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teeth whitening gel wholesale chinaThe teeth whitening gel industry has seen a huge boom recently as people look for ways to achieve a brighter and whiter smile. Now, then, is the ideal time for people to get their own products on the shelves.

Whether this is your first product, or you’d like to develop an existing teeth whitening gel, Cinoll is the place to go. With our expert researchers and developers, your product will be made exactly to your specifications, and our committed project managers will ensure complete satisfaction throughout the whole process. So, if you’re looking for a teeth whitening gel manufacturer, you’ve found the best there is.

How We Help Big Brands Develop Their Teeth Whitening Gel?

No matter the size of your company, we help you develop teeth whitening gel products that your customers will love. They’ll be so happy with the product that they’ll certainly turn into repeat customers.

As expert teeth whitening gel manufacturers, we know what customers want. Our teeth whitening gel can be customized in many different ways.

teeth whitening gel refill kit sale in bulkFirstly, you can choose different capacities for your kits. The gels come in syringes of 2 ml, 3 ml, 4 ml, or 5 ml, as well as large sizes. It doesn’t matter to us if you prefer tubes or pens. Whichever you choose, these can be customized with patterns and colors as per your requirements.

You can also customize the gel. The teeth whitening gel can be customized in terms of color, formula, and flavor thanks to our self-owned gel lab.

As for packaging, our bespoke service means you can print your branding and logo on all packaging including the pen boxes and pens themselves. We offer various effects, including silk printing and embossing.

As excellent teeth whitening gel manufacturers, Cinoll understands that sales begin with the packaging. Customers need to be drawn to your product by its packaging, then the excellent quality product inside will turn them into repeat customers. At Cinoll, we have researched the best packaging for teeth whitening gel products. You can choose from our on-the-go style box, a 3-piece whitening pen, and syringe box, or a luxury, boutique gift box. Or, if you have other ideas, we’ll happily discuss them with you then make it a reality.

We Make Perfect Private Label of Teeth Whitening Gel

As well as being excellent teeth whitening gel manufacturers for big brands, Cinoll prides itself on being accessible to start-ups and smaller brands too. We offer all our private label services with low minimum orders, which means that we can be everyone’s teeth whitening gel manufacturer, regardless of their size.

high concentration teeth whitening gelWhat’s more, our leading formulas and premium design services will prove that Cinoll knows how to do good business. We have state-of-the-art contract manufacturing capabilities and use only the highest-quality ingredients.

Partnering with Cinoll as your teeth whitening gel manufacturer means you get to choose between wholesale or private label premium personal care products. Whichever you choose, rest assured that these are manufactured in our quality-centered manufacturing facility by our team of highly trained developers, designers, and project managers. Our staff treats each order with the respect it deserves and is meticulous throughout the whole process.

Cinoll keeps an inventory of all the dietary supplements and nutritional information to hand. Furthermore, lots of our products can be dispatched today with your branding printed on them. Lots of our best-selling products are in stock and ready to go. Simply call us up and get your products sent to you today. We ship internationally and have a range of different shipping solutions so that all of our customers can receive their orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose Cinoll as Contract Manufacturer?

There are lots of reasons why choosing Cinoll is good for your company and your brand. These include:

  • Contract manufacturing – we develop your existing formulas or realize your big ideas into finished products that are both viable and best sellers. All formulas and packaging are manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility in China.
  • R & D product development – we work with all sorts of companies. If you’re in the first stages of designing your tooth whitening gel product, we’re the people for you. Equally, we’re here for companies with existing products to help you tweak your proven sellers. We have formulation engineers ready to work with you to develop products to make them perfect.
  • Quality focused – here at Cinoll, we pride ourselves on high quality. We make sure we do things the right way whether it’s the first time we’ve done it or the 100th Cinoll is FDA-registered and ISO-certified. What’s more, we follow strict guidelines and comply with all regulatory requirements as necessary in the personal care industry.


If you’re looking for a new teeth whitening gel manufacturer, call Cinoll today. No matter the size of your company or its status, we work with everyone to ensure they are successful in their teeth whitening gel business. Let us help you to be successful.

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