The Different Teeth Culture in Countries You Don’t Know


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Teeth can mean different in different countries. Let’s take a look.

America – Teeth are a symbol of civilization

American women smilingSome people interpret the most perfect women as: Egyptian eyes, American teeth, British skin, Swiss hands, Chinese feet…

Why are American teeth so popular?

The reason is simple. Americans’ love for teeth has long formed a culture, and the most important part of their bodies is their teeth! Teeth cleanliness and oral hygiene are regarded as an external manifestation of identity and attitude to life, and even the health and beauty of teeth are regarded as a symbol of civilization and an important part of personal image, and it is a scenic area with beautiful faces. The most eye-catching thing on the covers of various American magazines is their white and beautiful teeth.

In higher-end social situations, untidy teeth are like untidy clothes, which will be looked at differently, and bad breath is considered impolite. Many industries in the United States clearly state in their recruitment notices: “The candidate must have beautiful, neat teeth.”

Americans are very “struggling” with their imperfect teeth. Many children on campus wear braces, which may give people an illusion: American children have more dental problems! of course not. They not only look at the correction of tooth deformities from a healthy point of view, but also pursue the harmony and unity of tooth, jaw, and facial function and beauty.

In order to enhance children’s self-confidence and competitiveness in job hunting when they grow up, correcting teeth has been closely related to physical and mental fitness and the future.

Americans don’t go to dental clinics only when their teeth are sick or painful. They go to the dentist for cosmetic treatment (tooth bleaching, diamond decoration, correction, etc.), dental cleaning, health care, and check-ups. It is very common for Americans to wash their teeth once every six months.

Germany- Dentistry is as prosperous as cars

Germany women smilingA lot of data show that teeth hold a very important place in the hearts of Germans. For example, there are 3 dentists for every 1,000 people in Germany, and the number of dentists accounts for about 50% of the number of German doctors, and the dental business is booming. There are more than 100 dentist clinics in Hanover with a population of only 500,000 and its suburbs within 10 kilometers.

Oral care has been industrialized in Germany, and there are more than 2,000 kinds of dental cosmetic products. Among the top 100 German companies, more than 20 are involved in dental cosmetic products. IDS, the world’s largest dental technology exhibition, is held in Cologne every year. Dental technologists from all over the world bring advanced technology and equipment to contribute to the German dental cosmetology industry.

The German Dental Association recommends that all citizens see a dentist at least once a year. Dental insurance usually includes free dental cleaning twice a year. The German medical insurance company will even charge higher insurance premiums for those who do not go to the dentist on time.

At the same time, Germany’s medical insurance clearly indicates the routine protection and treatment of teeth, which is also an important reason why Germans have always been happy with dental beauty since they were young. Therefore, most people have developed the habit of seeing the dentist regularly since childhood. As for the dental cosmetic project, due to the huge amount, in accordance with insurance regulations, patients have to pay part of the money themselves. Even so, the Germans still do not hesitate.

In Germany, 50% of people are born with misaligned teeth. Among the students, if there is a malformation of the tooth and jaw, it is rare that they do not undergo correction. As we get older, dental and jaw deformities are becoming less common in Germany. One important reason is that parents and students attach great importance to dental and jaw deformities and correct them as soon as possible. Regardless of whether it is a 20-year-old or a 60-year-old, if there is a malformation of the tooth and jaw, they usually go to the dentist for correction. This not only solves the aesthetic problem, but also saves a lot of medical expenses in the future.

France – Romantic kiss

French women smilingModern dentists originated in France. In the 1790s, “Father of Modern Dentistry” Pierre Tonchar founded the world’s first dental clinic, established dental technology for the first time, and used the name “dentist”.

In the eyes of the French, dental health is very important. “To protect teeth is to protect life”! Having a good tooth is not only a manifestation of health, but also a social requirement, a symbol of wealth, and a symbol of success.

Many French experts believe that the health standards of teeth are: sound, white and neat. If tooth decay or irregular tooth arrangement occurs, it should be treated as soon as possible.

The best way to prevent dental disease is to brush your teeth frequently. You should brush your teeth 3 times a day. Each person needs 6 toothpastes and 3 toothbrushes per year. For those stains that cannot be removed by brushing, such as pigmentation caused by tea, coffee, and tobacco, you need to go to the hospital for regular dental cleaning.

In French society or political life, smile is an important communication tool. To have a charming smile, it is extremely important to have a mouthful of white teeth. The white teeth smile may bring unexpected gains and surprises.

A French beauty expert issued a warning to many beauty lovers: “For cosmetic surgery, don’t neglect your teeth. Even if you have big eyes and tall nose, fair skin, and a mouthful of yellow and dark teeth, it is enough to expose a person’s hygiene habits. With health defects, can you still be confident?” This warning caused a wave of waves, and people started to pay attention to their teeth and pursue their whitening and neatness.

After years of hard work, the dental health of the French has long reached the level of developed countries in Western Europe, and can confidently go to one of the seven most romantic French kisses: kissing the teeth! Of course, every tooth cannot be taken into account like a dental examination.

United Kingdom – Gentleman’s demeanor

United Kingdom couple smilingBritain’s gentlemanly demeanor is well-known. In addition to paying attention to clothing and dressing, gentlemen and ladies also pay great attention to personal hygiene, especially dental hygiene. In the UK, you can hardly find a person with yellow teeth and a bad mouth smell. They grinned, showing neat white teeth, which made people feel particularly comfortable.

In terms of dental care, the British are more willing to spend their time, regardless of whether they have dental disease or not, they have to go to the hospital to clean their teeth twice a year. Therefore, in addition to the necessary toothpaste, almost everyone has mouthwash, brushing their teeth at least twice a day, and rinsing before going out to socialize. If you eat onions or food with a pungent smell, either brush your teeth or chew gum to keep your teeth clean while also keeping your mouth fresh.

British people always pay attention to oral hygiene for two reasons: First, the cost of dental clinics in the UK is really high. The second is that the British have more frequent social interactions. Both young and old often enter and exit bars, and no one wants to leave an impression of bad breath.

As we all know, the British medical system implements the free National Health Care System (NHS). One of its core principles is: no matter how much income, everyone can enjoy a uniform standard of free medical services. But free medical treatment does not include dental visits.

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