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teeth whitening brands manufacturer ChinaThe competition in the teeth whitening industry is so tight that each business must always be on its toes to introduce fresh and new products to their target markets. Indeed there are tons of teeth whitening products innovation today, so the challenge would be to sell them to customers effectively. Not only that, after selling them, you need to ensure product recall on your brand.

Besides a premium product quality, one should give higher consideration to the value of packaging. Rather than choosing the usual brown padded bags, custom labels and packaging will provide customers with a distinct and remarkable experience. Teeth whitening strips vendors must read through the article to know more about private labeling and the variety of packaging options.

Types of Packaging of Teeth Whitening Strips

black charcoal teeth whitening stripsWhen you are a private label vendor, you sure have the option to customize your product, including the packaging. For Cinoll’s teeth whitening strips, you have two options on how to go about your packaging; besides choosing the colors, text, and other things, you need to customize your product.

You can have your strips packaged individually and design each packaging with your specifications. Since the strips are enclosed separately, you ensure hygiene and convenience to whoever uses them. Clients can have them in plastic-made bags or aluminum packages. An individually packaged whitening strip also allows your customers to bring just enough for their daily use and not bring the whole pack with them.

Suppose your target market loves having whitening strips in bulk, once can opt for the whole set packaging, where it can include tooth shade guides. The shade guide will help users monitor the progress of their whitening journey. It provides a side-by-side comparison for before and after using teeth whitening strips.

Besides the brand information, your packaging must also include the use instruction. Cinoll recommends full printing to the bag rather than using stickers.

How to Customize Packaging for Your Teeth Whitening Strips?

teeth whitening strips brandingYou have the most incredible ideas on how your packaging would look, but you do not have the best resources. It is still useless. As teeth whitening strips vendors, it’s vital to have an excellent private label manufacturer to make your ideas into reality. Here’s how you can customize not just the packaging but also the whole manufacturing experience for teeth whitening strips:

  • It is best to work with an experienced manufacturer and pool of experts to make your ideas and specifications a reality and provide you with better options for your brand. While partnering with the right team, you can assure to get good results for your brand.
  • The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) will also matter especially if you are a start-up company. It would be unreasonable for you to jump on more oversized orders as you start your brand. Of course, you have that option, but it can also be risky. It is ideal to work with a manufacturer who can suggest how to go about the number of teeth whitening strips.
  • A private label company always considers how you want your products to look. For teeth whitening strips, you can discuss several labeling and packaging options with your manufacturer, like plastic-made bags or aluminum. What you wish for your products will be the final decision, but they can provide recommendations, including having the labels fully printed instead of putting stickers.
  • At the start of the manufacturing process, you can provide designs and artwork for the label and packaging. The critical part of the process is whether your manufacturer can meet the printing quality requirements to meet your design specifications. Remember that a soft copy of your design can look different when printed on the packaging. Ensure that your manufacturer is equipped with tools to make your designs equally similar when printed on every teeth whitening strip packaging. It creates efficiency in the manufacturing process.

The Benefits of Customized Printing and Packaging

Teeth whitening strips guideWith the stiff competition on teeth whitening products today, you can never go wrong with customized packaging. What’s not to love about putting identity to your products? It is an excellent marketing strategy as you create an excellent first impression from your target market. A visually appealing teeth whitening strips packaging has higher chances of enticing customers to explore your brand.

Since you have a distinct look on your brand, it gives value to your whitening strips. You are providing your customers a fresher look of your teeth whitening strips. A customer will always look for newer products on the market today, and yours could surely be on the list.

Finally, your target will always be one of those brands on the lead; having customized products allows your brand to be unique among all the teeth whitening strips on the market today. Besides packaging, your manufacturer must also ensure full customization from strip colors, whitening content, and other custom options.


There is no need to go far as Cinoll will cater to your customization specifications, from the strips to the packaging and everything in between. We have been a private label company catering to teeth whitening strips vendors globally for ten years now.

With our experience, we ensure to provide only the best customization options for every client we have. While we guarantee to consider all your customization specifications, we offer demos and inputs for you to have more options as you start your teeth whitening strips journey.

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