The Manufacturing Process of Teeth Whitening Led Kit


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teeth whitening kit case and teeth whitening gel and guideAs a product distributor, you ought to know how your products are made and the raw materials. The same goes with teeth whitening LED lights. It’s vital to understand what your teeth whitening LED manufacturer uses to explain it to your customers better. You are in for a ride as we reveal our technology and the manufacturing process of teeth whitening LED kits.

Cinoll has been in the industry for a decade now, constantly exploring innovations in oral care technology to cater to our global clients.

The Manufacturing Process of Teeth Whitening Led Kit

Every company varies in terms of how they make a specific product. They even vary on the raw materials and technology they use. Along with the manufacturing process, Cinoll will specify essential materials used in manufacturing teeth whitening LED lights.

Structure Design

Making a specific product always starts with conceptualization. Cinoll has its in-house design team who are well-versed in working with clients to create very attractive shapes according to specifications. Since every client has different brand specifications, it pays to have a demo design first manufacturing. Considering teeth whitening LED lights comprise of several components, the raw materials will also be discussed.

Quantity of Light Beads

Innovation of Teeth Whitening Lights with 100 Light Beads from CinollThe number of light beads in a teeth whitening LED kit will determine its whitening efficiency. Your teeth whitening LED manufacturer can put 1, 5, 16, 24, 32, 100, or 200 light beads in a single LED kit during the process. The more the beads, the stronger the whitening power.

Just a backgrounder, teeth whitening lights can also come in Ultraviolet (UV) and halogen lights. A UV light actually uses heat to whiten the teeth. This is very risky, so only the dentists usually use this. Like UV light, halogen light is also a heat-based teeth whitening from a tungsten component inside the gadget. It comes with burn risks, so only dental professionals must use them.

Meanwhile, light-emitting diodes or LED lights are blue lights that do not generate heat, making them safe and far from danger of burns. So unlike the previous two types of lights mentioned above, LED lights are highly effective as well as safe, even for people who use LED lights at home.

Light Customization

As you can see, LED lights usually come in blue color. However, aside from the number of beads in teeth whitening LEDs during the manufacturing process, we can provide you with several color options – either red lights or other colors. This is Cinoll’s way of accommodating a more customized and personalized kit for your customers.

Body Colors and Shape

Of course, you want your teeth whitening LED light to stand out, so apart from the whitening agents and other components, your product has to look good on the outside.  Before producing your products, we will mold your desired shape for the teeth whitening LED body. It also includes your specification with the body colors, which you can select from among the colors you prefer. The physical look of your product has to attract potential customers, so they better be good and visually appealing.

Packaging Boxes

Your kit will not be complete without packaging. So before your teeth whitening LED lights leave our factory, it has to be in good packaging already. While you can opt for simple box packaging with your logo, exploring more ways to present your product will not hurt you. We can have them in simple bags, boutique boxes, or luxury boxes to boost product recall.

Care about Quality Too

Our clients source teeth whitening products from our factory in China. And as you may know, China implements much stricter rules on returning defective products or second-hand items. It will not only cost you a headache but also money.

A trusted manufacturer is vital, especially if you are importing products from other countries. Here at Cinoll, we take away our clients’ worries about possible defective products as we continue to strive for quality dental and oral care products before they leave our factory premises.

We provide a series of inspections for your teeth whitening LED lights – from checking all the materials, lighting checks to specification checks. Cinoll assures that our team meets the standard quality and our clients’ specifications so we can deliver your products as you have approved.

Building a Private Label teeth whitening led kit is Easycustomized light beads

Forbes reports the continuing demand for private labels even with the pandemic.  Consumers in the dental and oral health care industry seek better products and greater transparency on teeth whitening products. When large brands experienced a shortage in supply, consumers turned to private label brands and found better results, and the cost was also fair enough.

An excellent teeth whitening LED manufacturer can guarantee you high-quality premium products and regular supply. In that case, it indeed is an excellent decision to build your brands instead of selling someone else’s label. It is Cinoll’s mission to produce teeth whitening products for large and small brands. We guarantee high-quality outputs in a very reasonable lead time. Since a decade ago, no business has been too small for us, as we have continued to support our clients’ brands from all parts of the world.

When Cinoll says unlimited possibilities for your brand, we mean it. We do not market our manufactured brands with our name on them because it’s all about your company. Your brand is on the label. It is like everything is customizable to make your label. From packaging, logo, stickers, design, color, ingredients, and more, Cinoll ensures you can have your products as you imagined.

Cinoll is the Right Manufacturer

Private labeling is more than just putting your brand’s name on the packaging. You need experts to assist in managing the complexities of manufacturing the teeth whitening LED kits. While you are free to choose all the customization, we at Cinoll also provide inputs and demos according to your specifications. It offers options to promote your brand best and cater to your customers. Finally, we work with private brands worldwide, and apart from our innovations, we ensure to adhere to FDA and ISO standards and promote high-quality and safe teeth whitening LED kits.

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