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A bright and sparkling smile is often associated with good health, confidence, and attractiveness. While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available in the market, the most effective and safe way to achieve a dazzling smile is by using teeth whitening gels recommended by dentists. These gels contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which penetrate deep into the teeth to remove stains and discoloration.

In this article, we’ll explore the best teeth whitening gels used by dentists. From professional-grade kits to prescription-strength gels, we’ll examine the options available for those looking to whiten their teeth under the guidance of a dental professional.

First, Choose Between HP and CP Gels?

Bleaching with carbamide peroxide differs from use of hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide breaks down in minutes into a perhydroxyl free radical (HO2) and then into H2O + O2. On the other hand, carbamide peroxide breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide, which then follows the same path.

A 10% carbamide peroxide solution is equivalent to 3.5% hydrogen peroxide and 6.5% urea. The effect of the urea is partly to increase the pH during treatment and give the bleaching medium a longer period of release of peroxide. The urea also converts to carbon dioxide and ammonia, which further raises the pH to facilitate bleaching, explaining why carbamide peroxide is more effective than hydrogen peroxide.

Types of Teeth Whitening Gels

Carbamide Peroxide Gels

Carbamide peroxide is a chemical compound that is commonly used in teeth whitening gels. It works by breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, which then oxidizes and removes stains from the enamel of the teeth.

The most commonly used percentage of carbamide peroxide in teeth whitening gels is 6-35%. The higher the percentage of carbamide peroxide, the stronger the whitening effect. However, it is important to note that higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide can also increase the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

It is recommended to start with a lower concentration of carbamide peroxide and gradually increase if needed under the guidance of a dental professional. The duration and frequency of use also depend on the percentage of carbamide peroxide used. A higher concentration should be used for a shorter period of time, and less frequently, to minimize sensitivity and damage to tooth enamel.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gels

Gel forms of whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide are frequently used to whiten teeth. The main component in these products is hydrogen peroxide, which interacts with the natural colors in teeth to disintegrate and eliminate them.

The amount of hydrogen peroxide that is most frequently used in these solutions is 35%. Although most people find this dosage to be safe and efficient, it should only be used under a dentist’s or other dental professional’s guidance.

Lower hydrogen peroxide amounts (like 6% or 8%) may also be used for teeth bleaching, but they might not be as successful at eliminating stubborn spots. High hydrogen peroxide amounts (such as 16% or greater) are typically not advised due to the risk of harm to the teeth and gums when used incorrectly.

PAP Whitening Gels

PAP whitening gels are a type of teeth whitening product that contain Phthalimido peroxy caproic acid (PAP) as the active ingredient. PAP is a relatively new whitening agent that has been shown to be effective in removing dental stains and discolorations.

The common percentages of PAP in whitening gels can range from 2% to 18%, with 12% being a commonly used concentration. It’s important to follow the instructions on the product label or those given by a dental professional when using PAP whitening gels, as overuse or improper application can cause sensitivity or damage to the teeth and gums.

*For difference between each gels, read Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Carbamide Peroxide

Best Teeth Whitening Gels Used by Dentists

10% HP Teeth Whitening Gels for dentists

10% HP Teeth Whitening Gels

The 10% HP Teeth Whitening Gel is an innovative dental product that dentists can use to whiten their patients’ teeth for a brighter, more radiant smile. This gel formula contains 10% hydrogen peroxide (HP), which is a safe and effective method for whitening teeth without causing damage or discomfort.

With consistent use of the 10% HP Teeth Whitening Gel, patients can achieve teeth that are several shades whiter than before. This powerful formula penetrates deep into the enamel to break down stains and remove discoloration, leaving teeth looking clean and bright.

The 10% HP Teeth Whitening Gel is easy to use and can be applied in-office or at home. Dentists can provide their patients with a customized treatment plan based on their individual needs and goals. The gel comes in a convenient syringe that makes it easy to apply precisely to the affected teeth.

Overall, the 10% HP Teeth Whitening Gel is a reliable and effective solution for dentists who want to help their patients achieve a brighter and more confident smile. Its safe, gentle and non-invasive formula makes it a top choice for professionals who prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction.

16% HP teeth whitening gels by dentist

16% HP Teeth Whitening Gels

A form of bleaching substance used to lighten the natural shade of dental enamel is 16% HP teeth whitening gel. When applied to the teeth, the active component, hydrogen peroxide, decomposes into water and oxygen molecules. By penetrating the enamel and bleaching out any spots, the oxygen molecules leave behind a brighter, clearer look.

