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While many brands are looking for reliable supplier, we discover that most of them are ignoring the basic knowledge of teeth whitening strips. Here we share something you need to know before looking for a contract manufacturer of teeth whitening strips.



Whitening strips are flexible gel-type film patches for teeth whitening that are easy to use and effective in rapidly whitening teeth.

It consists of a plastic film layer, an elastic gel layer and a peeling backing layer.

dental teeth whitening strips manufacturerThe plastic film layer is transparent and has a shape suitable for the user’s teeth, and the film has a regular or irregular shape of bars, squares, circles, diamonds or all patterned shapes of shallow pits, which acts as a barrier to saliva and protects the elastic gel layer. The elastic gel layer contains peroxide as a tooth whitening agent, a plant whitening factor and a highly viscous hydrophilic elastic gel agent with the ability to form an elastic film shape.

The peel backing layer is a transparent or opaque plastic sheet coated with a stabilizer that maintains the elasticity of the gel.

Type of Teeth Whitening Strips You Can Choose

The types of teeth whitening stickers available on the market are: gel-based, dry, and soluble.

Gel-type Whitening Strips

These are teeth whitening strips where the gel is semi-wet.

Dry Whitening strips

The gel layer on the strips is dry, but it creates a strong bond when hydrated with saliva and can stay attached to the teeth for a long time (up to 6 hours or more) to ensure that the whitening agent in the patch has a better traction on the teeth. Dry strips are easier to store and more comfortable to use, and can be used for professional nighttime teeth bleaching.

Soluble Strips

Soluble strips are new products based on dry strips and the gel layer is also dry. The difference is that this product dissolves completely in the mouth and does not need to be removed from the teeth after use.

Whitening Analysis

The elastic gel-shaped strip has the best adhesion to the tooth surface due to its unique elastic adhesive force and tension. It provides the best adhesion to the tooth surface, improves the contact area between the gel layer and the tooth form and improves the action time with the teeth whitening agent in the tooth, thus improving the whitening effect of the teeth.

teeth whitening strips before and afterWhen the strip is attached to the tooth surface, the tooth whitening ingredients and saliva contact, open to make the release of new ecological active oxygen, these oxygen radicals can penetrate deeply into the enamel and dentin through the microporous structure of the teeth to break down the pigment to achieve the whitening effect of teeth.

Good dental strip requires active oxygen to be generated continuously until the paste is removed from the teeth, and the longer the duration of the generated oxygen bubbles, the better the teeth whitening effect will be.

Simple Tests for You to Tell Strips Quality

1. Test the resistance to water dissolution

💡Test method:

The dental sticker is torn off from the base film and put into a transparent glass of water (the water temperature is around 40 degrees), the naked eye can see the rapid decomposition and dissolution of bad water resistance.


A high quality dental strip needs to use the world’s original preparation process, so that the gel layer of the strip has the characteristics of elasticity and high density, which can effectively and long time resist saliva dissolution.

This is very important because the peroxidase in saliva can quickly destroy the hydrogen peroxide in the strip and thus render the hydrogen peroxide ineffective, so it is important to improve the water solubility resistance of the gel layer of the paste so that the paste will not be washed down by the water-based saliva and dissolve quickly.

This will ensure that the hydrogen peroxide works on the teeth for a longer period of time, thus getting superior whitening effect!

2. Test gel strength of strips

💡Test method:

  1. Test if the gel on the strip will stick to your hand when you peel it off.
  2. Touch the gel layer on the strip with your hand to test if the gel sticks to your hand.
  3. A better test is to squeeze your finger to see if the gel will stick to your hand.


The gel on a quality dental strip will not stick to the hand like ordinary dental strip, because when consumers use dental strip, the hand will touch the gel layer on the film of the strip, especially when you just use the strip, you may inadvertently pinch, so it is easier to stick the gel on the strip to the hand, so that the gel of the paste is missing, resulting in poor whitening effect.

The high quality dental strip because of the high strength gel, even if very hard to touch the gel will not bring up the gel, completely eliminating the gel adhered to the hands of this situation.

3. Test peelability of the strips

💡Test method:

  1. Do not take out the strip, together with the aluminum pouch with different degrees of external pressure to pinch, and then remove the strip from the aluminum pouch to tear off, to see if there is gel residue.
  2. After pulling out the sticker from the aluminum bag, do not tear up the sticker from the base film, pinch and press it together with the base film, and then perform the tear-off test to see if the sticker can be torn off properly.


A good quality dental strip can be torn up from the plastic film freely, and the appearance of the paste is neat and clean after it is torn off, and there is no gel left on the plastic film even after squeezing.

black charcoal teeth whitening stripsBecause the packaging process of aluminum pouch will be subject to external pressure, or the user from the aluminum pouch in the process of extracting the tooth strip will also be pinched and squeezed by the fingers, which requires the tooth paste has sufficient easy to tear away.

4. Test stability of the strips

💡Test method:

International test is to use high temperature to test the stability of products containing peroxide over time, because with the rise in ambient temperature products containing peroxide will become more unstable, generally speaking, the temperature reaches 45 degrees, peroxide will become very active, will accelerate the release of gas and accelerate the decomposition, and the temperature reaches 60 degrees (this temperature is terrible for peroxide) products will be decomposed at high speed and failure, and will produce a very strong gas rise.

The more the product can withstand high temperature, the longer it can be kept at room temperature. If it can be kept at the extreme temperature of 60 degrees for more than a week, then the product will be more stable and can be kept at room temperature for a year, increasing this high temperature tolerance to more than 20-30 days.

(High quality dental strips have been improved to withstand high temperature environment at 60 degrees for 20 days without decomposition of gas, 20-30 days or longer will not dissolve or become dry and hard). This way, the paste can be stored at room temperature for two to three years, and the whitening effect will not diminish during the validity period.


This is an extremely important condition, as the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in the dental strip is unstable and mobile, which makes the product difficult to store.

customized teeth whitening strips private labelThe product from the production, transportation, storage, distribution, sales need a long process, plus the temperature, weather, transport conditions, etc. will lead to accelerate the change of dental paste, so the stability of the product is essential, can provide room temperature state can be stored for more than two to three years of dental paste, will not rise gas will not dissolve, and the whitening effect will not be reduced dental paste, is an important prerequisite for sales.

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