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Oral care products have recently been growing in popularity in many parts of the world. Indeed, many new kinds of products have made their way into the market.

But not all these products are equally effective or safe. Retailers and consumers should know the standards for quality and choose only the most reliable brands.

Important Facts about UK Teeth Whitening

There are so many home teeth whitening products these days. Ordinary people can simply buy them from stores and use them on their own.

Many of these products are very safe but only when the user strictly follows the instructions. Indeed, oral care authorities still recommend that you go to a dentist if you want to undergo completely safe and effective teeth whitening.

As a matter of fact, in the UK and EU, only certified dentists can legally perform teeth whitening procedures. There are a lot of beauty salons and whitening kiosks that offer these services. However, they can be held liable in case the customer suffers damage due to the procedure.

The EU firmly enforces regulations on the use of hydrogen peroxide for oral care. UK teeth whitening products can contain only up to a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution.

As another option, the products can have as much as 16% carbamide peroxide solution. This has less than 6% of hydrogen peroxide. In other countries like the US, teeth whitening products can contain up to 25% of hydrogen peroxide. These products do have higher whitening power. However, they also come with the risk of burning the gums. They can also cause other long term dental damage.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

If you take a look at the active ingredients in teeth whitening products, you will notice that hydrogen peroxide is almost always present in the list. But what is hydrogen peroxide anyway? And what is its role in teeth whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide is a transparent liquid compound that is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It can be highly unstable and poisonous when found in high concentrations. But in a lower percentage, it is very effective as an antiseptic. This chemical has been a common household remedy for wounds, cuts or burns. It is also a usual ingredient in mouthwash solutions. When applied to the skin, this chemical releases oxygen. It forms what appears to be a foam-like substance. This foam disinfects the area and removes dead skin cells.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Whiten Teeth?

A lot of mouth rinse products contain hydrogen peroxide for its antiseptic properties. However, this ingredient is better known for its role in whitening teeth. Almost all oral care products that whiten teeth contain varying amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

This includes toothpastes and whitening strips. The hydrogen peroxide targets deep-seated stains on the teeth. It creates a bleaching effect on these stains by reacting with a compound found in the tooth. This chemical reaction causes the color of the teeth to become a few shades lighter.

It is very important to note that only very small amounts of hydrogen peroxide must be present in-home teeth whitening products. A low amount is enough to gradually whiten teeth with regular use. As mentioned, in the UK, the amount should not exceed 6%. Higher concentrations may result in many kinds of oral health problems.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe?

As long as the manufacturer adheres to the maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide, teeth whiteners should be perfectly safe to use. It is also very important that the user carefully follows the instructions on the label. This would ensure safety and also boost the effectiveness of the product.

It is important to note that there are a few factors that can contribute to possible problems. For instance, if the concentration is too high, the hydrogen peroxide can cause sensitivity or burn your gums and the inside of your cheeks. Also, if you have any kind of dental infections, it would be advisable to check with your dentist before using any oral care products that contain hydrogen peroxide.

Best Hydrogen Peroxide Gel Supplier List for UK Market

When looking for a supplier for hydrogen peroxide gel, there are top criteria to consider. These are price, reliability and quality of the product. You should also consider stability, location and competency. Here are three of the top suppliers in the market today.

Maroon Group CARE

Maroon Group CARE

This company is made up of three independent suppliers. They all specialize in the manufacture of specialty and commodity chemicals. Two of these companies, Seidler Chemical Company and Holland Chemicals have been operating for more than 100 years. The third company, Lincoln Fine Ingredients, was established in 1976. Maroon Group CARE has a strong commitment to technology and formulation. They also offer nationwide distribution.

Cinoll oral care

Cinoll Manufacture

Oral care products are the forte of Cinoll Manufacture but they also offer so much more. They also have experts that can provide services in product design, as well as R&D. Cinoll Manufacture is based in Shenzhen, China but can ship to any country around the world. They even provide free samples of their products so you can see the superior quality you are going to get.

Cinoll Manufacture is known for their first-class customer service and deep passion for oral health.



For more than 50 years, Reagents has been a trusted manufacturer of specialty chemicals and solutions. They have more than 50,000 kinds of products available to retailers. They are also proud to be the manufacturer of many world-class brands.


Teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide are very safe and effective.

They are also very popular in the market these days, especially in the UK. For oral care companies, these products can generate huge revenue.

You just have to make sure that you source your products from a reputable and reliable supplier.

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