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It is no secret that many oral care product retailers prefer to buy teeth whitening strips wholesale from the manufacturer rather than from retailers. The most popular reason for this is the cheaper cost of wholesale purchases. But aside from that, there are a few other important reasons that business owners should be aware of.

Wholesale vs. Retail

There are two main ways to approach the eCommerce industry. You either become a retailer or a wholesaler.

In retail, your main objective is to procure products and sell these at a profit to consumers or end-users. As a retailer, you will typically buy just enough items to stock your inventory. You will obviously add a markup to your selling price so that you can make money, but you will also have to make sure that your prices are not too high that no one would want to buy from you.

In wholesale, you buy directly from the manufacturers in bulk, and work to sell these items to resellers, who will then pass the items on to the buying public. Wholesalers get to avail of the very low prices offered by manufacturers because of the sheer volume of their purchases. Most of the time, you will qualify for lower prices as the volume of your order goes up.

Pay Attention to Wholesale Price

The difference between retail price and wholesale price is usually quite vast. For instance, if you are an oral care business that is looking to buy teeth whitening strips wholesale, you will quickly find that the wholesale price is just a small fraction of the cost of even the cheapest strips you can find in stores.

Large Volume Orders Make up For Loss of Revenue

There are several reasons why wholesale prices are so low but the primary reason is that the volume makes up for the loss of profit per item. This is why manufacturers have an MOQ or minimum order quantity. If you, as a wholesaler, can meet their MOQ requirement, you can avail the discounted price because you are buying a lot of their products anyway, and this makes up for the lack of per item revenue.

Very Little Warehousing Expenses

Another reason why manufacturers can afford to sell at very cheap wholesale prices is because they incur very little expense in warehousing. This is especially true for private label manufacturers or those that produce only custom items for clients. The agreement usually states that as soon as production is done, the items will be shipped to the client as soon as possible. Hence, there is no need for long-term storage within the manufacturer’s facilities.

Negligible Marketing Costs

Since manufacturers usually just work with large wholesalers, they don’t need to put their products out in public. It doesn’t even matter if the public is not aware of who they are because the public is not their target market. This saves them a tremendous amount on advertising and marketing, which is something that retailers would have to spend on in order to establish their brand.

How to Wholesale Teeth Whitening Strips

Now that it is clear why and how manufacturers can afford to offer very low prices if you buy directly from them, the next thing to do is to actually buy teeth whitening strips wholesale. Here are the main steps that you should follow.

Find a Supplier

Naturally, you would have to locate a reputable supplier of quality teeth whitening strips wholesale. There are several manufacturers that produce oral care products but you have to be very discriminating in your selection if you want to have quality products.

Check the Price and Quality

Once you have set your eyes on a particular manufacturer, take a look at the details of their products. See if the quality meets your specifications and if the price is suitable for your budget.

Ask for Samples

It is definitely not enough to be looking at pictures and reading customer feedbacks. The best way to test the quality of a product is to actually have it in your hands. Most teeth whitening strips wholesale suppliers are more than willing to give you samples for free. All you have to do is ask.

Agree on a Price

If everything else is in order, you can now negotiate for the best price that would work for both supplier and wholesaler. This is very important if you are planning on a long-term business relationship with the manufacturer.

Get the Products and Start Selling

Manufacturers would typically ship the products to you upon completion of the order. By this time, you should have already prepared a proper storage facility for your items, especially if you do not have immediate clients who will buy the items from you right away. Finally, you can start selling the teeth whitening strips to your target market.

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