The Economics of Dental Aesthetics – A Growing Market


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Oral health and dental aesthetics have attracted more and more attention from young consumers.

A report pointed out that implantation and orthodontics are two gold mines in the dental industry, with a potential market size of 200 billion.

The growth rate of orthodontics with “medical beauty” attributes is exaggerated, and invisible orthodontics has gradually become a strong driving force: the customer unit price is as high as 50,000-80,000, the compound annual growth rate is 54.6%, and the gross profit rate reaches 50%-70%. A number of listed companies with annual revenue growth of more than 20%.

Bright Teeth is Trending

teeth whitening trendCelebrities were originally the vane of the beauty market, and the dental economy of “orthodontic whitening” began to be released to the broad consumer market.

There are three major subdivisions of the oral economy, one is implantation, the second is orthodontics, and the third is pediatrics. The other category includes teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and fillings.

CBNData “Healthy Living Consumption Trend Report” mentioned that “oral health” not only affects daily life and physical health, but also affects social confidence and appearance.

Survey data shows that 72% of consumers believe that oral problems will affect their social confidence, and 67% of consumers believe that oral problems affect their appearance.

In the eyes of many consumers, tooth treatment is equivalent to plastic surgery.

The Youth Are the Main Consumers

The new generation of post-90s and post-95s has become the mainstream consumer group. They pay more attention to new things and are more willing to pay for their health and beauty.

In the mouth of oral economy, there are not only daily light care products such as mouthwash, mints, tooth cleaners, and electric toothbrushes, but also oral medical items such as orthodontics, implants, and fillings.

The Marketing of Oral Business is Changing Too

The rise of the oral economy is due to the consumption upgrade trend and the awakening of awareness of health and beauty, on the one hand, it is also due to the reverse promotion of the supply side in publicity and other aspects.

Brands are best at catching pain points to cater to consumers’ preferences. Many oral care brands have begun to use concepts such as “oral cosmetics” in their marketing. It was replaced by a photo of a celebrity spokesperson.

Don’t Lose the Opportunity

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