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teeth whitening kit supplies for bulk ordersWhen you are in a business, your goal is to earn a profit and expand your scope. Business expansion is not a one-time plan. There must be considerations on the new products you want to introduce to your target market and marketing strategies on how to promote them. The pandemic adds to the challenges you have to consider when expanding your business.

However, this is also the time to be more flexible with your options. Here at Cinoll, we ensure to provide you with valuable opportunities for your business expansion.

What’s in your branded teeth whitening kits

Cinoll ensures high-quality teeth whitening products to large or small companies in the shortest time possible. There are various teeth whitening kits in the market, so you should get to know them before choosing what to offer next to your clients.

1. Whitening moldable trays/pre-filled trays

These are one-size-fits-all kits that come with trays filled with whitening gel. This kit comes in handy for people on the go. Teeth whitening trays also come in two materials: the EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) trays and TPE (thermoplastic) trays. They both come in one-size-fits-all trays that customers can use with a gel that comes in a syringe.

2. Whitening LED light

Teeth whitening lights are now increasingly popular because of their aesthetic appeal and better results. The lights attached to a tray help activate the whitening gel for a faster whitening process. The addition of LED lights to the teeth whitening process improves the capability of whitening agents, resulting in whiter teeth.

3. Syringe Gel

The contents of the gel include a dental-grade 35% carbamide peroxide in a customized flavor. The syringe gel is safe for the enamel, as well as crowns, caps, and veneers. Users must ensure to use as directed. This way, they can see results immediately after one treatment without any teeth sensitivity. The syringe gel even removes years of stain from drinking coffee, wine, soda, tea, and smoking.

4. Teeth Shade Guide

The oral care industry uses teeth shade guides to match your current teeth color to the corresponding color on the chart. The simulated teeth usually use plastic or porcelain to make the shade guides.

Disposable teeth shade guides work perfectly for in-home teeth whitening kits. It is a side-by-side comparison tool to track teeth whitening progress and gauge teeth shade before and after whitening. Shade guides usually come in papers for better recycling after use.

5. Retainer Cases

You can include this in your teeth whitening kit and customize the case with your brand, logo, graphics, colors, additional decoration, and special inserts.

6. Paper Instruction

Your kit must come with a manual so customers can effectively use the teeth whitening kit. Customize the user manual with your company’s logo, language, and paper size.

7. Teeth Whitening Pods

Customize the color of your gel pods and packaging.

Running a business is more than just the products. While it is great to be familiar with them, you also have to understand business procedures for maximum profitability as a teeth whitening kit distributor.

Do you know about private labeling?

teeth whitening kit case and teeth whitening gel and guideNo business is too small with Cinoll. As a teeth whitening kit manufacturer, we continue to support small and large-scale businesses by ensuring your company and brand stand out. With Cinoll, we put your brand on the label of the products instead of Cinoll’s brand. This allows you to make your brand and business stand out.

With private labeling, you have control over several things like pricing, production, packaging, sizing, and distribution without the need to invest in a manufacturing facility. Cinoll will take care of producing your teeth whitening kits, including the packaging for the products to make it your brand.

Teeth whitening kits are one of the most popular products Cinoll manufactures for clients. We can customize the teeth whitening light, teeth whitening syringe, or teeth whitening gel, including the whole packaging boxes. Since we guarantee a one-of-a-kind product design, we always work around your design and packaging files to present demo designs for you. Choosing private labeling with Cinoll has never been this hassle-free.

Have you thought about inventory and manufacturing?

As your business grows, you get to reach more consumers. This means that your revenue is increasing. You can also expect a higher demand for your products. To ensure and maintain the growth of your business, Cinoll can help you with a stable product inventory to keep your brand’s satisfaction.

Also, demand for teeth whitening products can change drastically depending on how the business environment moves. In the festive months of November and December, you can expect spas and dental clinics to be full of people for teeth whitening appointments. Of course, as a teeth whitening distributor, you have to make sure you have enough stock to accommodate the demand for your products. Cinoll will provide inventory support without worrying about warehousing. We make sure to stock up on popular whitening products in advance and book extra warehousing facilities.

Get free samples from our factory

private label teeth whitening lights wholesaleNow that you decided to venture into the teeth whitening business, you also need a teeth whitening kit manufacturer. The process of putting up a business in the industry can be a handful, lengthy, and costly. You need to have a manufacturer to manage the complexities of the business procedures.

As a teeth whitening kit manufacturer for a decade, Cinoll assures that all materials used in oral care products are safe. We fully adhere to FDA and ISO standards and only guarantee premium quality products.

Cinoll, a company that caters to private labeling, continues to expand their factory and manufacturing base to provide you with concrete and desirable solutions for your teeth whitening kit business. Cinoll will also continue to update customized packaging, explore possibilities on teeth whitening formula and offer inventory and warehousing facilities at a nominal cost.

Being your partner in the industry, we make sure to help you successfully overcome whatever challenges you might be facing in boosting your oral care business.

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