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The first few options dental offices recommend when patients ask for oral care are take-home teeth whitening trays. It is no secret that this kind of whitening product is gaining popularity. As an oral care distributor, you also want to expand your teeth whitening line by adding teeth whitening trays to the list.

At Cinoll, we will brief you with this wonderful innovation, how it works, its effectiveness, and what’s in it that people adore.

What is a teeth whitening tray and why consumers love it?

teeth whitening trays before and afterA teeth whitening tray’s primary purpose is to make sure the bleaching agent is in close contact with your teeth. The bleaching agent is mainly a gel. This is not a medical procedure. It’s handy and does not require any supervision from a dentist. Users can even bring the kit when traveling.

These trays whiten the teeth and are very convenient – a few of the reasons why people love this whitening kit and, more importantly, and a reason to include this in your teeth whitening line. It allows users to multitask while wearing the tray.

Cinoll wants to expand your customers’ options on teeth whitening trays. As a teeth whitening tray manufacturer, we give two varieties of whitening trays.

EVA Materials

EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate is a material used to make whitening trays more like rubbers in terms of softness. Trays are flexible and very comfortable when used in the mouth. These are ideal for people who usually grind their teeth.

TPE Materials

Thermoplastic elastomers or TPEs are a combination of rubber and thermoplastic. With the use of these materials, you can take the exact shape of your teeth so they can fit perfectly.

How does the teeth whitening tray work?

transparent teeth whitening trays wholesaleWhitening trays are easy to use. First, you need to apply the whitening gel to the individual compartments of the tray for your teeth. You then place the tray to the mouth and over the teeth. The whitening gel has hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Non-peroxide gel alternatives are safer but not as powerful as a bleaching agent. Ensure that the whitening tray fits perfectly to the teeth for best results.

Depending on the users’ needs and the kind of bleaching agent used, most people allow the whitening tray to stay over the teeth for about an hour a day for two weeks. Some may require more extended periods of wearing the device, while others may only need minimal treatment. Some wear the trays overnight. The amount of whitening gel will also affect the progress of teeth whitening.

It’s a case-to-case basis, so you must consistently wear the teeth whitening tray until you reach the preferred shade of white for your teeth. Teeth Whitening trays have become an accessible and easy way to improve dental appearance just after a few weeks.

What can be customized on a teeth whitening tray?

To fully cater to the individual needs of your target market, Cinoll provides you with several custom versions of teeth whitening trays. Since there are two types of materials used to make these trays, you have the option to either choose one or combine them. It’s up to you.

There is a selection of colors that you can choose, but mostly whitening trays are transparent. Transparent trays give you a better view of the progress of your teeth. You can also specify your preferred sizes, ranging from small to large. Usually, a teeth whitening tray manufacturer has pre-molded shapes for you to choose from, but you can provide your specifications with the shape, and Cinoll will take care of that.

To finally start your teeth whitening tray business, you need excellent packaging to attract more potential customers. With Cinoll, make the whitening trays come with customized cases. It gives a more personal touch to the teeth whitening tray.

If you prefer to provide more specifications for your teeth whitening trays, our team will always be available to understand your needs and challenges to provide you with better options. We always encourage creativity as we, as the company, also continue to improve our clients’ products and services.

Why choose Cinoll to be your manufacturer?

teeth whitening trays with blue case

Cinoll is a teeth whitening tray manufacturer that gives you the best possible options and more for your teeth whitening business. For a decade, we have supplied oral care products to global companies, big and small. We are aware of how it is like to start a business. That is why we make sure to provide a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) to startups.

Serving our clients to the best of Cinoll’s abilities, we must ensure the quality of our products. We comply with CE and FDA standards and guarantee safe and effective oral products for our distributors.

We sincerely hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards. For every step, we implement strict measures to ensure quality. Our design team, research, and development teams will assist you with all the customizations and specifications and bring them to life. Meanwhile, our factory’s in-house inspectors and quality control teams assure better control of manufacturing and lead time to avoid delays and distribute only high-grade quality to our clients.

We mainly value your trust in Cinoll, as much as we value the quality of products we provide. We provide a project manager who will oversee the process for your business.

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