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teeth whitening strips supplier oemHave you been searching for teeth whitening strips vendors for a while now? Is your business suffering from a supply glut and you don’t know where and how to find a reliable supplier? If you are reading this article right now then you are in luck.

In this article, you will learn how to identify manufacturers of teeth whitening strips that produce only products of the highest quality. You will also learn how to differentiate between real vendors who produce their own products and 3rd party vendors who cannot be trusted.

Tell the Difference between Factories

As you do your research, we are sure that you would have noticed that many of the businesses you come across that parade themselves as teeth whitening strips vendors are nothing more than trading companies acting as middle men. This is quite frustrating, right? If you want to avoid paying over the odds for whitening strips that may not even be of good quality, here are some tips you can use to help you tell the difference between a trading company and a manufacturing factory.

Business Name

First, check the business name of the company in question. If it is a Chinese company and their name is a Chinese name and they reference a Chinese city or province then you are most certainly dealing with a manufacturer. Trading companies on the other hand use generic names that will appeal to a global audience.

Office Address

Another way to tell is by looking at their office address. Trading companies rarely operate from industrial areas, instead, they use suite offices and high-rise building addresses. However, if you see teeth whitening strips vendors with factory addresses in industrial areas then just know that you are dealing with a manufacturer.


cinoll certificationsTrading companies do not have certifications for the products that they market and they do not have to. Certifications are one of the major distinctions between trading companies and manufacturers. Manufacturers have to hold licenses for their products to meet the health standards of countries they ship to while traders do not since they are merely wholesalers or middle men.

Product Niche

Another way is to look at their product niche. If the teeth whitening strips vendors also market other non related oral care products then you are most likely dealing with a trading company. A manufacturer of teeth whitening strips will likely limit its product niche to oral care products and nothing more.

Qualifications for Teeth Whitening Strips Vendors

When searching for a vendor to be your supplier, you need to check for their qualifications as this will tell you all you need to know about them. Any vendor without qualifications is a vendor whose product quality you can’t vouch for. And the last thing you want is to order a large consignment of whitening strips that will be rejected at your port of entry because the products fail to meet quality guidelines.

Three major certifications you should always check for include

  •    CE
  •    FDA
  •    MSDS

Although there are many other certifications, these three are the major ones. If you buy from a certified manufacturer, you will always receive high quality strips, not substandard strips that could ruin your business image.

Why Cinoll Can be Your Teeth Whitening Strips Vendor?

teeth whitening strips china supplierIf you want a guaranteed supplier who will deliver a constant supply of high quality teeth whitening strips and at affordable prices that will give you price leverage in the intense oral care market then Cinoll is just the company.

Cinoll is a teeth whitening strips vendor with an existing contractual relationship with hundreds of brands around the world. These brands hire Cinoll to manufacture their branded strips and they never fail to deliver. Such is the huge orders they handle that their factory in China currently has a production capacity of 1 million teeth whitening strips a month.

On top of that, they guarantee consistent product quality that customers can vouch for. So if you want to enjoy a consistent supply of products, Cinoll is one contract manufacturer you can always trust. Besides the quality and consistent supply you stand to gain, you also enjoy special branding services. If you order a consignment of teeth whitening strips from them, you will get

  •    Customized packaging for each strip
  •    A printed logo of the company on your strips
  •    FDA Certification on the labels
  •    Customized packing of 500 strips or depending on your requirement
  •    Strips for sensitive and normal teeth based on your demands


So now that you know where to find a stable supplier no longer should you waste more time searching for teeth whitening strips vendors. With Cinoll, you can resolve your supply chain problems and grow your business while scaling profits at the same time. Contact Cinoll now and ask for a sample to get started.

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