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teeth whitening strips manufacturingWherever you are in the world, if you’re searching for a teeth whitening strips manufacturer, Cinoll is here to help. Whether you’ve just got an idea or already have a product developed, Cinoll’s expert research and development team with its committed project managers is among the very best in teeth whitening strips contract manufacturing.

Teeth whitening strips are big business and now makes the perfect time to launch a new teeth whitening strips business. Existing businesses can take advantage of Cinoll’s top-class manufacturing facilities to produce the best products out there.

How We Help Big Brands Develop Their Teeth Whitening Strips?

As a teeth whitening strips manufacturer, Cinoll is approved and registered with the FDA. What’s more, we ensure we follow medical protocol when producing our products. Our teeth whitening research team has over ten years of experience in formula creation.

We pride ourselves on setting ourselves apart from other teeth whitening strips manufacturers. Unlike other companies, we send free samples to our clients so that they can make informed decisions before collaborating with us to produce their products.

customized teeth whitening strips private labelOur teeth whitening strips can be customized according to the needs of your customers and market. The strips can be made in different flavors, including atypical ones like strawberry and coconut.

The packaging of your teeth whitening strips can also be personalized to your brand too. Let’s take a look at the customization options in more detail:

Individual Packaging

Each whitening strip made by Cinoll is packaged on its own to ensure the strips are both hygienic and convenient to use.

Supply set

Whitening strips from Cinoll come in well-designed packages that your clients will love. Packaging plays a vital role in customer acquisition and retention so we pay close attention to the quality of your product packaging.

Flavor customizations

As mentioned, your teeth whitening strips can be customized in terms of flavor. Cinoll has a wide range of flavors, including charcoal!

Customized strip colors

There are different color strips available at Cinoll. Your brand image is important, and so Cinoll can ensure your teeth whitening strips are the best for your brand.

We Make Perfect Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips

If you’re looking for a teeth whitening strip manufacturer that offers state-of-the-art contract manufacturing capabilities with industry-leading formulas, premium design services, and low minimum orders, Cinoll is here for you.

black charcoal teeth whitening stripsThe personal care sector is a billion-dollar industry and as manufacturers, Cinoll understands the importance of making products with the best quality ingredients.

We offer two ways of working with us: you can choose either wholesale or private label products. Our products are made in a quality-centered facility with a team of highly trained designers, developers, and project managers. We assure a meticulous approach to every detail of our clients’ products.

Here at Cinoll, we have an on-hand inventory that includes all dietary and nutritional supplements for various types of products. Lots of our products are ready to go today with your label put on them. As a wholesale manufacturer, we have many popular and proven products ready to ship today. It’s really easy to call up Cinoll and get a wholesale business started. We ship our products globally and have lots of different shipping solutions to get the finalized products delivered to our clients quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Cinoll as Contract Manufacturer?

When looking for a teeth whitening strips manufacturer, Cinoll has lots of strengths. These include:

Contract manufacturing

Cinoll can develop your existing ideas into a formula of your choosing, resulting in a viable end product that has been manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO Certified facility in China.

R&D product development

For clients looking to develop an original formula idea from scratch, we can work with you. It might be that you have an existing formula you’d like tweaking or that you want to create something new. Either way, our on-staff formulation engineers will work with you to develop your perfect product.

Quality focused

Here at Cinoll, we pride ourselves on quality. We ensure that we manufacture all our teeth whitening strips perfectly, first time, every time. As an ISO-certified and FDA-registered company, we follow the strictest guidelines and regulations pertaining to the personal care industry.


So, for anyone searching for a teeth whitening strips manufacturer, you’ve seen here how Cinoll can help realize your dreams and goals. Whether it’s wholesale or private label, your products will be well-designed and well-made, ready to go on sale. Contact Cinoll today to help you produce the best teeth whitening strips on the market.

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