These gels can be brushed on or placed in a plate that is specially made to suit the teeth. The tray technique is more efficient because it enables more even gel dispersal and improved gel adherence to the teeth. For a time of one to two weeks, it is advised that people use the gel for 30 to an hour every day. Depending on how severe the staining is, the course of therapy may differ, but it’s essential to remember that abuse can make teeth sensitive and irritated.

35% HP teeth whitening gels for dentists

30% HP Teeth Whitening Gels

A professional-grade bleaching gel, 30% HP Teeth bleaching Gel is made to whiten teeth quickly and effectively. Hydrogen peroxide, a strong and secure bleaching substance that can remove tough spots and discolouration, is used in this gel at a concentration of 30%.

This whitening powder is simple to use and can be used at home or in the workplace. Apply a tiny quantity of the gel to the teeth, then wait the predetermined length of time before brushing. The effects can last for several months and are apparent after just one use.

Although there are many over-the-counter choices for teeth whitening, they occasionally fail to whiten teeth or cause damage to the gums and teeth. A secure and efficient method to whiten your customers’ teeth without causing harm or sensitivity is to use 30% HP Teeth Whitening Gel.

35% HP gel syringes used by dentists

35% HP Teeth Whitening Gels

While 35% HP teeth whitening gel can be highly effective, it’s important to note that this level of concentration is strong and should only be used under the supervision of a dental professional. Improper use can lead to tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and even chemical burns. A dental professional can help ensure that the treatment is safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

One of the main benefits of 35% HP teeth whitening gel is its high level of effectiveness. This concentration can produce dramatic results in a short period of time, and can remove even stubborn stains that may not respond to other types of whitening treatments. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all types of discoloration can be treated with teeth whitening, and that results may vary depending on factors such as the individual’s age, diet, and oral hygiene habits.

16% CP teeth whitening gel by dentists

16% CP Teeth Whitening Gels

One of the benefits of using a 16% CP teeth whitening gel is its ability to produce noticeable results in a relatively short amount of time. Users typically apply the gel to their teeth using a custom-fitted tray that is worn for a few hours each day, with results typically visible within a week or two of regular use.

Another advantage of this gel is its relatively low sensitivity profile when compared to other teeth whitening agents, such as hydrogen peroxide. While some users may experience minor sensitivity during treatment, it is generally less intense and shorter-lived than the discomfort associated with other whitening products.

It should be noted, however, that using a 16% CP teeth whitening gel for prolonged or frequent periods may cause discomfort or sensitivity in some individuals. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or dentist and consult a dental professional if any issues arise.

35% CP teeth whitening gel by dentists

35% CP Teeth Whitening Gels

The professional-grade teeth whitening product 35% CP gels have lately grown in appeal due to their potent and quick-acting results. Carbamide peroxide (CP), a bleaching substance that efficiently eliminates spots and discolouration from teeth, is present in high quantity in this whitening gel.

The quickness of 35% CP teeth whitening gel is one of its primary benefits. Users can noticeably enhance their teeth’s brightness with just one procedure. The gel eliminates the molecular interactions that result in discolouration by permeating the enamel. This procedure can be finished in as little as 30 minutes, making it an efficient and practical choice for people who are occupied.

Effectiveness is a further advantage of 35% CP teeth bleaching cream. It offers more dramatic effects than over-the-counter whitening items because it is a professional-grade option. It has been rigorously tried and found to be incredibly effective at eliminating even tough spots, like those brought on by coffee, tea, and tobacco.

44% CP gel syringes used by dentists

44% CP Teeth Whitening Gels

When using 44% CP teeth whitening gel, it’s important to follow proper application procedures to avoid any potential side effects such as tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Dental professionals should educate their patients on the proper use of the gel and advise them to avoid overuse or misuse.

It’s also important for dental professionals to carefully select the teeth whitening products they recommend to their patients. 44% CP teeth whitening gel is a powerful option, but may not be suitable for all patients, especially those with existing dental issues such as cavities or gum disease.

Order Your Gels with Qualified Manufacturer

Overall, it is clear why professional teeth whitening gels used by dentists remain the best option when it comes to achieving the desired results. Not only do they offer gentle and effective whitening without harming delicate tooth enamel, but they provide long-lasting, superior whitening that is typically not attainable with over-the-counter alternatives.

With fast and easy treatments at a dentist’s office, anyone can finally experience the bright smile of their dreams. Ultimately, if you want safe and reliable whitening gels for your business, trusting the gels used by dentist for professional grade gels is the surest way to go. So before committing to an expensive set of potions from your local store, consider seeking out a specialist in order to make your pearly whites truly sparkle brighter than ever!

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