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teeth whitening kit contract manufacturingWhether you have an existing product or an idea for one, if you’re looking for a teeth whitening kit manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place.

Cinoll has a team of the best researchers, developers, and project managers to ensure the best teeth whitening kit contract manufacturing there is.

Based in China, Cinoll works with brands large and small across the globe for all teeth whitening, toothpaste, and other oral care supplies. With customizable products and packaging, Cinoll offers a second-to-none service that beats all competition. To find out more about Cinoll as teeth whitening manufacturers, continue reading.

How We Help Big Brands Develop Their Teeth Whitening Kit?

Whatever the size of your business, Cinoll is here to help you develop your teeth whitening kit products. As a teeth whitening kit manufacturer, Cinoll offers high-quality, customized products to our customers with a quick and efficient turnaround. You can receive your products with branded printed within seven days, or customized packaging within 14 days. Let’s take a look at some of the teeth whitening products we offer:

teeth whitening kit supplies with packagingCustomized Packaging Box

Whether you’re starting a new product or you’re changing your existing one, our customized teeth whitening kit packaging boxes are a one-stop-shop. We offer metal boxes, paper boxes, folding boxes, bags, or other items you can come up with.

Private Logo Printing

Your customers will get a good impression of your brand if you have a well-designed logo on your products. Cinoll offers private logo services so you can have your brand logo printed on products or molded into them.

Customized Jar Stickers

Jar stickers can be customized to your brand, logo, and preferred colors.

Customized Display Bags

Display bags can be customized with your logo and brand name.

custom pap+ teeth whitening kits supplierMaking kits different

With Cinoll, our clients can choose kits that are unique and that stand out from the crowd of general products out there. We help our brands sell customized teeth whitening products that will win the interest of customers. We offer private moldings that make teeth whitening original and memorable.

You can choose products in a huge range of colors, shapes, functions, and packaging styles. Cinoll’s customized kits stand out from the competition.

Cinoll’s technology and equipment

As a teeth whitening kit manufacturer, Cinoll has access to the latest equipment and technology. We’re also willing to discuss the sourcing of new equipment for clients if they require a very customized process.

We Make Perfect Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits

With our state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facilities, Cinoll can offer premium design services and industry-leading formulas. What’s more, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with any size of business, so small businesses don’t need to worry about minimum order sizes.

assembled teeth whitening kit packagingPersonal care is a billion-dollar industry and as an excellent, premium teeth whitening kit manufacturer, Cinoll only uses the highest quality ingredients for our products. With us, you can choose between wholesale or private label oral care products, and all of these are manufactured in a quality-centered manufacturing facility with our highly trained development, design, and project management teams. Our staff is meticulous in every aspect of our projects.

We carry on-hand inventories for lots of different product type options, including dietary and nutritional supplements. Lots of our products can be ready with your label on and shipped today so your wholesale business can be up and running in no time by giving us a call. We ship our products internationally and have lots of different shipping options to suit our clients’ needs for a quick and efficient service.

Why Choose Cinoll as Contract Manufacturer?

Know that by choosing Cinoll as your teeth whitening kit manufacturer, you are getting the best products and services the industry has to offer. Here are three reasons why Cinoll is an excellent choice for your contract manufacturer:

  • Contract manufacturing – we develop your ideas or customize our existing products into viable finished products that you’ll love. These are all made in our state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility in China.
  • R&D product development – whether you already have a proven seller that you want to tweak or you’re looking to develop a new and unique formula from scratch, Cinoll’s formulation engineers will work with you to help design and produce the perfect product.
  • Quality focused – here at Cinoll, we pride ourselves on quality. We make sure to manufacture the right way – the first time, every time. Cinoll is an ISO-certified, FDA-registered company, and we follow strict guidelines while complying with all necessary regulatory requirements as required by our industry.


To conclude, Cinoll can help you both design and make a customized teeth whitening kit solution to satisfy your clients’ needs and encourage repeat custom. Our team of teeth whitening kit manufacturers is ready to answer all of your questions and meet your requirements whether you’re a new, small business, or an established large brand.

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