offer good and proven logo printing options and placement recommendations.

3 Pcs Teeth Whitening Gel Box

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Private Label Teeth Whitening

These kits are supplement products for customers that have previously purchased teeth whitening products. Refills should be marketed in a way that is appealing to customers, but at the same time remain consistent with your existing branding. These refill kits are customizable in boutique gift boxes, or on-the-go paper boxes, as well as aluminum bags and retail plastic bags.

teeth whitening refill kit

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Private Label Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening powders are available in a range of flavors and varying ingredients, with charcoal teeth whitening powder being the most popular we offer, coming in a black packaging box. So the private labeling option is as simple as a carrier box.

Powders must be kept in a dark place, and we recommend black packaging options: high-end and economical. The high-end option is a private molding, with desired shapes and sizes, while the economical option is a flip-top round jar containing an inner cap if desired. These can both be customized with boxes or stickers.

Cinoll private label teeth whitening powder

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Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are one use products, so they cost less to make, but your product will be remembered if the design and packaging are able to stand out.

teeth whitening strips manufacturing features

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We recommend all of your printing to be done on the bag, instead of using stickers or a customized outerbox!

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