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It is no secret that almost everyone uses toothpaste daily. And the demand for a variety of teeth whitening products continues to grow. The more unique the toothpaste, the more potential customers you are getting. Toothpaste is not widely known to be available for private labels. We will take some of the most exciting facts and customization options for your oral care business.

What is a teeth whitening toothpaste and why consumers love it?

organic private label teeth whitening toothpasteAll toothpaste removes stains on the tooth surfaces since they contain mild abrasives. Some OEM whitening toothpaste comes with gentle polishing and chemical agents, which enhance the effectiveness of stain removal.

Teeth whitening toothpaste is well-loved by almost all because it’s the most common and readily available in the market. Aside from that, this oral care product has several benefits, including whitening your teeth, reinforcing and strengthening enamel.

As simple as toothpaste’s benefits, it is quite a complex substance that includes at least ten different components, with each having vital functions in oral care. The composition may vary, but the typical ingredients must always be present in each toothpaste product.


These are thickening agents that keep the liquid and solid toothpaste ingredients from separating, give toothpaste a thick composition, and stabilize the formula.


The extra roughness from abrasives helps remove tartar, food particles stuck in between the teeth, and plaque from your teeth.


This component is responsible for giving bubbles to your toothpaste.


These are hygroscopic particles responsible for creating hydrogen bonds when exposed to water molecules. Humectants help in keeping the solid and liquid components of toothpaste together.


This mineral provides the best defense against cavities. It’s present in almost all toothpaste.


A teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer adds flavor to toothpaste for easier and pleasant use in the mouth. In their most basic form, toothpaste does not have a delightful taste.


Abrasives and fluorides do not have a pleasant taste; thus, sweeteners are essential to cover the unpleasantness and give the toothpaste a good flavor.

How does the teeth whitening toothpaste work?

oem charcoal teeth whitening toothpastesTeeth Whitening toothpaste is made to remove surface stains that are harder to get rid of. They usually contain several ingredients and minerals for stain removal like silica, carbamide peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide.

It will depend on the kind of teeth whitening toothpaste you use for you to see the results. Those that contain blue covarine might yield immediate effect. For teeth whitening toothpaste with other whitening agents, it may take several weeks for you to see changes in the shade of white on your teeth. To put into context, when you use it twice a day, it will approximately take you about two to six weeks to see whiter results.

What can be customized on a teeth whitening toothpaste?

With several competing brands in the teeth whitening toothpaste industry today, it is essential that your product is unique and stands out over other distributors. One excellent way to do this is to customize your products to provide the best whitening toothpaste for your target market effectively.


The formulation of toothpaste varies depending on the teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer. We have mentioned above the main components of toothpaste, and as a client, you can provide your proportions of ingredients. The manufacturer’s task will accurately blend the ingredients and ensure that the final product meets the product specifications.


Toothpaste comes in several sizes. Small tubes are for convenient travel, sachets are for one-time usage, and large tubes are economical for families. Whatever the size you need for your customers, Cinoll can produce it for you. You can also request a combination of all the sizes.


There are two primary components of packaging – the tube and the box. For the tube and the cap, and we guarantee to exactly mold your preferred shape, no matter how unconventional it is.

The box packaging will be the first thing a customer notices, so it must be pleasant and attractive enough to catch the buyer’s eye. Cinoll can create any kind of box packaging in mind with your company’s logo, brand, and design. 

Why choose Cinoll to be your manufacturer?


With a decade of experience in the oral care industry, Cinoll manufactures products for global brands. Our low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) also caters to startups and distributors that want to test a new product line.

Since Cinoll offers private label services, we make sure that we can fully cater to all our clients; requests. With this, we have an in-house design team and layout artists who can create design options to choose from. As a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer, we ensure only to produce high-quality products. Our quality control team and in-house inspectors oversee the process from ingredients weighing and mixing to filling the tubes, labeling, and packaging. Our whitening toothpaste does not leave our factory until the safety and quality standards are met.

Cinoll is also aware that oral care products come in contact with the human body and may be ingested; thus, we significantly give utmost attention to product safety. Oral products can be subject to several government regulations in some parts of the world. All of our teeth whitening products are manufactured in China, under strict provision and testing protocols. More importantly, our products are registered and certified by the US FDA and ISO.

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