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teeth whitening gelsThe pandemic should not stop you from expanding your business. Indeed it can be challenging to dive into a new product line considering most companies are closing because of the global crisis. However, as a business person yourself, you probably know that it’s not always about launching a product on a good day only; your business has to be flexible to the changing environment.

If you think of expanding now, a teeth whitening gel can put you on the path to success. Every business, regardless of size, must be diligent enough to consider several factors before investing in an expansion or launching a new product. Here are our recommended strategies to start.

5 Important Things to Your Great Teeth Whitening Gel

1. Customization Wins

Teeth whitening gels in different concentrationsWith all the teeth whiteners on the market today, you always want your product to stand out. With private label branding, you have control over pricing, production, sizing, packaging, and distribution. All these and more without having to worry about investing in a manufacturing facility: since you have control of almost everything for your teeth whitening gel, you get to market your brand’s identity truly.

With Cinoll, it is always your brand that is essential. With this, we guarantee you a vast array of customization options for your teeth whitening gel. See the list below:

Customizable Gel

How about a teeth whitening gel with your desired color, formula, and flavor? You can never go wrong with a whitening gel as personalized as this. Since Cinoll will give you the freedom to personalize your product, you know what’s in your gel, making it easier to explain your product’s uniqueness to your customers.

We have our factory to develop your desired formulation and still produce it with the same teeth whitening efficiency. You can find three active agents in your whitening gels. These are Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide, and the new whitening technology called PAP or the Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid.

Customized Colors

You will have the option to choose whether to use pens or tubes for your teeth whitening gels. Also, you can customize the patterns and colors for every container, preferably a color that will stand out or that will represent your brand. It’s up to you.

Customized Capacity

Your customers might want to have larger amounts of teeth whitening gels. Well, you can have Cinoll manufacture large sizes. You can also opt for smaller gel content between 2 and 5ml.


For the overall quality of your teeth whitening gel, you need to have the best-looking packaging. Your target market’s reaction will speak so much of how your product looks from the outside. Every teeth whitening gel must be physically appealing. You can have your logo printed on your gel’s boxes in effects such as embossing or silk printing.

2. Know About Product’s Certifications

The price will always matter when having your products manufactured from China. As in any other location, you must expect to invest more when importing goods from other countries. How about opting for a teeth whitening gel manufacturer that offers a cheaper cost? But how sure are you that this manufacturer is compliant with all the safety standards needed for a teeth whitening gel?

Since almost all dental products can contact the human body and can even be ingested, one of your top priorities as a distributor is to ensure all your whitening gels are safely manufactured. It should have certifications to prove that they source their raw materials safely and the manufacturing goes through the ethical process.

3. Let the Manufacturer do the Production

There are several aspects in the business that you need to look after to thrive with the stiff competition in the teeth whitening industry. There’s the quality of your teeth whitening gels, manufacturing, and product marketing. It can be a handful with all these, especially if you are still starting to sell your product to your target market.

However, you can leave the manufacturing to a trusted supplier to produce teeth whitening gels for you. All you need to worry about is how you can properly keep your existing customers and expand your market by introducing your products to potential markets. With a reliable teeth whitening gel manufacturer, your business is undoubtedly in good hands.

4. Low MOQ is not Always Right

While you may immediately dive into a manufacturer that offers a much lower MOQ, it’s not always a guarantee that they can produce the same quality as those with higher MOQs. Remember that suppliers may tend to choose the lowest quality of raw materials for your whitening gels to meet the agreed low MOQ, afford to complete the production, and make a profit. Do not let your teeth whitening gel manufacturer compromise the quality of the products they supply. After all, it’s your business that will be facing the consequences in the end.

5. Work with a Good Service Provider

While you may opt to work straight with factories to supply you with teeth whitening gels, there are essential aspects in manufacturing and distribution where a trading company is best at. Trading companies focus primarily on the customer and work closely with several factories, building excellent relationships.

Surely you can get lower prices by working with a factory; however, it will not hurt you to invest more if it will guarantee you more than just supplying teeth whitening gels. If it assures you to help you manage the complexities of the teeth whitening gel business, then it would be best to choose that manufacturer.

Learn More by Talking with Cinoll

You know how tight the competition can be in any industry today, with several innovations happening every day. As a distributor, you also need to step up your game by giving importance to marketing your teeth whitening gels to your customers.

And as you continue to attract more customers, consistency with the quality of your product is vital. To effectively do that, you need to partner with a manufacturer that can work its way, not just on the manufacturing process but also in supporting your business to be ahead of everyone in the industry consistently. Cinoll has all the criteria to address your concerns from design, manufacturing, and distribution.

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