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As a teeth whitening LED manufacturer, we know a thing or two about how to expand your teeth whitening business. No matter your business’s size, you should always think of ways to ensure its success. Often, this comes with expanding and diversifying. Sure, you want to offer a particular product.

However, a successful business is one that is flexible so that it can survive in times of crisis such as a shrinking economy or the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here, at Cinoll, we will help you to remain successful and support you in your business expansion.

What Kind of Teeth Whitening LED Kits is Best to Order?

teeth whitening lights for private label kitsTeeth whitening LED kits are an increasingly popular way for people to whiten their teeth at home. As a teeth whitening LED manufacturer, we know all there is to know about the types of teeth whitening LED kits that are available. In sharing our knowledge, we can help you as a teeth whitening brand and business to maximize your success and your earning potential.

Teeth whitening via light power is nothing new, at least not this century! There are primarily three types of light operated teeth whitening kits: UV light, Halogen Light, and LED.

Most of us have heard of UV, or ultra-violet lights. UV light uses heat to improve teeth whiteness. However, this type of light poses some risks and so only qualified dental practitioners should use it.

Halogen light is also heat-based. The heat comes from a component within the gadget. As there is heat involved, this method also comes with a risk of burns. Lastly, there are LED teeth whitening kits. LED stands for light-emitting diode. These lights appear light blue in appearance and do not produce heat. As such, there is no risk of burns. This means that they are safe for people to use at home as well as being highly effective. No matter your business, you are always best choosing LED teeth whitening kits for your brand.

LED teeth whitening kits come in different types. The number of light beads can be changed. Cinoll can customize your LED teeth whitening kits to meet your needs for reasonable prices. We offer LED kits with varying numbers of light beads: 1, 5, 16, 32, 48, 100, or 200. The more lights in each kit, the stronger the bleaching effect on the teeth and the higher efficiency of the process. Our kits produce results that last a long time, removing coffee, tea, wine, and cigarette stains that have been there years.

Additionally, there are further ways you can customize your teeth whitening LED kits such as whether your kits will have wire charging or magnetic charging. There is also the option for USB charging from a mobile phone. Finally, Cinoll would not be as successful as we are as a teeth whitening LED manufacturer if we did not offer our famous customized packaging. It can be customized on both the inside and the outside of your products.

Having said this, it is important that no business plan is secure, especially in these uncertain times. As such, you need to ensure you understand all the business’s procedures to reach maximum profitability and success for your business.

Do You Know About Private Labeling?

pink teeth whitening kit with white label packagingWhen it comes to your teeth whitening LED kits, you should think about private labels. Private label branding would mean that you can enjoy the production process and designing your products as well as choose their customization details. You have full control over pricing, packaging, sizing, and distribution all without having to set up your own manufacturing facility. In choosing private label teeth whitening LED kits, you can set your band up in the cosmetic dental industry without worry, knowing that no matter what, there will be no product out there that matches yours.

For example, with Cinoll, you can choose what color your LED lights in your kits will be! Fancy blue or red? No problem! You can change the charging methods, the adapters, the shape and size of the packaging case and even have custom body colors. For Cinoll, nothing is too much to ask. Our kits themselves can also have unique shapes to help you stand out from the market crowd.

Have You Thought About Inventory and Warehousing?

Many people sell their teeth whitening LED kits to clinics or spas, some sell them over the counter in stores, and many offer a bit of both. Some businesses these days are solely online too. No matter how you market your teeth whitening products, you will need to think about your inventory and warehousing.

Your client numbers can change quickly, depending on the current business and economic climate. Additionally, many clients will purchase teeth whitening LED kits at specific times of the year such as in the run up to the festive season or in the spring before summer vacations. At these times of the year, your business must be ready to meet market demand. It is important that you stock up and think ahead when ordering your products and arranging warehousing facilities.

Get Expert Help from Us

wired teeth whitening lights for oral care brandsIn order to ensure the success of your brand, you need a teeth whitening LED manufacturer that not only meets your needs in terms of products but also one that offers support throughout the process. Managing the complexities of producing and marketing teeth whitening LED kits is often tricky. Working with expert manufacturers means that you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

Not only that, working with ISO-certified and FDA-registered teeth whitening LED kit manufacturers like Cinoll means that you will have premium quality products that are safe.

Manufacturers like ourselves can also offer you warehousing and inventory facilities for a minimal cost. This means that whilst you’re hiring their services, you can also use them to support your ancillary business activities too. This means that you can focus on the task at hand: satisfying your customers with the whitest of teeth thanks to their LED teeth whitening kits.

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